Panther Motorcycles

P & M 1915 770c V-Twin

6 H.P TWO CYLINDER MODEL. Price £81.18.0.


Equipment.-Every machine is fitted with stands, a carrier, tool bags and tool roll, number plates, inflator, born. oil can, and petrol squirt, and is tested on tbe road before being sent out.

Frame.-Sidecar lugs part of frame, wbicb is designed to give lowest possible saddle position. Engine forms part of frame, P. & M. Patent No. 3516. Provision made {or Dynamo Ligbting Set. Wheel base 54 in.

Wheels.-For 650 x 65 Voiturette tyres. Back wbeel fitted witb heavy butted spokes and two security bolts. Front bub fitted witb removable spindle.

Engine.-90° Two cylinder type. 3 in. bore by 32 in. stroke (76 x 85) 770 c.c. Large interchangeable valves. Spring on covers for tappets and springs. Adjustable tappets. Correct distribution of oil to ail parts. Pistons fitted witb three rings. Espccial attention bas been paid to oil retention and tbe oil releases disebarge on to tbe cbains. Shaft drive to magneto, automatically lubricated. Internai cam-operated valve lifter.

Forks.-Triple spring forks of tbe well-known P. & M. type.

Carburettor.- Specially designed Amac.

Ignition.-Magneto fixed between cylinders in an accessible and protected position.

Control.-Ignition, tbrottle, air. valve lifter and front brake from handlebars. Ail wires pass inside tbe bars. Engine starter and back brake operated by pedals.

Countershaft .-Speed Gear.-The well-known P. & M. two-speed gear in a larger sire and fitted with adjustable wedges in combination witb spur gearing, operated by a dog clutcb.

Gear Ratio.-Approximately. 4 1/2, 6, 8 and 11 1/2 to 1.

Mudguard.-Side (flaps fitted tbe wbole lengtb of tbe front guard. protecting rider and sidecar passenger. Back guard is 5 incbes wide and swivels to facilitate tyre repairs.

Transmissio.-By two 5/3 x 1/4 in. cbains to tbe countersbaft, and one from the gear to tbe back wbeel. Chain covers fitted witb inspection plates. All cbains are automatically oiled and cbain covers can be casily removed in sections.

Weight.-285 lbs.

Starting.- By swivelling pedal acting dircctly on tbe main engine shaft. Stoutly constructed and adjustmcnts provided for ail wearing parts.

The MotorCycle


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