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Francois Collection | Books, Magazines, Annuals

A collection of motorcycle racing books and magazines

Interesting Collection of Motorcycle Books and Magazines, many signed by famous Grand Prix racers of the era The collection consists of:

Motocourse 1991/1992 autographed by by Agostini, Wimmer, Cadaloro, Roberts SNR, Mamola, Ballington, Gardner, Sheene, Rainey, Doohan, Schwantz, Kocinski, Bradl, Lawson, Capirossi, Reggiani, Ueda, Chandler, Prein and Schmid.

Hailwood by Ted Macauley, autographed by Mike Hailwood.

Motocourse 1984/1985 through to 1996/1997

Motocourse 2008/2009

Fast Freddie - Nick Harris & Peter Clifford 1986

Guiness Motorcycle Sport Fact Book - Ian Morrison 1991

Two Wheeled Showdown – Christopher Hilton 1994

Yamaha Racing Two Strokes – Colin MacKellar 1995

The Illustrated History of Honda Motorcycles – Roy Bacon 1995

Ride It the Complete Book of Endurance racing – John Robinson 1979

Ride it the Complete book of Big Bike Racing – Jim Swift 1976

Australian Motorcycle Heros – Don Cox & Will Hagan 1989

Motorcycle Racing – Peter Carrick 1970

Racing Motorcycles – Mick Woollett 1973

Classic Motorcycles – Nic Willoughby 1992

Dream Bikes – Alan Cathcart 1990

Encyclopedia Of Motorcycling – Bishop & Barrington 1996

Streetbikes 30 years of High Performance Motorcycles – Mark Zimmerman 1995

Superbikes Road Burners to Record Breakers – Peter Carrick 1982

The Pictorial History of Motorcycling – Charles Deane 1982

Motorcycle Racing – Bill Holder 1994

The Art of Motorcycle Racing – Mike Hailwood & Murray Walker 1963 (dust cover is a mess)

The Story of the Manx – G.S. Davison 1948 (very tatty)

Two Stroke Tuning – Roy Bacon

Yamaha – Ted Macauley 1979 Autographed by Jim Redman

Speed The book of Racing and Records – Cecil J Allen 1950

The Isle of Man TT – Matthew Freudenberg 1990

World Motorcycle Guide – Roger Bibbings 1979

The Art and Science of Motorcycle Road Racing – Peter Clifford 1985 Autographed by Alan North & Jon Ekerold

Jon Ekerold The Privateer – Autographed by Jon 2002

Ballington Unkorked – Autographed by Kork 2007

A Man Called Mike – Christopher Hilton 1994

Mike the Bike Again – Ted Macauley 1980

Motorcycle Racing Manual – Mike Nicks 1973

Gardner a Dream Come True – Nick Hartgerink 1989

Barry Sheene A Will to Win – Michael Scott 1983

Leader of the Pack Barry Sheene – Ian Beacham 1983 (yellow and old)

The GrandPrix Riders – Mick Woollett & Peter Clifford 1990

The Worlds Biggest Motorcycle race Daytona – Rusty Rae 1978

Pastmasters of Speed – Dennis May 1958

Yamaha – Mick Woollett 1984

Suzuki Classic Motorcycles – Mick Walker 1995

Honda the Complete Story – Roland Brown 1991

Grandprix Suzuki – Chris Bennett 1995

Classic German Racing Motorcycles – Mick Walker 1991

Some of the images pertaining to the collection are available at Classic Memories