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Sachs Motorcycles

Sachs Motorcycles

Founded in 1886 in Schweinfurt, Sachs is the world's oldest motorcycle manufacturer. Sachs was the largest manufacturer of two stroke motorcycle engines in Germany during the fifties, sixties and seventies.

Sachs engines have be used manufacturers throughout Europe and in America, Australia, Africa and Asia.

List of Manufacturers using Sachs engines

In the 1970s, many machines were marketed as both Sachs and Sachs Hercules

In more recent years some Sachs models have been manufactured in China.

Source: Hartmut Schouwer

borel.romain71 at
Hello, I live in France and I own a 504 / 2A-ch model. I would like to register it but I need a certificate of conformity ... do you know where I can find one?
romain borel

gbollag at
Sachs Motors
Hello. Here in Switzerland early sachs Motors were put in Swiss Motorbikes with a strong regulation. Tha maximal speed allowed was and is 30 k/hour. How was the Swedis legisltaion and practice about this? I found Swedis Motorbykes with Sach Motors in the Web that mus hav run faster?
Guy Bollag
Zurich, Switzerland

    Many countries including France, Sweden and particularly Italy produced complete motorcycles and kits which bypassed the early laws governing mopeds, allowing some of them to go more than twice the legal limit. It was common practice for the manufacturers to simply add a throttle restriction to the carburettor which kept them to the legal limit, but which took just a few minutes to remove. ~ Ed.
    See also Mopeds

paulbamford at
Sachs 1251/6B
I restore British 4 stroke motorcycles, but I have been asked by a friend to rebuild his Sachs 1251/6B which has been stored since 1975 and believed to have only had 2130 miles of use.
Before I finally agree to do this for him, I would like to obtain data sheets / parts lists / schematic diagrams / specifications / tolerances / torque settings / etc plus any workshop manuals or similar that collectively will give me manufacturers requirements for the correct assembly of this engine.
If you are able to help, please let me know what you can provide and associated costs.
Many thanks
Paul Bamford
Wakefield, UK
  • Sorry, we don't sell manuals. Most of the information you require is available from a variety of German specialists.

fatboy3455 at
1969 Sachs 125 Cross Country (5-A)
Does this Sachs motor have a lighting coil?
Jack Bradford Dumm
Tue Jun 28 2016
Ggnpritchie at
do you know where i can get gas tank decals for 77 sachs sundancer ?
u s a

Mon Dec 07 2015

newshaker at
Identfy Sachs Year
sachs 125 off road...1969???
I just bought a 125 papers..I belive its a 1969 cross country..I have the frame # 477007 cam with 2 engines in boxes..5761033 122 type 1251 5A and
7174779 122 typ1251 6B...i need to know what year these are and does one of these engines go to this Sachs Motorcycle...thanks Gary

Tue Aug 11 2015
norman_bolt at
main stand
sachs b805 roadster
hi ive got a stand from a vx800 which nearly fits a 800r0adster but needs a little adapting , can anybody supply pics/drawings of a genuine sachs mainstand?

Sun Oct 05 2014
arthur.jarvis33 at
Sachs 650 cc Roadster
I have a Sachs 650cc Roadster, first registered in 2005. The oners manual is printed in german. How and where can I acquire a copy printed in english. Regards. Arthur Jarvis
West Wales

Fri Jul 18 2014
george_c1 at
sachs xtc
What other engine would actually fit in this bike? trying to find an original is proving difficult.

Mon Apr 07 2014
mariofirmino at
new - sachs 175 cc
sachs 175 new model sachs 175 new model
Bom dia, estou em Luanda Angola desejo receber informação detalhada da nova moto SACHS 175, obrigado Mário Firmino.
Luanda Angola

Fri Apr 04 2014

mjs25 at
sachs parts
sachs 2009 Express 150
Where can I get parts prices for Sachs motor cycles
NSW Australia

Fri Apr 04 2014
zombiejones at
1980 German moped
Nurnberger hercules werke
Wanting to sell
Olathe, Kansas, United States

Wed Aug 21 2013
pecas para motociclo
sachs 100/37 1938
tenho necessidade de pecas para poder colocar em funcionamento minha sachs 1938
Parobe Brasil

Mon Jun 17 2013
Dating Evidence
Sachs Prima 5
hi im wondering if you could help me im trying to get dating evidence for a Sachs Prima 5 the engine number is 1500 1690 and the frame number is wsf634053yo860834. Do you guys do dating evidence? if not could you possibly point me in the direction of somebody who does? thanks Jordan.

Tue Aug 21 2012
SIS sachs v5 1966
SIS Sachs
i am looking for any information on this bike

Fri Oct 19 2012
sachs 49cc?
Hi, I have a sachs engine 4132331 can anyone tell what year this was made the cc and where i can get parts from thanks Jo

Sun Sep 30 2012
Engine parts
Fichtel & Sachsag 8799574 Guyler Getaround 1957?
Need parts, Piston & rings Rod bearings, gasket set, Carb, Kit, if you do not have these do you know where I go to find them. Thank you Michael


Wed May 09 2012
Sachs 1938 , 98cc
I would like to purchase a 1938/39 98cc Sachs engine complete with kick start.
Lars Bergaust

Thu Feb 16 2012
Saxonette 60 cc 1938-1940
Fichtel & Sachs Saxonette 60 cc
Do you have any machine dating evidence i.e engine serial numbers and date of manufacture. Also does anyone have a definition of F & S engine number codification.
UK (England)

Wed Jan 18 2012
chain+sprockets and chain snapper
sachs madass 50cc 2009 scooter
i want to change front and rear sprocket and chain so will need chain tool,rear sprocket is z53,my first gear for our terrain is way to low so need either more teath on front or less on back or change teath size on both,red would be good,looking for total price including shipping to australia,yours shaun henderson

Fri Jan 06 2012
Sachs Imperial
I am trying to find out what my sachs might be worth. All parts are there and original. Numbers we found were 40 KM 0213146 with a 297 circled. GVWR 300. GAWR Front 128. Rear 180. That is all the info I have. Any input will be appreciated.

Tue Oct 11 2011
bing carb
sachs saxonette luxus
hi do you know were i can buy a carberettor for this bike
stratford on avon

Tue Jun 07 2011
rotatif motor
sach KM38
sachs km38 motor

Wed May 25 2011
kadiddle<at>peoplepcdot com
unknown bike
sachs 3133569
inherited a sachs bike that our uncle raced in scrambles with.the #on frame and motor are 3133569,motor says fichel&sachs ag schweinfurt t-102 sachs200.want to restore it.can send pics if needed.please tell me what it is and maybe year?

Mon Apr 25 2011
Joe Berliner designer bike
J-Be K125 or K100
I had one when 13, 59-60. Resembled BMW but Sachs engine/3 speed. Never seen one since, not even at Barber's Museum near Talladega. Wish to find one to re-do. What can you find about them?
Fairhope, AL 36532

Tue Feb 15 2011
drjimmurray<at>hotmaildot com
1970-1980 sachs 250 motocross
sachs 250
I have a 250Sachs 2 stroke motor cycle from the 1970 and would like to know where to get parts for it in Alberta Canada
alberta canada

Mon Feb 07 2011
andrew-stoltenberg<at>yahoodot com
loking for owners manuel
1978 sachs p1 505 162034
I just purchased this and am looking for a manuel for it. The number I put is the model number, I think? I really appreciate whatever you can help me out with
Sachs 1978 P1 Moped

Thu Dec 16 2010
danny.deroux947<at>gmaildot com
sachs sachs 301 a
there is a spring and rubber flap at the end of the fuel linn where can i buy these parts in canada
vancouver bc canada

Thu Dec 16 2010
djccgentry<at>hotmaildot com
rokon 340rt
is there such a thing as a kick starteer or electric start flywheel with starter ring for a sachs 340 engine?? if so where can i get one or the other? where can i get any parts for a 1976 sachs 340 two stroke engine??

