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Made in Italy from 1954
Franco Morini engines have been used by numerous manufacturers including Aprilia, Baretta, Beta, Bianchi, BSA, Factory Bike (Spain), Fantic, Garelli, Husqvarna, Intramotor, Italjet, KTM. LEM, Macbor (Spain), Malaguti, Mecatecno, Monark, Oscar, Paloma, Proxon, Rivara, TM Racing and Viking.

Morini Franco Automatic S5 Engine 50cc

This engine was used by many motorcycle manufacturers from the 1960's up to 2001 and has the kick-start lever operating forward.

Manufacturers that have used this engine are as follows: Italjet/Indian, Malaguti, LEM, KTM, Husqvarna, DBM, Young Rider plus many others.

In the early 1990's the engine was also developed for more power, this included 2 and 4 reed valve cylinders with larger cooling fins and carburettors ( S5GS ). Manufacturers which have used this engine include: Husqvarna, KTM (pre 2001), LEM, Rivara and DBM.

The Husqvarna version of this engine was fitted with an O-ring head gasket & thicker base gasket in later years.

Franco Morini engines include: Franco Morini :

  • 3 MV/Kd
  • 3 MV
  • 3 M
  • 3 M/S
  • 4 V.TS/R
  • 5 V.TS/R
  • 4 V.TS
  • 3 MV/K
  • 5 V.TS
  • 3 CV
  • 3 CV/s
  • Sources: morinifrancousa.com, Cycle Memory

    Fri May 19 2017
    apckiebitz at gmail.com
    me pueden ayudar a encontrar un cigue  para el motor franco morini 2t 4m uc4  no encuentro  ninguno
    quiero comprar uno

    Can help me find a crankshaft for the franco morini 2t 4m uc4 engine I can not find any. I want to buy one

    Tue Feb 16 2016

    mtnboyfloyd at hotmail.com
    magneto cover
    indian mm5a
    I need a magneto cover, for Indian mini bike. Do you know where I can get one.

    Try this search: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=franco+morini+parts+usa

    Sun Oct 12 2014
    atoni51441 at comcast.net
    1968 Frabco Morini Mini Bike
    100cc unknown
    In 1968, I bought a mini bike with a Franco-Morini 100cc motor The Normal bikes in the US came with a 50cc, but my father special ordered 2 bikes from Italy. They had long silver gas tanks, high hanDle bars long seat and lights/speedo. Any pictures or info on this bike? I think we had THE ONLY 2 in the USA
    Wine Country, CA

    Thu May 22 2014

    srkhbowen at gmail.com
    Identification of motorcycle and value
    I have a fold up motorcycle called a PRATLEY. I have looked everywhere in the web, but can't find any info on it. I would like to know if it is worth anything

    Kind Regards
    Stuart +27 83 258 3334
    South Africa

    Fri Oct 04 2013

    franco motori
    aim ?
    Hi i hade this bike 20years ago and yesterday i got it back

    Sat Dec 08 2012

    flizco123<at> yahoo.com
    Morini Franco turbo 50 motor
    Bonanza Sport 50
    Looking for information,spark plug required,gear oil type and volume of gear oil to install and engine,specs, manual. Thanks

      Only about 40 or 50 Bonanzas were built, apparently, and were fitted with 50cc and 100cc engines.

    Mon Sep 24 2012

    Any available info...
    WIlier Morini Franco or Chris Cycle
    Hi! I just picked up the listed model and was wondering if you had any info on it? Not much out there on this one.
    Oregon, USA

    Thu Dec 15 2011

    identifying my mini motorbike
    morini franco don't know
    I recently bought this mini motorbike and do not know what it is engine is morini franco auto 50cc everything is Italian on it wheels saddle etc could you please help Thanks Stuart

    Thu Dec 01 2011
    Red Viking mini bike
    Franco Morini ???
    I have recently inherited a red bikini mini bike, needs work.. Original motor still runs, just needs tlc on e body and a seat. How much do they go for just another question... My sticker is misprinted ibassume, as it says Vicking, instead of Viking... Does that matter? Still has FM motor

