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muzntgrumble at googlemail.com
1948 p55c
I have just received a dating certificate for my Peugeot p55c from Peugeot.
Here are their contact details if needed by anyone else.
Peugeot Scooters, rue du 17 novembre, 25706 VALENTYGNEY CEDEX

Thu Jun 23 2011
French Certificate of Conformity (Attestation de Conform
Dnieper MT 11 (1994)
I am trying to import (customs clear and register) my Dneiper into France and need to get Certificate of Conformity (Attestation de Conformite)- Does anyone know how to get this ?
Gex, France

Classic Motorcycle Registration
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British vehicle registration plates (number plates) usually indicate both the vehicle's place of origin and age...

  • FR - Forest & Fens: Lincoln
    FS - Forest & Fens: Lincoln
    FT - Forest & Fens: Lincoln
    FU - Forest & Fens: Lincoln, but withheld for reasons of taste

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