Sat Dec 04 2010
msavill<at>skydot com
engine 4 stroke
sachs xtc 125 4 stroke
could anyone tell me, is the sachs xtc 125 4 stroke engine the same as used in the moto roma rdg 125? if yes , where can i buy new exhaust valves and collets for same?

Fri Oct 01 2010
sach bee 125
Im struggling to get an exhaust, best price is £200. the bike is only 2 and a half years old, very disapointed that iv had to do several repairs to the bike, now the exhaust has rotted and dropped of, bought new but the shop has now closed down please help !!!!

Thu Sep 16 2010
Sachs MadAss
I love the bike but the seat is uncomfortable. Is there an aftermarket seat available? If not how can I purchase the plastic base that the vinyl and foam are attached to so I can mount a different seat to the base? Thank you. RJ

Wed Sep 15 2010
justadoe704<at>junodot com
Sachs 49cc manual
sachs taxi luxe
hey i recently bought a 1984 sachs taxi luxe. it runs decent on most days but the clutch is pretty much busted (2 gear) does anyone have any idea on where to look to get a manual on how it should be fixed? also the engine barely seems to be getting full rpms. its pretty bumpy as it accelerates like it wants to rev up but catches sporadically. and if you give it too much gas it just dies... any ideas?!

Wed Aug 25 2010
Sachs Sport 50
Parts Sport 50??
Can you help with parts?
Ribe, Denmark

Thu Aug 19 2010
sachs nauder 250
piston cross
recherche piston sachs
d 70.95 + pochette joint
+ carter allumage

Fri Jul 23 2010
abftempleton<at>gmaildot com
Sachs Saxonette 25cc
I am trying to insure this bike [UK registered SF05YUB] without sucess can you help?Swinton covered it on 2009 but not this year?

Fri Jun 25 2010
Sach Engine Legnaro
Do you know where I can find parts to do a tune up on a 1959 Sach engine?
United States

Wed May 05 2010
Cezannipoo<at>yahoodot com
98ccm Sachs motor
1956 Puma 2nd series
Was fuer ein Fett gehoehrt in das Getriebe?
What kind of oil goes in the clutch and gearbox?
Nassau, Bahamas

Fri Jan 22 2010
wenceslao88 at hotmaildot com
I want une of this
sachs bikes madass 125 sachs bikes madass 125
quiero comprar una de estas motos pero no cuento con tarjeta de creedito solo con de debito hsbc por favor digan me como le pued hacer para comprar una y estoy my interesado y cuanto cuesta tambien
palya del carmen ,quinana roo mexico

Sat Jan 16 2010
luis8882010 at livedot com
I have Sache motorcycle V5 yr 1967. I need motor 125 cc 2 Strock. Is anyone can help me.

Tue Dec 29 2009
tylerssmeng at
sachs 6551616 engine
sachs speedway minibike
looking for flywheel

Thu Dec 10 2009
crazyman127 at hotmaildot com
Flywheel nut
Sachs 1970 sachs k100
Is the freewheel nut a reverse thread?
CA Usa

Tue Dec 08 2009
randyh127 at gmaildot com
Fly wheel nut
Sachs 1960 k100
Is the nut holding the fly wheel reverse thread?

Sat Oct 31 2009
mr.t.chestnutt at gmaildot com
Fichtel & Sachs AG Schweinfoki 5312544
Mini Bike Not Sure
I am trying to find help to figure out what bike this part goes to. It says Fichtel & Sachs AG Schweinfoki (I think) and has a part numbere 5312544. It also says the type is Sachs 80B. Help Please? Thanks.
Charlotte, NC

Sun Sep 27 2009
kenandtrish1 at bigponddot com
Mechanics Manual
saches madass 125cc
I need a mechanic's manual for my bike as no-one knows how to fix things. My bike is new with only 50km clocked up and it has major electrical issues which my mechanic (sachs retailer) is unable to pin down.

Wed Sep 09 2009
westfamily4 at
head gasket
rokon 1976 rt 2 340
340 sachs motor head gasket
Reedsville,OHIO U.S

Thu Aug 13 2009
renaultf1team at
I'm searching for a MadAss 50cc
Sachs MadAss 50cc
Dear Ms or Mr.

I'm not sure that i'm in the right place, but I need some help!
I wold like to buy a Sachs MadAss 50cc scooter.
But there is somne problem. I'm here in Hungary and can't
buy that 'litle bike' anywher. There is a polymobil kft. but they
are just selling silver form whic from 2007.

Please help me where can I buy a black coloured Sachs MadAss in Hungary or in Austria or somewhere else near to Hungary!

Thank you for helping me!

Tue Jul 28 2009
lkaxtell at
Sachs Prima
Looking for decompression release valve that goes in the head.

Sun Jul 12 2009
benjamin.daigle at c-a-mdot com
fichtel & sachs ag schweinfurt 9979014
I am looking for a manual and parts for this engine.

June 2009
Dear Friend of the Oil dust and rotary pistons
I've started a summer Promotion of my Rotary engines, so there are still a few left in stock, save you a peace of history...
Regards from Switzerland
Dominik Hasler

Thu Jun 04 2009
beachhutman at macdot com
New Hudson
Sachs MadAss
please see (404)

Tue May 19 2009
Gabocoll at
we need info about this motor and if where possible find parts or the complete motor, is mounted in a holder e12 tractor
argentina / SAN JUAN

Sat May 09 2009
samurai8985 at aoldot com
clutch repair
Sach 50 cc 505
having trouble with my clutch assembly bolt. wont stay tighten. Vibrates loose. How can I permanently tighten it. Thanks
Niagara falls ny

In similar situations Loctite would do the trick - it may be a suitable solution on yours but check that you will be able to get it off again without too much effort. Ed.

Sat May 02 2009
salsewwhat at hotmaildot com
Sachs Moped 50cc
Sachs Westlake
I am looking for a rear wheel assembly for my Sachs 50cc. I can not find the parts I need in the USA. Can you help me locate a parts dealer that my carry it?
Georgia, USA

Try Bikelinks: Sachs-Dealers

Fri Apr 10 2009
monch8 at yahoodot com
Sachs MC250 1978
Hy, I have this bike in my box. How much can I ask if I want to sell it ?

Tue Mar 31 2009
fballstar-58 at hotmaildot com
need parts
saxonette schweinfurt
i have a 1970's schweinfurt 300 the doesn't run because the recoil is broken and needs a new one.... also i would like to have a new carborater becuase the one that is on it leaks realy bad. if you have any info on were i can buy these parts i would be very greatful.

Sun Mar 29 2009
philsoaz-net1 at
search Sachs KM48
Sachs KM48 Sachs KM48
Where can I find the Sachs KM48 engine???
Thank you

Wed Feb 18 2009
punkcake at hotmaildot com
sachs madass madass 50cc
hacve pictures from the suspension system? i need to fix mine. do you jump with this bike?