    Sat Sep 24 2011
    rwinfield22<at> yahoo.com
    Identification help
    motorini motorini
    Would you please help me identify this motor? any information on motor and frame would be greatly appreciated!
    Dallas Texas

    Wed Jun 22 2011
    david.wheat<at> yahoo.com
    morini franca
    indian motocross 100
    i need a sprocket cover for a morini franca 100..used on the indian motocross 100 indian 100 bobcat and indian 100 supersport

    Wed Jun 22 2011
    Rachaelpollitt206<at>btinternetdot com
    Dbm 50 crx Franco Marino
    I am looking for full plastics for my sons dbm 50 crx,

    Sun Jun 26 2011

    david.wheat<at>yahoodot com
    morini franca 100 sprocket cover
    indian 100 bobcat supersport
    i need a sprocket cover for a 100 cc morini franca motor. premium paid david wheat

    Thu Apr 28 2011
    ppaulas<at>netzerodot com
    Franco Morini FM 128
    I have a new in the box, FM128 purchased from Herdan in the USA. For sale, best offer. I'm located in the USA, Chicago, IL.

    Thank you very much,

    I don't have any pictures, the FM-128 is new in the box. I thought about getting some pics, but figured people interested would know exactly what it was. Bought it for my nephew, but the family decided he wasn't skilled enough to race around w/ it on a mountain bike. It's sat around in the box in my den for a few years, so I decided to offer it up to the community. I paid $495 new, but would take anything over $300.

    Mine is brand new, same as pic, no blue sticker on the side.

    Thnks again for the tips and response,

    Tue Aug 31 2010
    nmc1028<at>gmaildot com
    Narcas (Spain)
    motor franco morini 50 cc. embrague automatico
    Necesito saber manual de despiece del motor de este modelo.

    Tue Aug 24 2010
    danielbooher<at>rocketmaildot com
    motor price
    franco morini franco morini 50 cc
    i build motorize bikes and would like some prices on your 50cc 2 stoke engine if you have a catalog on your motor it would be great if so please mail me some info at 1516 seminole rd jacksonville florida 32205
    fl jacsonville

    Sun Jul 25 2010
    Spark Plug
    Cosmo Colt
    I need to know what spark plug to use on a 1978 Gyromat Morini F motor. Thanks, John
    Richmond, Va, USA

    Fri Feb 12 2010
    alan.lydiate at skydot com
    mini motorbike
    motori marini franco
    friend, i have a mini motorbike that i believe to be a malagutti but i cannot find one similar it is very much like the mx but a road going version with twin pipes and chrome mudguards, can you help me i have pictures if you need further clues.
    i have added some pictures which i hope will help with identifying the model of bike i have.
    The frame number is, B585 and the engine number is, FM-55 DGM10142 OM. good luck friend and thankyou.
    (images too fuzzy to use)

    Thu Dec 17 2009
    handchange at yahoodot com
    Franco Morini Engine Spares?
    Motori F Morini UC4 4M
    Hi. Are there any spares available in the UK for a 1979 Italjet KS50 engine. Gaskets and piston 39mm (stamped B) required. Thanks
    Shrewsbury. Shropshire

    Tue Jul 28 2009
    dalebrinkley at hotmail.co.uk

    desert 50cc 2stroke 12-7020
    DN3 2px

    Sun May 17 2009
    777paul at fsmail.net
    morini franco 50cc sidecar outfit
    I have a miniature racing sidecar outfit fitted with a morini franco engine.
    I have been told it may have been commissioned by MV Augusta in the 1970s for use as a GP pit bike.
    The frame No. is T1S-224 and the engine No. is 00827.
    Can you help me find more info on this.
    Regards Paul.

