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Fri Mar 16 2007
petcock gas valve
I'm looking for the cork replacement for these gas petcocks...there 13.5 mm long x 11 mm dia
bill king
Texas USA
Thanks for the response...
I have no idea which bikes it was used on.
I got it at a swap meet...

The petcock is all brass construction and plated.
The cork is about 13.5mm long and 11mm dia (abt 9/16 length x 7/16" Dia.)
the bore of the valve is approx .435" Dia.
its got Enarts stamped on it but Domi Racer told me the name of the company is really Ewartz.
when I talked to Domi racer (a supplier in USA) they told me the company is still in business over in England in a small town north of Birmingham, England.
I have looked on the internet but have had no luck so far.
Maybe related to Wassell
Thanks for all the help

bill king

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Tue Feb 26 2008
kevin.solomon AT acenet.co.za
1936 DKW 350cc
DKW 350cc 1936
i am unable to obtain AMBOLIUM grease reccomended for clutch/gearbox. Can anyone reccommend an alternative
South Africa

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The famous Luigi Stucchi offered conversion kits to turn a Guzzi V7 into a V7 Sport, along with exhaust systems, fairings and panniers. Still operating out of Mandello.

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