Tue Jan 20 2009
zach-ashwell at hotmaildot com
sachs and fichtel
80cc 2 stroke ? Speedway bike ?
I got the bike out to ride it wouldn't start had spark but no compression. So I took the jug off and the ring was stuck in the piston. I need the ring set and I have gone to many place to see if they can find me a set and no one can help. Are you able to get some info ?

As a bare minimum you will need to supply the engine number. A photograph would also help with identification. Try this directory to start your seach for Sachs dealers.

Mon Jan 05 2009
Eagle33Eyes at Yahoodot com
Sachs 50/s
Coleman 5.3 Power Sport
Do you know where I can find the engine for this mini bike
United States

Fri Jan 02 2009
cavanbah at hotmaildot com
electrical diagramm 125cc madass
sachs 125 madass
I have no ignition ,I have 12v at the key, coil and fuse but no lights at the dash . it will not start could it be the black box how can I test it please send me the wiring diag. thanks greg bell

Books and Manuals - Resources

Sat Dec 20 2008
martinhoman at aoldot com
main stand
sachs roadster 800
how much main stand , do you have pics
pe U.K.

Tue Oct 14 2008
skrach86 at hotmaildot com
Sachs XTC Supersport 125cc, 4 Stroke, 03 plate
Do you know what type of engine is in this bike? any details?

Mon Sep 15 2008
a-osborn<at<ntlworlddot com
Sachs 49er
I am trying to locate a second hand engine for my son's 56 plate Sachs 49er which has noisey crank bearings, the rest of the scooter is in very good condition

Sat Sep 13 2008
tclarsin at rogersdot com
Ignition Keys
Sachs Madass 2007
How to take the IGN apart so I can make keys

Thu Sep 04 2008
rider04457 at yahoodot com
go kart carburetor
fichtel & sachs ag 7092021
have a go-kart. we need to get a carburetor or parts for it. the info i have is--- fichtel & sachs ag model 7092021 hub r 73, typ sachs 80b. could you let me know if you can help or refer me to some place. i live in the united states. i appreciate any help.
maine, united states

Mon Sep 01 2008
larryingoa at
Lower seat
Sachs Madass 50
Do you know where I could get the lower seat for the Sachs Madass? many thanks.

Fri Aug 08 2008
bear777 at
Need a pistion
Rokon 340 Sachs
I need a piston to fit this motor. Current measurement is 78.1 but need a serious overbore.. Cannot find one in USA anywhere.. Thanks to anyone who can help!!!! BEAR

Tue Aug 05 2008
paszka at
Sachs 301 Moped Engine Detail
kettler alu - rad Sachs 301 AB

I am from Ukraine and now i live in Poland. Last time i Bought bicykle Kettler alu-rad 2600 with motor type Sachs 301/AB 30 cm3 motor nr 11121336. I NEED help becouse this motor not work i need all membrans (rocker) to carburetter Please help me to find this parts. Maybe you know adress firm who production thi membrans and motors? thank you very much. best regards. Pavlo.

Wed Jul 30 2008
privers at
Does anyone know where I can find parts? I would like to find knee pads, side covers and decals.
ohio, USA

Sun Jul 27 2008
pyrosqueek1999 at yahoodot com
sachs 1969 hercules
i need some help finding parts for my motorcycle.

Sat Jul 26 2008
wwolfe3rd at cfl.rrdot com
Sachs 301A
I have an engine stamped 301A and when comparing it to your picture of a 301 and to parts manuals I do not have the component that appears next to the spark plug. Can you tell me anything about this component and possible why my engine doesn't have it. Its not that it is missing there is just not a place for it. I will be rebuilding the engine soon and want to make sure I order the correct parts. Thanks
Orlando, FL

Tue Mar 11 2008
ego.h at hotmaildot com
Donde puedo comprar una sachs madass 125 en mexico y cual es el precio gracias

Sun Feb 24 2008
kev at
sachs engine fitted with bing carburetor
sachs 1251/5a
i am having problens with the float level on my bing carburetor model number 1/24/153 can anyone tell me the settings thank you.

Thu Feb 21 2008
george.w.ryser at verizondot com
1958 west german sachs progress 200
progress werk 1958 200 cc 2 stroke
runs perfect need clutch, have parts orig in box, don't have the time. what is it worth to someone. can send pics if interested.
nj united states

Tue Jan 29 2008
jpjgordon at hotmaildot com
Sachs MadAss 50
Sachs MadAss 50 Sachs MadAss 50 2007
Hi please could you give me a quote for 10 x Sachs MadAss 50 to be exported to nelson new zealand. many thanks

james gordon
new zealand

Sun Jan 20 2008
vernsgaragellc at wi.rrdot com
Sachs 340cc radial fin freeair motor
Rokon MX Trail bike
I'm looking for a motor or motor parts. It was made in the early 1970's. It used a snowmobile type bely type transmission. Thank's for any direction or leads you might have. Robert
Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

Fri Jan 11 2008
terrychapman at
Small runabout bike
sachs madass
your stockists in br1tain plus e mail adress.please advise
great britain terry

Mon Jan 07 2008
gash602 at
250 into a Sachs Roadster frame
2002 Sachs Roadster 125
Does anyone know if it's possible to mount a 250 Virago engine into the frame of the 125 Sachs Roadster? I was wondering if it was a case of just dropping one in. If anyone has any thoughts or experience of this i'd be happy to hear from you.

Kind regards

Fri Nov 30 2007
phillip-cohen at bigponddot com
Sachs bicycle engine
Do Sachs make a bicycle engine that could be fitted to a mountain bike?

Fri Nov 02 2007
Sachs manual
125 cc sunburst head, trailmaster?
I need manual covering installation, timing of flywheel magneto and system.

or, local so cal service shop
socal, usa

Sat Sep 29 2007
broylesmike at yahoodot com
sachs 125
i have sachs 125 i think is a 1970 the # on the steeringhead is 417001090 .the motor is not the radial head but the square one with rectangler exhaust port.thank you for any info or pics
coos bay oregon usa

Sun Sep 23 2007
marujoalmadena at
sachs sis
Hello , I am looking for a petrol tank and a seat for a sachs sis 50cc 26 years old, please can you help

Sun Sep 23 2007
pcirolia at
sachs motor driven cycle
1980 sachs hercules werke gmbh
hello, i own a 1980 sachs motor driven cycle. anyway i can get a manual or info on this thing. anyone know what its worth ? it was manufactured by nurnberger. thanks, pat
north carolina

Try Valuations. and Books and Manuals - Resources

Tue Sep 11 2007
March 1980 sachs gruppe
looking for tires for my vintage motorcycle they are 17" x 2" wide do you know where they can be purchased. Would appreciate your help. It is west germany made
toledo, washington

There is a selection of tyre resources here:
Vintage Motorcycle Tyres

Wed Aug 29 2007
abftempleton at btinternetdot com
import to uk ?
Sachs Saxonette Luxus 30cc
1. can i import this motorised bicycle into the uk? 2.or can i obtain one in europe and export it to uk?if so where in Holland or Germany and what would be the cost be in pounds?

Thu Aug 23 2007
lau-2oo6 at msndot com
sachs xtc 125 4 stroke 2004
hi i am looking for a workshop manual with a wiring diagram for the bike and a price if you can get one please

Try under Books and Manuals - Resources

Fri Aug 17 2007
abftempleton at [bounced]
uk dealers ?
Sacks Saxonette Luxus
Are there any dealers in the uk ? if not where can i purchase a 2nd hand saxonette in Holland or Germany ?