    Sat May 02 2009
    philipyelito at yahoodot com
    number of models made
    Indian 1970 New 100 moto mrini/franco
    I was wondering how many were made and how many imported to the states. Mine was stolen in Las Vagas NV 8 yrs ago. It Had Marzochi suspention Originally yellow and black
    Pa Usa

    Wed Mar 11 2009
    javier.almo at hotmaildot com
    javier alonso moscoso
    young rider trial
    agradeceria saber si me facilitarian recambio en barcelona del motor s5n infantil me es muy dificil encontrar en barcelona o biem me faciliten distribuidor un saludo javier alonso

    Sat Feb 28 2009
    soltisx4 at netzero.net
    franco morini motori bobcat 3cv
    what year were these produced,is this the correct model ? where can i find info about the electrical system(coil, plug wire),is this a 2 stroke?

    Fri Feb 06 2009
    claudeandmarie at gmaildot com
    2001 Fun tech Scoot Car
    Fun Tech Scoot Car
    Looking for a service manuel for 49cc morini engine used in 2001 Fun Tech Scoot Car
    Florida USA

    Wed Jan 28 2009
    jpar327 at aoldot com
    Motori Morini Franco, Kart engine
    Parilla NEW 100
    I'm looking for information regarding this Kart engine that was imported into the USA in the 1960's

    Tue Dec 09 2008
    hamiltonjuliojr at terra.com.br

    Tue Nov 11 2008
    dotcomdotnet at hotmail.co.uk
    morini franco motori young rider 50cc
    i have recently purchasse a morini franco motori 50cc bike and i do not no the oil , fuel ratio could you please let me know , thank you

    There may be some information here: Pre-Mix Twostroke Fuel

    Wed Aug 13 2008
    maarten.rutten at raedschelders.be
    Roxon X-cube 2T monocil 50cc
    Dear Sirs,

    Pleas sent us by E-mail information (part list)from the engine F.morini 2T 50cc monocil raffreddato adaria.
    Is it also possible to change it in to 60cc or 70cc ?
    Beste regards

    Fri Aug 08 2008
    amcatear at hotmaildot com
    type of oil
    i have a Morini-Franco-Motori-minbike-mattbarbie.
    couild you what type of oil it takes and where do you put it frame no *01566*

    Tue Mar 11 2008
    nndickson at msndot com
    vintage moped parts
    motori franco morini pacer etc
    Many replacement parts for moped engines available at

    ocean city md usa

    Fri Feb 15 2008
    odin1964 at yahoodot com
    franco morini 100c indian
    indian 1962
    Frame #32133. It is suppose to be a 1962 Indain 100 with morini franco motor. Need help to identify.
    Illinois, USA

    Fri Jan 04 2008
    richard at 4playgaming.com.au
    AH50l 50cc 2 stroke morini motori
    i need this engine or parts can u help i live in australia nsw can u please give me a price or point me in the right direction
    thanks richard

    Sun Nov 04 2007
    dkgilbert at optusnet.com.au
    parts enquiries
    morini franco young rider (00-03)
    hay there, just enquiring about front forks,back brake pedal and linkage,and the bottom chain support. is there any chance you could point me in the right direction with a few contacts.
    much appreciated.
    regards kylie

    Sun Oct 28 2007
    philippe.langlet1 at club-internet.fr
    je cherche un moteur franco morini comme sur la photo avec la bobine fixer par ses deux vise ,a cote du volant magnetique merci

    Fri Sep 21 2007
    Blueblood-3 at telenet.be
    i wanted to know what type of bike this is and where I can find the technical data and spare parts.

    I believe it to be a Franco Morini. Better photos showing engine and frame number would be helpful.

    Mon Sep 17 2007
    bonneville1992 at hotmaildot com
    piston diameter and cc?
    franko morini motori mattbarbie mini bike
    i am looking to replace my piston in my motor, it is 50cc, the cylinder has the #2099 marked on it.

