Dresch Motorcycles

Dresch Motorcycles

Built between 1923 and 1939
33 Rue de Vouillé, Paris (from 1926)

The first Dresch machine appeared in a the Paris-Nice race of 1923, ridden by Henri Dresch under the pseudonym Vachet. In 1925 he bought Le Grimpeur which produced 125cc and 175cc twostrokes, and a 350cc MAG four-stroke machine. In 1926 he purchased the Everest firm which had a factory in Paris, to which he moved.

In 1927 he was joined by Pierre de Font-Réaulx of DFR and the two firms began producing and marketing a range of attractively priced and competitive motorcycles. By 1929 they had sold some 12,000 motorcycles, but the shadow of economic disaster loomed. They struggled through the depression years,

1929 Models
Dresch manufactured four models for DFR. The MAG engines were built by Dresch under licence
Type PS. 175 cc 2-speed two-stroke (DFR PS175)
Type J1 250 cc 3-speed two-stroke (DFR J1)
Type National 250cc & 350cc
Type MS 30 350 cc 3-speed four-stroke MAG engine

Dresch MS 604 250cc 4-stroke MAG, 3-speed (Basically the same as the DFR M29)

1930 Models
Introducton of 5cv and 3cv cardan model singles and twins. (They were not actually cardan, see note below.)
Dresch 500cc Monobloc
Type MS 30 350 cc 3-speed four-stroke MAG engine

1931 Models
Type MS 31 350 cc 3-speed four-stroke MAG engine

1932 Models
Baby 97cc Aubier et Dunne two-stroke
Type J1 33, 3CV, 3-speed two-stroke. (Also sold under the MAC brand)
Type National 350cc four-stroke
Monobloc 500cc Shaft-drive inline twin, SV or OHV four-stroke engine, 3-speed gearbox. Very similar models were released by both DFR and Dresch, and were avaiable optionally with a Bernardet sidecar.

1933-1938 Models
Baby 97cc Aubier et Dunne two-stroke (to 1934)
National 350 1930-1934
Monobloc 500cc 1930-1938

1948 Model
The Baltimore 350cc shaft drive two-stroke was displayed in 1948, but it did not enter production. It was the last hurrah for the fabulous Dresch marque.

Engines they employed over the years included Aubier & Dunne, JAP, LMP, MAG and Voisin, along with those they built themselves. The also built MAG engines under licence.

Both Chaise and Stainless are mentioned as suppliers elsewhere, but there appears to be no documentation revealing the use of these engines.

Sources: Sergio Scalerandi, JLB Creations, Wikipedia.fr, Cycle Memory, t2frx3.online.fr, motosdfr.free.fr

Notes: 1. JLB-Creations writes: "La transmission finale se fait par arbre et couple conique avec un joint élastique. Contrairement à ce qui sera prétendue dans les publicités, il n'y avait pas de cardan." (Contrary to what was claimed in the advertisements, there was no cardan.)

A book on the marque was written in 1983, Les Motocyclettes Henri Dresch by François-Henri Denise.

Tue Apr 15 2014
chrisdickenson at gmail.com
Information on Dresch
Dresch 250
I am looking for a handbook/parts catalogue/fact sheets for 1930 Dresch 250 3 speed.
France, Deux Sevres

Fri Aug 17 2007
p.stud at seznam.cz
I will sell part of French motorcycle - mark is Dresch. This motorcycle is from prewar age. See photo. You are offer price, please.
p.stud seznam.cz didn't send a file.

Sat Feb 11 2006
paddy-stuart at tiscali.co.uk
1929 Dresch 250cc, Swiss MAG engine
Does anyone have a circuit diagram and/or electrical schematic layout for the above please?
Northern Ireland

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