Sat Aug 11 2007
tonydavidc at msndot com
Instruction Book
sachs 49er
I have purchased a Sachs 49er in England but they could only give me an instruction book in German. Can I get one in English any where/

Tue Jul 17 2007
vanderheydenj at
Maintenance Manual
Saxonette #519505 sachs 301a
Looking for a detailed Maintenance Manual for the Saxonette I recently purchased, Thanks.

John VanderHeyden,

Try under Books and Manuals - Resources

Wed Jul 11 2007
mariocarrapeta at hotmildot com
I want to know where i search the original mirrors for the sachs achilles ami?
If have answer,please send me a e-mail.
Tank you

Fri Jun 22 2007
r12nuts at hotmaildot com
wireing diagram<
sachs xtc 125 4 stroke
where can i get a wireing diagram for my bike?

Try under Books and Manuals - Resources

Wed Jun 20 2007
www.dysty294 at yahoodot com
tring to find out want this bike is
i have a flat track bike engine numbers are fichtel&sachs ag schweinfurt 7777731 sachs sa 340 r
the frame has csrb 36 the b is stamped backward any info would be great
fort worth tx usa

Fri Jun 08 2007
djmcelroy at msndot com
'69 sach 80 cc boondocker
I need headlight/speedo and other misc parts for a 80cc sachs boondocker
Crested Butte CO

Sun May 27 2007
hen.chip-wilhelm at yahoodot com
BALBOA (M-4) sachs 505/1
where can i have it repaired? i live in south new jersey.

Fri Jun 01 2007
pbeatrice at
Ignition points
Sachs 1251/5A
Can anyone tell me the Bosch part numbers for the points and condenser used in a 122cc Sachs motor as found in an early Penton?

Sun Apr 29 2007
nickydom76 at hotmaildot com
motorised bike
sachs 301/A
I own a sachs 301/a on a 26" raliegh frame just wondering if there was somewhere i could take it in brisbane australia to get more out of the top end and more tourqe
Brisbane Australia
Here is a photo of the sachs 301/a on the raleigh frame.
PS still would like to know how to get more out of the top end and more torque!!!

Thu Apr 12 2007
jnjack at aoldot com
Wiring Diagram<
Sach 505 / 1A
Where can I purchase or locate a wiring diagram for this moped? Thanks.
New Haven, CT

Try under Books and Manuals - Resources

Wed Apr 11 2007
cnj92 at
magneto on tyran
tyran 125 mx
how can i find parts for my has a 125 sachs motor.It seams that the magneto is not working?

Thu Jan 18 2007
c10112 at
6speed gearbox
Sachs 50SW or Sachs 50SWD
I am searching a 6speed gearbox of Sachs, called either Sachs 50 SW or Sachs 50 SWD, in any condition.

Please contact me at c10112 ÄT
Innsbruck, Austria
Thank you for your help. I attach a pic of the bike to this email. More pics can be seen on

Fri Jan 12 2007
ken.rimell at btopenworlddot com
Sachs engines
Sachs engine SA290 No 5667174 HUBr 297 69 CM3 from about 1970. Any ideas on how to get at the points and possible point gap please
West Sussex

Mon Dec 25 2006
roberteubanks at
eagle 3

Fri Dec 22 2006
sofia-juliocosta at
pedido informação
sis sachs felino
Procuro informação sobre o modelo mencionado penso que foi produzida entre 1954/59 existe um modelo parecido chamado sis sachs dover
Santarem Portugal

Wed Dec 20 2006
paul-silvester1968 at hotmaildot com
Sachs 301 Moped Engine Manual
Please help. I have a Sachs 301 engine but need the engine manual to figure out how to get it going. If you have any information at all, please email me Thanks so much.

Mon Dec 18 2006
lilleySANDH at aoldot com
Sachs Engine Cylinder Head
125 engine type D
Looking for replacement cylinder head as mine is cracked.Appreciate a reply if you have one.

Fri Nov 17 2006
gujvari at
Service in Australia

I am thinking about buying a 2006 SACHS ROADSTER bike, however I am in Adelaide, South Australia, and don't know any service where I can do the regular maintenance and servicing of this motorcycle.
Is there any SACHS service or dealer in this part of the world?



Sat Nov 04 2006
swanklein at macdot com
establish sale price of bike
1969/70 sach 100 cc on/off road bick
Please direct me to who could help me figure out the value of this bike. - Thanks
Pennsylvania - USA

Try this page for valuations. Ed.

Sat Nov 04 2006
david.jamesl at ntlworlddot com
sachs xtc125
can any one help ?
i ahave a 2002 4 stroke xtc 125 starts and ticks over but when riden more than 50 metres it will cut out also light is really dim and gets brighter when you rev engine .any ideas would be greatly appreciated.many thanks

Sat Oct 07 2006
mizzy200 at hotmaildot com
sach 125cc supersport
hello i have looked all over for a new or second hand speedo clock for my bike at a reasonable price please help

Wed Sep 20 2006
auctionsrus at
Sachs Motorcycles
Madd ass
I am trying to find someone that can inport me 2 madd ass 125cc motorcycles into the U.S.A. for me. Please feel free to take my contact info. and help me if you can? e-mail
auctionsrus at or auctions1 at hotmaildot com My name is Everett Gribbins and my phone number is 502-262-3999 Thank you for any help on this matter.
Indiana U.S.A.

Wed Sep 13 2006
Gelliscanton at aoldot com
Sachs motorcycle parts
Sachs Sundowner 50
Need a recoil pull start for a Sachs Sundowner 50/ma. Some of the #s I have are 6558762 HUB-R 47 EMA 70
Illinois USA

Tue Sep 12 2006
angelaoconnor100 at hotmaildot com
301/A Engine
Sachs 301/A
Could anyone please help, I need a pull start recoil mechanism for Sachs 301/A. Thanks Tamworth Staffordshire

Fri Sep 08 2006
cssl at
Wiring Diagram<
Sachs XTC 125 4 stroke
I need a wiring diagram for my sachs xtc 125cc four stroke, the wiring is in pretty poor condition for a 3.5 year old bike. It has the suzuki 125 cc engine and I think there is a problem on the charging circuit as the battery runs flat and the lights get brighter as you rev the engine. I tried an aftermarket regulator but when I fitted it it got very hot and started to heat up the wiring from the generator/engine.Any help, information on fixing the problem or where to get a wiring diagram from would be most appreciated. I have contacted several sachs dealers but they seam to be uninterested either can't or won't help. Thanks, Rich
Wakefield, UK

Sun Aug 06 2006
rdolan at waitrosedot com
BING Carburettor/ Petrol tank
Sachs saxonette 301/A
Need to rebuild carb require detail drawing for reassembly.
Need to replace petrol tank complete Serial Number REHAU AG+Co 0118502 TU1 73 60993
Derby England

Thu Jul 06 2006
buckbear12 at aoldot com
parts and service
sachs 50/ma abe x aust b model 6643790
looking for engine parts and service for a old coleman mini bike with the sachs engine the only other thing i can find on the engine is hubr=47 71
fichtel sachs ag schweinfurt
wisconsin u.s.a.

Thu Jul 06 2006
kj004g3718 at
sachs 125 roadster
Hello, does anyone have an address where I can get an owners repair manual for the sachs roadster 125?

