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German Motorcycle Museums and Collections

Neander at Technik-Museum Kassel

Technik-Museum Kassel
Geschäftsadresse, Wolfhager Str. 109, Kassel
Neander exhibition
Technik-Museum Kassel

Museen Nuernberg
Nuremberg motorcycle manufacturers including Zundapp

Motorradmuseum Heiner Beckmann
Beelener Straße 32, 33428 Harsewinkel
Collection with a focus on German motorcycles - BMW, DKW, Horex and NSU

August Horch Museum
Audistraße 7, 08058 Zwickau
Included in the displays of some 160 vehicles are automobiles from Horch and Auto-Union, and motorcycles by DKW and Wanderer.

Audi Museum
Ingolstadt, Bavaria Germany
Motorcycles from DKW feature stongly.

Automuseum Melle
The collection entails some 2000 vehicles.
Geschichte auf Rädern Automuseum Melle gGmbH
Pestelstraße 38-40
49324 Melle

Motorrad Museum Ibbenbüren
Privately owned and managed by Reinhard Stockmann, the museum features some 180 motorcycles.
Address: Markweg 26, Ibbenbüren, about 80km east of Bielefeld.


Technikmuseum Freudenberg
Address: Freudenberg, Germany
The museum displays all manner of vehicles and mechanical devices along with a small but interesting collection of motorcycles one of which is the exceedingly rare Sieg.

Over 400 automobiles and motorcycles are presented on the six floors of the museum.

Fahrzeugmuseum Suhl
The collection features numerous attractively presented motorcycles and mopeds, with AWD and Simson of course well represented.
Friedrich-König-Strasse 7 98527 Suhl

AWD Museum
Kölner Straße 32 40885 Ratingen

Miele Museum
Carl-Miele-Straße 29
33332 Gütersloh
Miele Museum

Audi Museum
Ingolstadt, Bavaria
Numerous displays of DKW and Wanderer machines dating back to 1914 in exceptional condition.
Audi Museum

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