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Ukrainian Motorcycle Manufacturers

Dneiper (Dnepr)
(Made in Ukraine)

Between 1973 and 1979 Dnepr was one of the makes marketed by Satra in the United Kingdom as Cossack motorcycles.

KIEV - 1954 (Kyiv)
KMZ - (kmz.com.ua Ukraine)

Karpathi 1960-1995 (LMZ)


chrisxchambers at hotmail.com
Verhovina 4 1973
Hi I am looking to make contact with anyone who may have spare parts for my Verhovina 4 looking for head lamp unit. side panels, pedals, wheel rims. Badges, decals and maybe a front mud guard. Also any original documentation of any type relating to this bike.
Chris Chambers
Middlesbrough. England,

Thu Sep 15 2011
Verhovina 4, 5, or 6
I can't find any inform about Verhovina. This is a Soviet made moped same engine as Riga.

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