I have a couple of images of the sachs roadster, have included them in this email


Mon Jul 03 2006
michaelpomerinke at hotmaildot com
Moped ?
Manual and or parts rebuild book
Eagle III
Hi just picked this 1982 moped up looking to rebuild it.can you help thanks
sach 505/1a
40 km #2BOCAO4A5
Eagle III [honda] - Fichtel & Sachs ag schweinfurt 40km<
USA , MT,59401
Thu Jul 06 2006
1982 Eagle III [ hercules]
found more info -bombardier-hercules-40km I'm still looking for more rebuild info-like wirering diagrams- parts list any info would help thanks

Thu Jun 29 2006
droth at

Dear Sirs, I can't seem to be able to get contact information for SACHS Germany to discuss a possibility of establishing a dealership in Canada. could you please help in this endaevour.

Thank you,
Dennis Roth
Winnipeg, CANADA

Try the Sachs Directory at Bikelinks. Ed.

Sat Jun 17 2006
de.litchfield at
eletric start
sachs xtc super sports
the bike will start up fine then you turn it off and then you not get it to turn over i think its eletrical but not postive can any one tell me why ? thanks
swansea wales

Could you try to explain the problem a little more clearly? Do you mean that once the bike is warmed up, it will not restart after it's turned off? Ed.

Thu Jun 15 2006
jctallam at yahoodot com
Spare parts
Sachs 125/74 cc 124
magneto-monoplat electonicu mini 6
No 474350
Starter-electronico (motorplat)
Motorplat electronico secondary coil (19) conversor.
All made in Spain

Wed May 03 2006
Parts info
sundowner minibike
looking for parts and any info on this minibike

Tue May 09 2006
model 6771923 fichtel -sachs eng (sundowner}
sending more info about this bike looking for a pull start,and info about year, type of spark plug, what kind of oil is needed in it.this is a new engine and has never been statrted. sorry no pictures

Mon Apr 24 2006
wildbill72368 at aoldot com
i am looking for a sachs bearing part # 8000-89089 can you help us

Wed Mar 29 2006
fredrickmschindler at yahoodot com
Sachs 100cc engines in JBK, Horex
Horex rebel 1959, JBK 1959
I can find no mention of Sachs powered J.B.K. motorcycles. I had a 1959 Horex rebel 100CC which was similar to JBK. Both motorcycles were sold in the US in the late 50's and early 60's. The JBK was upgraded to 125cc Sachs engine with footshift replacing hand grip shift in early 60's. Was the Horex manufactured at Bad Homburg or manufactured for them by Hercules?
dayton Ohio

Tue Mar 28 2006
sls14 at meadwestvacodot com
Looking for a Sachs 100 MX Advent
100 MX Advent
I am looking for a MX 100 Advent. I am located in Virginia. If you have one or know of one that is for sale please contact me via e-mail sls14 at meadwestvacodot com . Thanks,

Wed Mar 15 2006
michael at
speedo reading
do all sachs bikes speedometers read in kph .and does that affect the u.k . mot test?

Fri Mar 10 2006
djmcelroy at msndot com
Sachs 80cc Boondocker enduro
I am looking for a whole or parts bike on a '69 80cc Sachs boondocker

Wed Mar 08 2006
brnrdfox at
Choke Cable Wanted
I need a choke cable for a 2003 Sachs V2 125 Roadster in the UK. We've got a 4 week wait from the dealer Can anyone especially in Germany help us get one a bit quicker?
Leicester UK

Wed Feb 15 2006
tomwj at
Sachs Achilles
I seek the information on Sachs Achilles.

Fri Jan 27 2006
expserv at heromotorsdot com
required sachs 125 cyclinder kit
I am in New Delhi - India
I required cyclinder kit for sachs motorcycle of 125cc. Kindly let me have the adress of any dubai based or german based dealer.

Try this page for a German dealer:
(404) Can't help with a Dubai dealer, sorry.

Wed Dec 21 2005
jakarob at aoldot com
1938 german sach 125cc motor bike
I have a 1938 sach motor bike. would like to know if it has any value, and if there are available parts? Bike is in good condition,but needs a carburater, manafold, and a kick stand.I would like to restore to it's original color etc. Any available information would be appreiciated.Thamk you

Mon Dec 05 2005
bifiche at
motor sachs 250 7 vitesses
bonjour avez vous de disponible des pièces détachées pour moteur sachs 250 7 vitesses, monté sur une moto gauthier

Translation: hello have you of available one of the spare parts for motor sachs 250 7 speeds, climbed on a bike gauthier

Wed Nov 23 2005
geekaustin at gmaildot com
MadAss USA?
I know the MadAss is not available in the USA and who knows... It might NEVER be. BUT I want one. A 125cc. Do you know of any importers?

Could not find a US importer. Ed.

Wed Nov 02 2005
cam102030 at
Drive chain
Can You tell me what size chain a 1978 Sachs Balboa takes?
 Thank You, Mike

Tue Nov 01 2005
every at
piston 54.25 for Sachs engine 125/7
Hello, could you help me telling me wher can I find a piston for a 7 speeds 125cc sachs engine. thanks in advance

Sat Oct 15 2005
vintageyamaha at
SACHS 100cc MX bike wanted
looking for a late 60's early 70's 100cc SACHS MX or Cross Country bike in rebuildable condition. I am located in Southern California

Sat Sep 24 2005
phallessy at
Sachs Saxoneete
Any information would help. They were available in Australia some years ago but seem to have vanished.
I have since located the Australian agent for the Sachs Saxonette and other
similar machines. (404)
Peter Shalless

Thu Sep 22 2005
fred at wslusadot com
moped engine parts
O own a moped with a sachs engine it says 40km on the cylinder the motor is on a general moped made in taiwan. it has pedals and a small bing carb. I would like to know if I can get a larger cylinder/piston/ manifold for the motor I would like to get up to about 80cc if possible motor is from 1982- please e-mail to me please

Sun Aug 07 2005
jmcelroy at
sachs '69 80cc boondocker
I am almost done restoring 80 boondocker. I need headlight/speedo assembly and end of the muffler piece. any help.Thanks, Dan McElroy
Crested Butte Colorado

Mon Jul 11 2005
alec.wilkes at
sachs engine
I recently had an old rebuild (underconstruction) bike given to me. It has a sachs engine model# 6774065 122cubic cm installed on an old honda frame(I think?) Can I get parts for this engine and if so how and where as I will have to rebuild

Sun Jul 03 2005
laplumes89 at
recherche piesce moteur sachs 1974
je rechercher un bas moteur sachs de 1974 a un bon prix je suis dans l yonne 89 pre de sens

Sat Jul 02 2005
jimmymcjohn at hotmaildot com
Sachs XTC 125
does anyone have or know where i can get hold of a set of front forks for the XTC due to a car pulling across the one infront of me i'm now in desperate need.

Re: 1978 Sachs Balboa Moped parts
From: <info at>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 23:28:53 +0200
To: "Southern Jersey Tom =^..^= Cat" <theyearbookguy at>

Hello Tom,

yes, a few $, I can request the wholsaler about the fuel tap, the fuel hose
and the plug wire but the shipping to USA is about 15 $. Should I inquire
the price?

The bike looks like this one ? This would be a Hercules Prima in Germany.

Best regards

Georg Landmann

Ok Tom,

I´will ask my dealer Herbert. In Germany Hercules-Sachs marketed about
200000 of this mopeds in the 80´s.

But the german cancer of bureaucracy stoped this success. To wear a helmet
become obligation and you had to take a lot of driving lessons for this 25 km/h bike.