    Fri Aug 31 2007
    cadshack5 at netzerodot com
    need parts please
    dont know ?
    i need piston and rings for this bike but i don't know what it is these are the numbers iv'e got on the crank case #27834 right side center on the flywheel or mag is stampedbosch made in germany #0212005021 then an arrow indicating direction with KD1 also there is the #6V18W and a small 732 the very bottom FM-S5 DGM 10142 OM the carb is made in italy DELLORTO SHA14 12 on the cylinder its IBIN-01 and on the top or head is F.48-M.5 F.M. with MOTORI MORINI FRANCO any help or a parts cat. would help me greatly have money need parts thanks James Caddy 616 morris ln Paradise California 95969
    Paradise California

    Mon Aug 20 2007
    oliver.baumgartner at gmx.de
    Help :Does anybody knows this minibike with morini engin
    Motori Franco Morini,automatic Engine
    Hello, I'm from germany and i need help to identify the following mini.bike from the seventies.
    Theres no plate on the body,and no name of an manufactorer...there is only `` La Zanzara `` on the back of the seat! it has an Franco Morini engine ,and its has an automatik transmission.
    Maybe you can identify this mini-bike !

    Tue Aug 14 2007
    bobber921 at yahoodot com
    searching for parts
    2004 morini f motori engine
    This engine is on a youth rider dirt bike .
    I believe it is a S6C competition motor I am looking for a jug and piston set complete with gaskets . A manual would also be helpful

    Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

    Sun Aug 12 2007
    steven.b.terry at gmaildot com
    need parts
    Franco Morini engine
    I am lookng for charge coil and capacitor for 1977 Morini Pacer
    The model I have is a 1976 Pacer Sport, P-78., maroon and silver.

    Fri Aug 03 2007
    alexjamieson54 at hotmail.co.uk
    motori morini franco motor bike
    not sure seriel no b513573
    trying to finde more about it the only uther thing i know about it is on engein is the words is (olio carico livello) i woad be very grate full if u could help
    i got more numbers off engine/gearbox could you add to site for me or can you
    help with the numbers fm- S5 and d6m 10149 om thanks. as i am thinking or selling it ?


    Thu Aug 02 2007
    thirstad at gmaildot com
    100cc Morini Franco
    70's Indian Bobcat Mini bike
    MINARELLI FRANCO MOTORI MORINI EXPERTS I Need Help!! I NEED PARTS For A 1970's Indian Bobcat Mini bike with A 100cc Morini Franco; Need Kickstart Shaft,Shifter Shaft, Oversize Piston Complete, Con rod + bearings or Complete Crankshaft, Points Condensor gaskets Etc.. I have pictures of this engine, and will send on request. Marking on top of case
    is either 10-0 or 10-D. I believe this to be a 1974 Bobcat. All / Any Help Appreciated Thanks
    Saskatoon, Canada

    Morini Franco Bobcat 1974.jpg
    Morini Franco Bobcat 1974

    Sun Jul 22 2007
    viking 50cc
    any one know what this is: Viking minibikes

    Sat Jun 30 2007
    rminnich at uwmaildot com
    Piston Rings 50cc
    F. Morini
    Piston Rings
    I have what I believe is a 50cc F. Morini engine. I need piston rings and would appreciate any help on finding them. Thank You -Ricky

    Thu May 03 2007
    slipperypigbob at aoldot com
    Clutch parts
    Franco morini 80cc FMT4-6 speed
    could anybody help with locating clutch parts for the above engine 1987
    built, thanks

    Thu Apr 05 2007
    fastchevelle at aoldot com
    50cc motor cycle
    moto b. m. bologna, boss
    bike was bought in 72 or73 from a cadalog & was shiped to our house.was my first bike and want to restore. it had a hard life & many parts are missing.i remember the motor being a powerhouse, but the bike not good quality. the bike is yellow with black trim. the tank said BOSS, back of seat says MOTO B. M. BOLOGNA. ROD SAYS TURBO, CYLINDER SAYS TURBO, HEAD SATS MOTORI MORINI FRANCO SPORT-TURBO

