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Panther Motorcycles (P&M)

Built from 1900 to 1965 (1967)

Phelon & Moore, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire
Best known for their venerable rigid framed "sloper" singles, Panther also produced lightweight fourstrokes and Villiers-powered twostrokes from their works in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire between 1900 and 1967. Panther's 600cc sloper was regarded as one of the most durable sidecar mounts available, and a considerable number of these have survived. 

Panther History

1. There was also Panther built in France (La Panthère) by S.M.A.C of St. Etienne - see S.M.A.C.
2. The Panther name was also used by a German firm, Pantherwerke AG.

glaynedyer at hotmail.co.uk
red panther 125cc
have you any pictures of the above motorcycle , my father owned one in the 1960s ,and i would love to see a picture of the bike please. thank you lyndon. dyer
United Kingdom

There is a 175cc model shown in a 1961 brochure in the Panther Gallery. Ed.

Wed Jul 12 2017
jonenfrance at gmail.com
Panther Redwing?
This photo shows my father on a Panther in either 1932 or 1938 (the poster in backgound tells us that). Is it possible to identify the model any further?

My guess is that it's closer to a '32 than a '38 because it has leather toolbags (38 had metal toolboxes) and the man's outfit is more like late 1920s than late 1930s. Ed.

Sat Jun 10 2017
leett at sky.con
Panther S 180
I just wondered if anyone would like to have a look at my 50 year tribute to Panther Bikes?

Ride Safe
Kind regards

Thu Mar 02 2017
meinroschen at gmail.com
Manual Panther 70 - 350cc - 1947
dear sirs;
I own a panther 1947-model 70 and I would like to buy a manual to find spare parts.
I was wondering if you provide me e-mail address or phone number to contact the shops that you think could sell this manual.
Thank you very much.

Fernand J.G. Mertens

B - 2660 Hoboken - Antwerpen

Thu Apr 07 2016
6666666666666666 at live.co.uk
PANTHER 250CC( 59 0R 65?)
Hi what carburretor would this bike use?

Thu Apr 10 2014
gerryward7 at gmail.com
splutery engine
panther m65 250cc
Can anyone help me ? My engine is running a bit on the rough side . It sounds like it is missing a beat (putt, putt cough) can it be the carb or spark or what .? Thanks in advance . Gerry

Sat Apr 05 2014
stephenpruff at yahoo.com
Panther Bike - valuation/model confirmation
Panther 75
I have what I think is A 1955 350cc Model 75 which has been in storage (garage) for 30 years.The engine number is 55JS739C and Chassis F10094. The seat is a double seat and seemed to hav been recovered a long while back. It needs new tyres and to be restored. As is in a warm environment its condition is fair for its age and pretty much complete. I bought it when I was 19 as a project when I retire!

Wed Apr 03 2013
Panther 1936 Red Panther Mod 20 and 30
Hi there,

Looking for any manuals or technical specs on both mod20 and 30 red panthers.

Checked your manuals page, nothing there on Panthers?

Any help would be great.
South Africa

Wed Dec 19 2012
panther 1947 model 100
panther 100
I require gutter shocks, dynamo and magnet also.

Wed Oct 12 2011
JMarsh22401<at>frontierdot com
Panther motor
Panther 51K634C
I have a Panther motor for sale.

Wed Feb 23 2011
ohioroadrat<at>yahoodot com
NOS or used parts
1946 Panther 60
Would like to restore my 1947 model 60 Panther (early girder forks) and need source for parts. Thanks,Larry.

Wed Jan 19 2011
Need manuals
Panther 50
Hi there,

I am looking for manuals on the Panther mod 50 1929. Shop Manuals, spares lists, whatever I can get.

I have been searching everywhere and just cant find anywhere, if anyone knows of somewhere it would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest Regards,
South Africa

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Thu Sep 09 2010
tank rubbers
panther 50
i am looking for tank rubbers for a 1929 model 50. any advise is welcome
jhb sa

Wed Aug 04 2010
hk11<at>cbcadmindot com
Panther 100 std 600cc
Found an old bike. It's in pieces, but looks to be all there. What sort of money should I offer?
Dartford, Kent UK

Tue Mar 30 2010
Rear wheel Spoke size/configuration
Panther 1934 M100
I require either a manual or information on the correct spokes size and configuration to lace the rear wheel of the 1934 M100
Ellisras - South Africa

Sun Dec 13 2009
keith.stacey at hotmail.co.uk
panther 45s
I am looking to buy a panther45s in any condition. Does anyone know the whereabouts of one?

Mon Oct 05 2009
normanreinhardt at gmaildot com
Panther M100
Here are some photos of a Panther I found in India. It is now in Canada. Cheers You may post it on your website for information purposes. The bike is not for sale.

Tue Jun 16 2009
mcadierichie at aoldot com
model 20 red panther
panther model 20 red panther
hi i have a 1934 red panther that i will be selling shortly it is in very original con and rides and runs great i would like to know how much to put it up for sale as i am unsure of its value

Wed Apr 15 2009
ventas at forja-atlas.com.ar
Panther 1947 70
Dear Sirs;
I own a Panther 1947-model 70 and I would like to buy a manual to find spare parts.
I was wondering if you provide me e-mail address or phone number to contact the shops that you think could sell this manual.
Thank you very much.
Daniel taravella

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Tue Jan 20 2009
cs at thehydraulicshop.com.au
Panther 350 Id
Panther 47?
HI, i'm looking for some accurate info about a panther 350 sloper, gas forks, rear wheel speedo drive, was ment to be made from all the spares from the end of WWII. I was informed long ago that it was one of very few bought to aust. there is one on display in a S.A museum. any help?