Now the old scool bikes are back.

Hi Georg......
> Yes, I'm not adverse to paying the that much shipping for the parts that
> fit. Not much hope of finding it in the states these days, those older
> model parts. I did a makeshift hose from a bike pump years ago which
> fit. It's that outside fuel line hose that goes to the motor, and the
> wire would be good to change and the valve does leak, seals have aged I
> suppose. Thanks for your help. I doubt if the local sport vehicle
> shops have these parts.
> Tom<
You can see it also on my page:

In Germany it´s named "mofa", Motor - Fahrrad means motor cycle, restricted
to 25 km/h. The engine is the same as yours but the cylinder have smaller ports and a
smaller caburetor.

Back light is also not expensive, a will ask about it.
Yes Georg, that's the one in the photo. Mine is blue. Neat to see a
> photo of it. My nephew's Dad bought one too for his boys back then but
> I doubt if they still have it. I don't have the tail light anymore, but
> I don't think I'm going to street ride it much. Just curious though what that would cost? I live on 23 acres and can ride it around the country block. I have the owners manual somewhere upstairs.

Yes, I also owned one as I was 14 Years old till I was 16. Then I must have
a "Kleinkraftrad", very bad word, hihi. It is a smal motorbike, 10 HP, 80 km/h and you could take out a gril with it :-))))

Today there is a great revival in mofa - racing. It´s pity for this old
bikes, but the youth have a lot of fun to make a race and tune this smal
bikes. You can change a 80ccm cylinder with a big carburetor, less weight,
it runs up to 100 km/h.
Yes, they are very economical and you don´t need a car park.

The bikes were completly made in Bavaria. The engine were made by Fichtel &
Sachs (Today ZF - Trading) and the bike itself by the Hercules - Werke
Nürnberg. My friend Herbert worked for Sachs and Hercules.

Oh, 1 AM in Dachau, I must sleep.

Good beye!

With the price of fuel over there, they are economical and practical for some I suppose. It's a shame everything is so restrictive nowadays.
Too much regulation. The bike has been in a shed and not suprisingly the tires lost the air over the years, but not even dry rotted. They pumped up just fine! Made in Netherlands they were. I think I have 1300 miles on it?
Thanks for your help, Georg!! :)

Sun Jun 26 2005
jmcelroy at
late 60's sachs boondocker head light
am looking for a sachs head light for a late 60's sachs boondocker

Tue Jun 21 2005
rottenrob209 at yahoodot com
info on sachs bike?
if you could tell me some info on this bike for me , brand unknown it has a sachs motor but not sure on the bike..ser#25427000440 eng#5389817 if you could let me know t/y very much

Sun Jun 12 2005
hrojo at
Sachs engines
Are there any Sachs engines still available in the 400cc and 40hp range for snowmobiles or experimental aircraft? Thanks...Herb...

Sat Jun 11 2005
headlessdaniel at yahoodot com
1971 sachs country 125cc
I have a 1971 sachs country 125cc in fair condition and have no means to rebuild it, I would like to see it go to a good owner who will use it. please contact me at my e-mail address if you or someone you know would be interested in purchasing it from me at a VERY reasonable price. Thank you
I found the bike at an estate sale in lincoln,CA and had to have it. I put all the parts i found in the workshop at the estate back onto it, but was unable to find a headgasket. so i made one out of 0.030" gasket material, had the cylinder berry honed, cleaned out the fuel injector and the left side of the crankcase. it ran for about 15 seconds and blew out the headgasket. I was later told that it requires a copper headgasket and have been unable to find one. but it did sit behind my house for about 6 months under a tarp and has some minor surface rust in the cylinder. the frame is in good shape as well as the gas tank, although one of the plastic emblems is gone and the other has a crack in it. it looks to me like it is repairable. but I am by no means a motorcycle repairman and recently moved so it is impossible for me to keep the bike any more.&nbs! p; I would like to see it go to someone who will make it run, and take good care of it. please contact me if you have further questions.

Image in the Hercules gallery

Wed Jun 01 2005
fswartz at elp.rrdot com
1985 real sachs engine
what type gas or fuel mixture does it use

Wed May 18 2005
pagant at
Fichtel Sachs Motor 6737512
We have a Arctic Prowler (50?) Model #2325-001 motorcycle with a Fichtel Sachs Motor 6737512, and we needs some parts. Where do we order these parts? Thank You, Pam Gant

Sun May 15 2005
microcarlot at hotmaildot com
Sachs 50 cc engine
I am in USA and I need a running Sachs 50cc engine for my Messerschmitt three wheel truck. Please contact me at microcarlot at hotmaildot com
Sorry but little truck is taken apart at this time it is called a Mokuli by Messerschmitt.
Larry Newberry

Thu May 12 2005
warren.apap at bigponddot com
motor parts
Hi, im trying to find a fuel bowl for a SACHS 301/A in Australia. If you can help me out please contact.

Finally got some pics for you, i hope its enough , if not i will start copying the hand book. What i am after is the fuel bowl and the plastic shroud section on top of the motor where the fuel line joins from the tank. I hope you can help me. Warren.

A source of Sachs parts in Australia: Ed.

Mon May 09 2005
miketwins02 at
I have a 1970 100/125 cc motorcycle,I need parts
I have a sachs motorcycle 100cc cross country.I need engine parts and repair books on this bike.the bike runs but the transmission needs always.Thank you Mike Lutz.

Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005
subject: Fichtel and Sachs
Email: miclark at
message: I have a KM48 rotary motor that is being used as an inboard motor to power a small boat. Does anyone have any info on this motor or even better a manual. thanks

Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005
From: gigi agip <germanantiq at yahoodot com >
Sir i dont have an motorcycle, i have an engine from a motorcycle.
The engine is from an SACHS motorcycle from 1930 or 1940 i'm not sure, and is in perfect condition of working.
If you are intrested i can send you some pictures whith the engine.
And excuse my delaid of the mail
My regards to you

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005
Sir the plaque of the engine is wrote Fichtel&Sachs AG Schweinfurt a.M. Mot.Nr.582806 Hubraum 97/98ccm ,Bohrung 48m/m Hub PS.2,25.
My regards to you

Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005
subject: Sachs
Email: rebelyell at
message: I have several complete and parts Penton and DKW bikes with Sachs 100 and 125 engines, complete or for parts!

Image in the Hercules gallery

From: alfred tommy [alfredtommy at]
Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2005
To: rebelyell at
Subject: Hercules 175 GS

am,I respond to your advertised {hercules 175 gs},I will like to make enquiries about it regarding the last offer $750 and the present conditions as I think that matters most,also I will be glad if there is any copy of piucs to view.I will kindly appreciatew your quick response over this as I will want to make the negotiation fast.hoping to read from you.

rebelyell wrote:

Motor was running when put in storage 4-5 years ago; may have pipe but not sure what it looked like (I had 17 KTM and Pentons at the time, many parts scattered and similar looking). Have Lectron carb that was on it; misplaced kicker; has Ceriani front forks and Marzochi (spelling?) shocksengine never rebuilt, used as a trail rider only. Restored worth over $2500 but the freight might kill you ! Also have several OLD ones&see pics.