    Sat Mar 10 2007
    amymeddings at msndot com
    50 cc
    morini f motori
    i need a coil and stator 1980? i think

    Mon Mar 05 2007
    www.spurdog1972 at hotmaildot com
    need parts for kick start
    morini franco motori 50cc
    need parts and book
    hickory nc

    Wed Dec 27 2006
    CPC-JUD at YAHOOdot com

    Tue Dec 26 2006
    bslkennedy at yahoodot com
    1976 morini franco motori
    I need a set of rings for the above model 50cc motor drive 4545. I think the # on the moped
    is 04337
    morini franco 1976 Idn # 04337
    need a set of rings & gasket set for a morini franco moped 1976 Idn#04337 the other # on
    the plate is 4545
    Phoniex AZ USA

    Fri Dec 22 2006
    old mini racer 1950- 1970
    please help me i was given a very perqulor mini racer looks very old the only bit of information i have on the bike is a sticker on one of the housings it reads MORINI FRANCO MOTORI ITALY? i will attach some pictures Iwuold like to restore the bike any information you could help me with would be of great help thank you.
    wales(swansea) UK

    Thu Dec 14 2006
    annet.leon at hetnet.nl
    spare parts engine
    morini franco FM F5 IGM 3639 OM
    i'm looking for spare parts for my old morini franco engine. My questions is are they available for this type of engine.

    Sat Sep 30 2006
    wouterschar at aoldot com
    franco morini engine
    kids dirt bike 50 cc
    hi are all frnco engines two stroke?. and can anyone tell me where i could get the gears to fix the kick start as my kick start as started slipping. also would anyone know what year and model it is kind regards charlie

    Morini Mini MX.jpg
    Morini Mini MX

    Mon Jun 19 2006
    boyhan at hotmail.co.uk
    morini franco motori
    i have a small motorcross style 50cc motorbike (forward kickstart) and whenever i start it the engine wont tick over i have to keep it at high revs otherwise the bike will stall any help would be greatly appreciated please email me thank you
    horley england

    Morini Franco Motori 50cc.jpg
    Morini Franco Motori 50cc

    Sun Apr 30 2006
    marknju at cwazy.co.uk
    morini franco engines
    to all of you that need spares for the morini franco enines try jason at IGM-UK.co.uk he carries spares for most bikes using this engine
    regards mark

    Fri Apr 07 2006
    phipps.d at btinternetdot com
    where to get part's from
    morini franco 50cc crosser
    we are looking for some part's for my son's bike can you help me it would be great if so thanks. dave.

    I don't have a list of dealers in the UK at present, Dave, but will post a list when I compile it. In the meantime, try the Morini directory at Bikelinks, which contains information on both Morini and Franco Morini Motori.
    Morini directory

    Thu Apr 06 2006
    quickchevelle at aoldot com
    plug & gap info needed?
    2001 DBM mini bike
    my son took the spark plug out of this bike and now i need the ngk part # and gap specs. thx
    2001 DBM 50 with a Franco Morini Motori two stroke engine

    The Morini Motori site has a listing of current 50cc engines, along with the recommended spark plug. Ed. (morinimotori.com 404 Dec 2010

    Mon Dec 19 2005
    corvette2 at freenet.de
    Morini Franco
    suche mittel zilinder fur kinder cross 50 cm

    Sun Dec 18 2005
    aidanfortune at yahoo.co.uk
    piston and rings
    i am looking for where to get a piston and rings for a morini franco motori 50cc

    Wed Dec 07 2005
    cliff at neo.rrdot com
    morini lem 50
    I have purchased a morini lem 50 its a dirtbike it is pinkish red with a purple seat and white gas tank I need to order an entire clutch,springs and basket for this can you tell me where i can get these parts and what year the bike is
    thanks jeff w

