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Jacques Franssen founded the bicycle company in 1884 in Tegelen, later moving to Venlo. His sons joined the family business, and motorcycle production began in 1921.

In addition to their mopeds and motorcycles they built a variety of utility two- and three-wheelers. The Sachs-powered 1961 Bromcarrier moped had a large rack above the front wheel, and there were also three-wheel Bromcarriers the same year, with a large tray or box and two wheels at front.

They formed an association with Empo of Vorden in 1961, and business expanded. However, in 1970 the Empo company failed. Cyrus closed up the following year.

Cyrus 1957 Models

Super, Sachs engine

Super Sport, Sachs engine

Sachs Nr. 620

Zundapp single-speed

Zundapp Nr. 615

Francy 535 Zundapp

Transport (Sachs)

(Listing incomplete)

Cyrus 1960 Models

Cyrus Standaard, Sachs engine

Cyrus Standaard sport, Sachs engine.

Cyrus Super, Sachs engine.

Cyrus Super Sport, Sachs engine.

Cyrus Francy, Sachs engine.

Cyrus Speciaal, Sachs engine.

Cyrus Speciaal Sport, Sachs engine.

Cyrus F 75, Sachs engine.

Cyrus F 75 sport, Sachs engine.

Cyrus 1964 Models

Standard Saxonette single speed

Super Saxonette single speed

Super Sport Saxonette single speed

Super Sport - Sachs two-speed

Super Toer - Sachs two-speed

F. 75 Toer - Sachs two-speed

F. 75 Sport - Sachs two-speed

Speciaal Toer - Sachs two-speed

Speciaal Sport - Sachs two-speed

Francy Saxonette single speed

Francy Scooterette - Sachs two-speed

Bleu Star - Sachs two-speed (aka Blue Star)

Bleu Star Luxe - Sachs two-speed

Transport (three-wheeler) - Sachs two-speed

Sources: moped-se, Moped Army, et al.

August 21 2020
scottysairbrush at hotmail.com
1962 Cyrus Venlo
I have a Cyrus Venlo that’s 98% complete. I want to restore it and am looking for a few parts. Don't know where to start. Any help would be appreciated.
Scott Smith
United States of America

onthedias at gmail.com
Cyrus 1964
Good day, I have been searching for MANY years hoping to locate a Cyrus for sale. Do you have ANY connections or links regarding any for sale? With regard to shipping overseas to me that will not pose a problem as I have many shippers at my disposal
Alan Joell

Fri Feb 19 2016

karejorgen at hotmail.com

1950s cyrus zundapp
Cyrus Zundapp
Hi, sa you had pictures of some cyrus moped/motorcycle. I have a 50s cyrus zundapp and Wonder if you have any info about this model? I have never see pictures of this model before and have not fond any person In forum in norway, netherlands or other country that have see this model before.

Wed Nov 25 2015
danjpelkey at yahoo.com
Just purchased a Bermuda model may sell
Cyrus Venlo Bermuda
The bike looks complete many options
Los Angeles

Mon Mar 31 2014
abarboza at ibl.bm
Cyrus moped
Cyrus 2 or 3 gear
I am looking for a 2 or 3 gear Cyrus to buy. Do you have any leads to any?

Sun Dec 01 2013
timarl54<at> yahoo.com
Identify this bike
Cyrus scooter
Can you help me identify this scooter?

Wed Nov 20 2013
Cyrus moped
Cyrus 2 or 3 gear 50cc
Looking to buy a Cyrus 2 or 3 gear 50cc bike. Any info would be great.

Thu Jul 05 2012
1965 Cyrus
cyrus 50cc
I own that 1965 Cyrus you have pictured on your website. I'm looking for parts and info.
winnipeg canada

Thu Jul 25 2013
cyrus bleustar
cyrus bleustar
Hello, i am looking for cyrus bleustar mopeds and motorbikes, parts and fotos

Gr Chris

Mon Feb 22 2010
rsmith at mcsnet.ca
cyrus motorbike parts
cyrus bleustar 3 speed
Is there anyone with parts availability? What are these bikes worth restored?
Edmonton Canada
The picture I have attached is not of my bike but one off the site.  My bike is identical to this one, color and features.

Thanks for the reply,

Wed Jun 10 2009
deerparkcycle at hotmaildot com
ID and parts resource request
Cyrus Venlo - 100cc
any information on subject motorcycle would be greatly appreciated.  thank you in advance

Tue Aug 14 2007
stephensonsigns at bellsouth.net
1966 cyrus venlo royal

a freind has this bike
it has 32 miles on it and is all there with manual, any idea what it is worth ?

Sun Feb 05 2006
jrsnijder at home.nl
Information About my Cyrus
Hello everyone, can someone help me about exact information about this Cyrus motorcycle (see picture) or help me with parts like stickers.

Sat Apr 22 2006
fatcat340 at hotmaildot com
66 cyrus
maybe a royal 100cc
i have cyrus with 302 miles

April 3rd 2005
Moped Army has an image of a delightful 1962 Cyrus

November 10, 2001
I just bought a Cyrus Velo with Sachs motor in it? Got any info on these? -- Scott -- srichar6 at nycap.rrdot com

December 5, 2000
I am searching for ANY source of parts, or information, for a 1965(?) 50cc CYRUS motorbike (also produced in the Netherlands), and a parts source for it's 50cc 4 speed SACHS engine. Please email me at wagg01 at sk.sympatico.ca

December 7, 2000
I am rebuiding a 1965(?) Cyrus with a SACHS 50/4LKH motor that I am trying to find parts and information sources for. Any help would be appreciated. -- Thank you, -- M Wagner -- Email mwwagner at sk.sympatico.ca

July 10, 2000
I am looking for information about a 1936 Cyrus Mopet it has a SACHS engine. It may be a Saxonette any help appreciated
E me thanks -- Cindi -- sebsweb at webtv.net

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