Thu Nov 06 2008
robert.warry at ntlworlddot com
Spares for a Panther 250cc 1938/9
Red Panther Model 20
Hi Can anyone tell me where to get spare parts for the Red Panther 250cc. /year 1938/9
Portsmouth uk

Try the Classic Dealers directory at Bikelinks.

Thu Oct 09 2008
drivesol at aoldot com
Panther Mag chain
Panther 85
Does anybody know the length of the duplex mag chain. I know the size but not the length.


Mon Oct 13 2008
werner.hilfiker at bluewin.ch
PANTHER MODEL 75 350cc O.H.V. 1951
Schweiz. CH

Mon Dec 03 2007
jeanette at leagarth.freeserve.co.uk
Looking for information
1936 or 1938 Panther 500cc
I am looking for information on the whereabouts of a 500cc Panther motorbike which my late father owned in Shetland Isles. from 1946 to 1957.

Registration FXA61.
It left Shetland in the late 1960's.

If anybody has any information about it at all, please contact me on the email address.
Shetland Isles

Mon Nov 12 2007
burblerr at optusnet.com.au
would like photo of magdino set up and brackets please

Sat Nov 10 2007
cairns.john at gmail.com.au
Panther 350?
Reputed 1951 350cc rigid frame. Original colour(s)? No. 51K32B. What is a reasonable price?

Tue Oct 30 2007
stevekentee at aoldot com
price quide
Panther 650 single 1963
Hi. I have been offered a panther 650. 1963 model. it is in scruffy but working condition, What would be a fair price to offer? it was owned by a Panther Owners club member for many years.

Our page on Classic Motorcycle Prices may help with evaluation. Ed.

Thu Aug 16 2007
reitenauer at reitenauer.ch
red panther
1938 350ccm<
sehr schönes motorrad smile

Sun Jul 22 2007
billandmonicasson at yahoodot com
Panther Motorcycles
Wondering if you had information on the current trademark owner for Panther Motorcycles (British)

Sun Jul 08 2007
jmeltd at earthlink.net
M75, M100, M110
Want to buy, Restoration OKay
Dallas Texas, USA

Sat Jun 16 2007
masergo59 at hotmail.com
Vendo moto original para restaurar.

More motorcycles from this vendor here...

Thu Mar 08 2007
hisnewness at yahoo.co.uk
panther model 100 [600cc] sloper
i have a 58 model 100 if anyone wants to get in touch id be most intersted to hear from them.
this is a picture of the same model i have plus a beautiful picture of a combination. mine is a bit more scuffed than this picture as it is a road bike.

Mon Feb 12 2007
msuvb at t-online.de
wrong logo
sorry to say that the brand logo you show is the wrong one for P&M, it shows one of several for the german 98 cc two stroke Panther made by Pantherwerke AG motorcycle manufacturer.

Many thanks - have created a page for the German Panther motorcycles. Ed.

Sun Feb 04 2007

I have a Pitmans motor cyclist library..The book of the Panther (Heavyweight Models) by W.C. Haycraft the manual covers models from 1938 onwards it is for sale..all enquires are at gazman42 at hotmail.com

Tue Jan 16 2007
erik.brinkman at erikbrinkmandot com
Panther Motorcycles
I am also interested in who owns the Panther Motorcycle brand. The bike reminds me a bit of the Panther Brand.
600 miloes west of Los Angeles.

Tue Dec 19 2006
vfr400honda681 at hotmail.co
looking for 1930 panther 250 /350
hi i have a pic of my dad on a bike & was told it was a 1930 panther 250 or 350 i`ve got the reg num CGF 467 just want to now if any one can help me track it down i now its a big chance of finding it thanks richard

Fri Jul 07 2006
Butch223 at web.de
unknown Panther
197cc Villiers
I have found a Panther and have a hard time to find info about it. Acording to the engine number it is a 197cc Villiers. The engine number just says V 8556. From the panters owners club I know that the code should consist of YY XX NN M stating the year, model, number and modification. The origional painting has been overpainted so I can not read the model.
Now I am really confused. I clicked from your link to a page that had every Villiers enginge posted, but mine is not listed. Maybe the engine number in this case does not indentify the model. My engine looks like a four stoke and is bigger than the engines shown. I will now try to find pictures of P&M engines to identify my bike. Thank you

Sun Jun 11 2006
rabar27 at hotmaildot com
Panther Motorcycles development

Does anyone know what famous development Panther were famous for? We know someone who is taunting us with this question but wont tell us the answer. Please help if you can before we go nuts!

Thu Jun 01 2006
cs at sutcliffegallery.com.au
Panther ID Please?
Panther, ?model
I would appreciate someone identifying this Panther as to year and capacity. I have just finished restoring the photo & need some info. Thank you
Queensland, Australia

Sat May 06 2006
billchase at aapt.net.au
Brass Panther
I have a brass panther on a brass bass that looks as though it was screwed to the bike.On the front of the bass bass in blue glass are the words "the Perfected Motorcycle" with the "P"&"M" being in capital letters.Are you able to give me any information about this?Thank you for your time,regards Bill Chase.

Mon Feb 27 2006
neandy1 at aapt.net.au
Panther 350cc
In the early 1950s, I owned a Panther 350cc Motor Cycle. Do you have any information and photos of this machine/

Sun Feb 05 2006
putman at optusnet.com.au
hi i have a 1938 panther 500cc.i was wondering what they are worth. it needs restoring, but it is running. it is just a query at this stage. would like to hear from you.
regards john putman.

Wed Jun 29 2005
rmaclean at sai.co.za
Identification of French Machine?
I saw this classic on the banks of the Mosel river Luxemberg side this month, I collect and restore British Panthers and this machine intreagues me. Please could the owner or other let me have the details of this machine. Thanks in advance. Rogan Maclean. South Africa.

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