    Mon Nov 14 2005
    nck15 at o2.pl
    franco moto morini 50 dakarino
    hello i've bought a dirt bike with engine franco moto morini 49ccm
    it's called penta dakarino 50 i'm looking for some parts for it. i'm from poland but i'd like to get any importer

    Penta Dakarino 50.jpg
    Penta Dakarino 50

    Mon Oct 10 2005
    keyesakl at aoldot com
    parts 1984 pacer super sport (franco engine)
    Looking for any new part retailer for rehab project. also may be interested in performance for above. THX

    Sun Oct 02 2005
    blacbart at netzero.net
    Throttle Cable
    I am looking to purchase a throttle cable for an older moped (F Morini). Do you know where I can purchase this.

    Fri Sep 16 2005
    ehallii at yahoodot com
    Franco Morini Motori Two-Stroke Engines
    Does anyone have any info on the Yankee Boss, 1970? It used a 55cc F. Morini engine w/ 4 speed gearbox. I am looking for any parts and info. Thanks.

    Fri Aug 19 2005
    dmcgraw at centurytel.net
    franco motori morini
    i have a small vailla with a motori franco motor and am looking for any parts and information it is an older bike maybe 70's.

    Sat Jul 30 2005
    dpage100 at yahoodot com
    i have a 50cc franco morini sport dirt bike i need a clutch. any info of where i can purchase parts in us please contactme at dpage100 at yahoodot com thanks

    Thu Jul 21 2005
    www.twoolley2004 at yahoodot com
    DBM 12-15
    I need a pistion and rings for this bike it has a Morini Franco Motori 50cc 2001 nuber on it is FM2082 OM86

    Thu Jul 21 2005
    defender26 at excitedot com
    action brand 49cc
    hello, i have a small 49cc motocross bike. it has a morini franco motor. it looks just like the one posted on your home page. the tank has an action sticker, with made in the usa in small print. the markings on the motor are morini franco. i can't seem to figure out the year model or where to obtain parts. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks.

    Wed Jul 20 2005
    frederic.feyen at skynet.be
    Morini buggy
    Can anybody tell me if Morini makes buggys (50cc) for children? how much do they cost? where can i buy one ?

    Fri Jul 08 2005
    voksa at wi.rrdot com
    Piston Rings
    I have what I believe is a 50cc F. Morini engine it has the numbers 2099 on the outside of the cyl. I need piston rings and would appreciate any help on finding them. Thank You Vic

    Morini - Franco Morini 50cc engine.jpg
    Morini - Franco Morini 50cc engine

    Mon Jul 04 2005
    mraltitudetby at aoldot com
    Franco Motori Morini S5 50cc automatic
    the motor is an S5-T from a 1997 KTM SXR50 ...
    Listed under KTM

    Wed Jun 29 2005
    andidwhite at aoldot com
    50cc Morini dirt bike
    Trying to find a throttle cable for my sons dirtbike. I have emailed Lem and also Dellorto, they say they don't know. Vin#m10B123C82Y000012, Dellorto SHA 1412L, blue and says "it" on the side???? The throttle cable is one piece, doesn't split to two different lines.

    Tues 31st May 2005
    From: Dg54509 at aoldot com

    that lem, is actually called a morini franco lx-2. it is an italian bike made by the former moto morini company. any suggestions, references or technical advice is welcome. bike is in good shape and runs good........except in needs a new plug about every 3 hours. plug is burning perfect. i thought somebody else might have the same problem and came up with a cheap, easy fix.

    Mon May 23 2005
    beniamin.herdean at personal.ro
    Morini franco mx cross motori mx 4903
    Witch is the price for morini franco mx cross motor mx 4903

    Mon May 02 2005
    smokinbikeworks at yahoodot com
    1977 Pacer Morini
    I need to find a magneito and points
    1977 Pacer Morini Scooter

    Email: matbarbie at yahoodot com
    I have a little 50cc dirt bike, we want to rebuild it, but we have no idea what it is. it has a morini 50cc engine, with the #fm 55n under the gear case, *2460* on top of the gear case, carb is a delorto sha1412L, 250 10' tires, it says made in italy on the neck with the #00704. If anyone could give me some info on this bike I would be grateful.

