Bottomfeeders lurk.

Typically, you may be contacted by someone claiming to have the parts you need, and they will supply an image of a similar machine, often in perfect condition.

It's a scam. If someone contacts you with this sort of offer and you are suspicious, contact the police.

An example:
From: alan robinson [mailto:a.robinson233@gmail.com]
Sent: 27 August 2010 14:31
To: Stewart Someone
Subject: Re: Itom Parts Wanted Itom 1959 Tabor

Thanks for your Email and i have attached a pic of Itom 1959 Tabor for you to see and still in good Condition and i am scrapping the complete Itom 1959 Tabor  as parts and i will need to know your complete list of parts,as soon as i hear from you soon..i will call my mechanic to pull out the parts out and i will package and i will need to know your complete home address and phone Number to calculate the shipping cost to your doorstep,thanks and Hope to hear from you soon.

For more information on scams, visit scamwatch.gov.au