... business associates in USA telling him i've gotten the Hercules 175 GS i'm searching for and that he should make my funds { $4000 }available in payment of some fuel equipments i supplied to him.He assured me he would make the payments (check} available I will instruct him to get the check across to you (ASAP) and as soon as you cleares the check you would need to deduct your amount of ( $750 ) from the total of ( $4000 ) and send the remaining balance to my reputable shipper via western union money transfer...The pond-dwellers persist with variations on the Africa scam.
Scam Alert

subject: sachs S#511225516 7-1980 50cc
Email: krzszk at
message: I need a wiring Dia.for a sachs moped nurberger hercules werke GMBH ? 7- 1980 motor driven sachs cycle any help thanks jim

January 4th 2005
subject: sachs magneto
See under Penton

December 29th 2004
Hi, I have a 1971 Penton Motorcycle 125cc w/Sachs engine, and Cerrani Forks I'am looking for RACES for the Fork head, I found the the ball bearings but cannot find any new RACES. Do you have any for sale or know who would??? Fred
Date: 29 Dec 2004
Email: rubio5 at AOLdot com

December 28th 2004
message: I need a wiring Dia.for a sachs moped...
See Sachs Forum

October 1, 2002
My name is Scott Sutton from Gladewater texas, I traded one of my race cars and got a sachs 2 stroke dirtbike on the trade. Everything seems to be orignal except for the front fender and the air box. the bike runs great and is in good condition.I cant find out what year it is or what cc it is.It has a model number on the engine along with more info. I would interested in selling the bike if you know someone who maybe interested in buying it. I can be reached at home at 903 845 5813 or 903 720 5417 -- Wenzeljohnson at aoldot com

December 27, 2001
I have lots of parts for the 125cc Sachs engines, cranks, gears, cases, cylinders etc. I don't have pistons or rings...
See Sachs Forum

November 1, 2001
RE: Monarch 1974 125 GS
Do you know anything about these little rockets. I own one and was thinking that if SACHS continued to build them then the gear box's should have been up graded.
What was the last year SACHS made the motor and what is it's designation. Thank you for your time.
Dirk Williams -- DWill75289 at aoldot com

October 22, 2001
I have a 1967 Sachs Boondocker...
See Sachs Forum

October 2, 2001
Hello everybody I am an owner of Sachs Hercules 125 in Turkey. I can help about your parts (I think limited) my mechanic has a lot of Sachs Hercules 1970 125 cc 2 stroke. Contact me. -- yigit beser -- yigitunavy at hotmaildot com

August 31, 2001
There are two private homepages concerning SACHS: of Tobias Kreutz for the pre-war SACHS-engines and my site for the after second world war engines. Both sites are German, but self-explaining. They are private without financial interests. To exchange links, please check each site. Best regards, Horst Hansel -- horst at

August 4, 2001
Hello everybody
I found your site today by chance and read our questions about Hercules-Bikes. It´s a well known brand in Germany. Since approximately 10 Years the Nuernberger-Hercules-Werke didn't no more exist. The Fichtel+Sachs AG bought the licenses. Not at all try the search-engine: http// Type in: hercules-motorrad, and you will find many further information etc. I have already my Hercules 50ccm-bike of 1976. Greetings to all owners in the world, in the hope that I could help you. With kind regards:Horst -- Horst.Guss at

August 3, 2001
Hi, I have a Sachs saxonette mini bike and I am looking for the gas line primer button assembly piece. If that's what it is called. I think it is a 50 cc. Do you know who might have the parts for this?
Jack Corcoran
jaxka at aoldot com
3807 state route 133
Williamsburg Ohio 45176

June 19, 2001
I own an Hercules Sachs 175 seven new of factory...
See Sachs Forum

June 13, 2001
I have just purchased a Hercules moped with a Sachs motor...
See Sachs Forum

May 6, 2001
I have a 1970 Sachs 125 Cross Country that I purchased new from the dealer that I used to work for. I do know that during that period that Sachs was a very popular engine with many manufactures.
There is a guy that I know of who had a shop in Pasadena Calif. named Eric Jenson who was a factory rider for them and very good.
The 5 speed transmissions were the weakest part of the bike as I remember. I had many problems with mine.
I am looking for parts to restore my bike if anyone has any outlets or leads on how I can find them it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Steve Wright -- buzword at

April 20, 2001
I am not an expert but I remember seeing many Sachs engine two strokes in Vietnam in the mid 60s...
See Sachs Forum

March 20, 2001
I am an owner of a Sachs 125 cc 2 stroke 1970 model. I am an officer in the Turkish (turkiye) navy. I think I am only in this country owned it. So sometimes I have troubles about some parts of it. I love it like u. and I need wires (both side) and useful gas handle anyone help me.. tx.. -- yigit beser -- yigitunavy at hotmaildot com

March 16, 2001
I was wondering if you could help me. I have an old Sachs moped and can find no one around my area to help. My father however is...
See Sachs Forum

March 3, 2001
Dear Sirs
I wonder if you could help me.?
I have just been given a trials bike but don't know what it is!
The registration no is OOV 2G frame no is 1086 it has a SACHS engine no 0613-107000. It has twin shock swing arm and telescopic forks with a 21 inch front and 18 inch rear both with conical hubs. It has a fiberglass tank which has been painted several times and has no markings. I do hope you can shed some light on this so I can start to rebuild it ! -- Thank You -- Tim Houseman. -- t.j.houseman at

January 12, 2001
Hi, I am from Australia and we have 2 Sach rotary stationery engines, rated at about 5hp. We are looking for information, eg: manuals etc.. and possibly parts. If you can help please let us know or let us know of any agents that can help us, preferably in Australia. -- Thanks. -- Eric -- Eric.Tasker at bigponddot com

January 7, 2001
Re: Sundowner Minibike
Wanted: any information on or pertaining to Fox Co. Janesville WC. Also, Fichtel & Sachs AG Schweinfurt Saxonette 2 stroke automatic motor. (American made frame, German made motor?) -- Please contact me by e-mail at pamelatoddp at aoldot com

January 1, 2001
I have a '67 Hercules Fichtel & Sachs 50cc engine I am trying to rebuild and it is missing several parts, the most important being the kickstart lever and the air filter. The engine goes to a "Hercules Roller 50" and is in pretty good shape except for these missing pieces. Where can I find these parts - does anyone have something that might fit? I am also missing a Hercules badge-any ideas?
Thanks, -- Craig Barbieri -- Philadelphia -- cacb at

December 7, 2000
I am rebuiding a 1965(?) Cyrus with a SACHS 50/4LKH motor...

November 6, 2000
Cycles and motorcycles
Their address is Nurnberger Hercules - Werke, 8500 Nurnberg, Germany and Sachs Motor is Schriber, Kafertaler Strasse 220a - 222, 6800 Mannheim 1, Germany
JJ Rickard -- jjrick at

November 4, 2000
Not sure if a 1974 Tyran qualifies, but it certainly had a Sachs engine. I have a chassis now and I am looking for parts to begin restoring this bike. It is a 125 and I have been told that many of the Dalesman parts fit it. I am especially in need of a seat, tank and pipe, of course an engine too, but they seem to be plentiful around these pages. Anyone with any additional information on this bike should contact me at their earliest convenience. -- Thank you. -- JoeyMotox at aoldot com

October 29, 2000
I have a Sachs gearbox in which the connecting rod pulled in half. I couldn't say what year, or make it is, but i am sure it is a two stroke in around the 125 size. the rod spun around, and ruined the case halves. but the side covers, magneto, clutch, and transmission are probably in useful condition. I would get rid of it cheep to someone who could use it. kirtlisa at