    Morini Franco Motori 2.jpg
    Morini Franco Motori

    Thu Mar 30 2006
    morini franco motori;minibike
    I had emailed you maybe a year ago and sent you a pic of the little minibike I'm trieing to rebuild for my son. I haven't had an email from anyone yet with any info. Thank you for posting my picture.I'm thinking now that the little bike might be a LEM CR3? not for sure though. Anyway thank you again for trying.

    Morini Franco Motori minbike mattbarbie.jpg
    Morini Franco Motori minbike mattbarbie

    Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2005
    subject: after market parts
    Email: tifannyhudson at sbcglobal.net
    message: I have a 50cc morini dirt bike im looking for after market parts like race pipes carb kits and other things can you please help. My name is Travis

    December 21, 2001
    My little brother bought a Morini Franco dirt bike, and that thing is nothing but trouble. The sproket is held on my four little bolts, and they just broke off. It's not organized. It's a royal piece of trash. --  skateonthedeck at hotmaildot com

    September 2, 2001
    I am looking for some information (Quick) on a Morini FGranco Motori LX2 50cc Child motor Bike... can you lead me in the right direction.... -- Many Thanks -- Paul -- paul at oakwood1.screaming.net

    June 13, 2001
    I have a 1981 Pacer Super Sport moped. Someone gave it to me brand new and I hardly use it. It has only 69 (sixty nine) original miles. I always kept it inside and it is in mint condition. Could you advise how much this bike could be worth in today's market? I know it was imported from Italy but don't know if the manufacturer was Morini-Franco. Your advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much. -- Jose Silveira -- josesilv at us.ibmdot com
    Flushing, N.Y.

    December 10, 2000
    Doe's any one know where I can source a F Morini 50cc engine so I can get my old BSA Boxer on the road and if anyone has info on my model of bike any correspondence would be gratefully received . -- PPipanne at aoldot com

    September 30, 2000
    I just bought a 1977 Morini Franco Motori Model "Pratikal." I'd like to know some more about this scoot, but I have no clue of where to start. If anyone has any information about it please email me at suthida at u.washington.edu -- Thanks, -- Lisa

    April 17, 2000
    Hi. I wonder if anyone can help me find parts for Motori Morini/f off road buggy like, dingo?
    Stewart Papworth -- stewart at sharmane19.freeserve.co.uk

    January 3, 2001
    Dear Sirs,
    I am looking of a German importer of "three wheels fun cars" from the Franco Morini Motori. I thank you for an address. -- Roland.Angermueller at t-online.de

    October 25, 1999
    Je recherche des pieces (segments de piston) pour une mini cros 50 avec moteur Morini (anne 90 environ) carburateur Dell Orto SHA 12/14. -- Merci -- spjlj28 at club-internet.fr

    March 16, 1999
    Franco Morini is a relative (cousin I think) of Alfonso Morini who made the wonderful bikes under his own name. I don't know of anyone who does spares, but you could try the factory itself:

    Morini Franco Motori
    Via Porrettana 377
    40033 Casalecchio di Reno
    Bologna Italy
    Tel: (051)57 1257
    Fax: (051)577048

    Franco Morini makes small capacity two strokes for use in scooters and small mopeds. They have just produced a 125cc air cooled four stroke single, single overhead cam, two valves, six speeds. May be used by Piaggio and Gilera.
    Morini 500-6
    Ducati M900

    Franco Morini Logo
    Franco Morini Logo

    If you have a query about Franco Morini engines or have information about these Italian machines, please contact us

    Melbourne Motorcycle Workshop
    Melbourne Motorcycle Workshop
    Dyno Tuning, Performance Enhancements, Sports Bikes and Offroad. Rebuilds, Race Preparation and Classic Restorations.