October 3, 2000
I am road racing a modified Penton, Fichtel and Sachs "Six-Day" 125cc in the 'classic-vintage 250cc' class
See under Penton

September 28, 2000
Hello, I own a KTM with a 80cc Sachs 5speed water-cooled engine. Unfortunately it have a defective ignition (motoplatt 12v). Because the ignition is at the right side of the engine, I cannot attach a motoplatt from a zundapp, because they are mounted on the left side so they turning left instead of right. You might think this is a joke, but it really doesn't work. So I am looking for a motoplatt ignition that is made for turning right, which is marked on the the ignition with a arrow. Thanks Eric -- e-meijer at

September 17, 2000
I am a collector and restorer of Sachs Enduro M/C's. I am looking for original new rear shock absorbers for several restoration projects of Enduro's in the 1969-1972 bracket. Can anyone help? -- Thanks, -- Mel  -- G1159 at aoldot com

September 15, 2000
Hi there, I stumbled across your website, and you have lots of interesting links. I was wandering, I have a 1981 50cc Sachs Moped...
See Sachs Forum

August 28, 2000
I just received a very good sized inventory of new Sachs motor parts for the 100 and 125cc two stroke motors. Please e-mail me with any needs you might and I will see what I can do. -- A-VAC Industries -- savemoney at avacdot com

July 28, 2000
In the early 1970s I owned a 71 Sachs Boondocker and following year a 72 Sachs/DKW 125 Enduro. I always thought they were a great little bike, always running w/ the best in their class of the day. My friends were all riding Pentons, Jawas,Maicos and of course the spectrum of rice burners. Mention of water around Some of these bikes and they would belly up but the Sachs and DKW were submarines and could swim with the fish. The Earls front suspension was superb to any telescopic fork Id ever ridden, handling was Ace in the sand. The Sachs engine was cursed with and awful shifting problem. (just when you were pulling away from an opponent or got the hole shot off the start, the mid shift curse would occur. Your RPMs would scream through the roof an everyone would blast by you leaving you in their dust, eating their dirt. Well that was the worst experience I had with these bikes. I always thought they made a much better Enduro racer than Motocrosser. All in all these were great bikes that ran with the best of them in the early 70s and have gone forgotten for many years. Its good to see people are finding a new interest in them. -- Ed Hall, Texas, USA -- quonset at

Attached are some pictures of my 72 DKW which I own today.
See the DKW Gallery

July 12, 2000
I have two 1972 MCB trials type motorcycles.Both are identical using 125 Sachs engines. I am missing one engine and need a few parts for the magneto on the other.This was a great bike to ride-great suspension ,easy starts and lots of power.I would like to restore them for my sons to ride and need Info/ parts. If you can help it would be appreciated.The bikes are Blue with silver frames - chrome fenders.I bought them from a man who was a dealer in Sumner ,Ia, in the 60's and early 70's.
thank you -- Kelley Martin ksm1200 at hotmaildot com

July 2, 2000
I sell Sachs motorcycles on the isle of man now make 3 motorcycles in the new range
01 -- roadstar 125cc that uses the yamaha virago engine
02 -- xtc 125 sports bike that uses the yamaha tzr 125 motor
03 -- roadster 650 that uses a suzuki engine
NOBLEBIKE at aoldot com

July 1, 2000
Dear fiends!
My name is Kiril Petrov and I'm from Macedonia. I'm a owner of original motorbike SACHS which was made in 1938...
See Sachs Forum

June 28, 2000
I've noticed that a lot of people in the Sachs page are looking for information for the Enduro series with Fichtel & Sachs two-stroke engines. For anyone wanting repair/restoration information, Clymer publishes a maintenance book. I found it at , but I'm sure there are other sources for the same book. -- Bob Calhoun -- robertc at corprasoftdot com

June 12, 2000
Do you have any information about the Sachs tc50 m ? Ii need a plan about the electricity. Where can I find another Sachs page ? -- thanks -- florian -- Florian2 at

April 23, 2000
Found an odd bike and was trying to identify it. Motor is stamped Sachs and has large finned head such as a desert racer might have. Headset has numbers 10750379 and other than that I have no more info, has nice forks and frame but i don't even know the brand. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Richard --rwigg at freedom2000netdot com

April 6, 2000
I have 2 Dalesman 125 motocross bikes. They have six speed Sachs motors. Both have been sitting for a long time and need work. I don't even remember what is wrong with them! Any help would be appreciated( manuals, tips,etc.)  -- Thanks, Mike -- Manxed2 at aoldot com

March 26, 2000
The Sachs motorcycle is a favorite of mine since I talked my dad into buying me one back in 1970. I've enclosed a photo of my 1969 Sachs 125 Enduro model, taken in front of my parent's house on July 4th, 1971 in Long Beach, California. The photo shows that I stripped off all the lights (it was street-legal). Also featured on the bike is a custom exhaust by legendary cycle exhaust builder, Tom Turner. I cut-up the side case, exposing the chain sprocket. The safety gear in the photo includes the football pads on the knees.

Today, I still own two of these odd-looking dirt bikes, including a mint 1969 Sachs 125 cc Cross Country, and a well-preserved 1970 DKW 125 cc motocrosser model. Feel free to write if you have any questions. Dan Stiel -- dan at stieldirectdot com

Sachs Hercules Dan Stiel 1971
Image in the Hercules Owners gallery

March 12, 2000
I have a Sachs engine but i know nothing about it. I need some information could you help me. I know it is two stroke, but i don't know the oil gas mixture. I also would like to find a Sachs engine book or website. Please help me if you can.
Seth -- UnMeRd1 at aoldot com

March 9, 2000
I have been looking for a site like this for 5 years.!!
My name is Nikos Sfakianos.I own a k50...
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December 27, 2000
Hi, I'm looking for any info regarding 125 m/x's (repair manuals) any info would be appreciated -- Dirty Dave -- drtydave at

December 5, 2000
I am searching for ANY source of parts, or information, for a 1965(?) 50cc CYRUS motorbikese ...
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November 13, 2000
Sachs 47cc engine HELP
Help !! I have 2 arctic cat mini cycle's with the saxonette 47cc engine and automatic transmission. On both bikes the rewind is missing. I have had no luck finding anything used or new. I am hoping some one can help locate a source of a new -used- or aftermarket rewind .any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Brian -- bs4u at

November 11, 1999
69 Sachs 125 Enduro
It has less than 700 original miles, original tires, original books and manuals, spare partsetc. Wondering how to find out what it is worth. Anything you can tell me about its value? -- Thanks. -- Lou Mudd -- images at fascinationdot com

November 1, 1999
I have a 125 cc bike and i'm searching for an electric diagram for it. It's a Sachs engine, from the Dutch army, any other plans can help me als. ---Thanks--- De-smalle at yahoodot com

September 28, 1999
I owned a 125cc sachs in the early 60's that had the Earles trailing link front suspension. It was a great bike at the time that I used for Enduro's. Great ground clearance and suspension travel. I am trying to find some pictures. -- Ken Murphy -- ken-murphy at am.exch.hpdot com

December 2, 1999
The only other company in Mexico that made bikes was Islo, and they started with the Sachs engines 50cc, 100cc, 175cc and 250cc. and later made the whole bikes.

This company is gone too.

Thank you -- Francisco A. Rosete

Information needed for Sachs Gruppe An 89 scooter built in west Germany by...
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I had a bike called a Dalesman back in the early 70's, it was an Enduro. It had a 125 Sachs engine....
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