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A Brief History of the Marque

Originally built by Bayliss, Thomas and Company, Excelsior motorcycles were produced between 1896 and 1965. The Excelsior factory produced a wide range of machines with engines from most major manufacturers. In the early years they used Minerva, De Dion, MMC and possibly a Condor 850cc single. After the Great War the company was taken over by R. Walker & Sons and moved from Coventry to Tysley, Birmingham, next door to AKD, where they continued building motorcycles with power units by Blackburne, JAP and Villiers. During the interwar period they obtained considerable competition success, particularly with perhaps their most famous model, the Manxman, introduced in 1935 and available in capacities of 246cc and 349cc.

During the war they produced the Welbike for the armed forces, a tiny folding motorcycle designed to be dropped by parachute for use by special forces. (See also Corgi)

In the lean years following the second war racing and luxury machines were sidelined in favour of relatively inexpensive two-strokes, the flagship being the Talisman twin powered by a 243cc 4 speed Villiers.

Their best seller in this period was the Consort, achieving a peak production of 10,000 units annually.

In 1957 Excelsior produced the 98cc Skutabike, and in 1959 released the Monarch, a rebadged DKR scooter with an Excelsior 147cc engine. It was withdrawn in 1960, production slipped from low to zero by 1965, the company continuing with the manufacture of car and motorcycle accessories.

Other products of the post-war era included outboard motors and marine engine gearboxes, and Villiers-powered industrial trolleys.

Berkeley SE328 and T60 Sports Cars also used Excelsior Villiers engines.

Both the United States and Germany built motorcycles bearing the Excelsior badge, but these were not related to the British marque. There was also an Excelsior car built in Belgium.

More on the History of Excelsior

an0thercon at gmail dot com
Excelsior Ultimate
Hoping you can assist.
I recently acquired a 1951 Excelsior Ultimate in boxes.
It has 20” wheels, what size tyres would it have been fitted with?
The piston is very scored and sloppy in the bore, what would the standard piston measure?
Parts seem scarce for these bikes, are there any other models/bikes that have parts that are interchangeable with these bikes?
Thanks for your help.

Have no record of this model. Can you send copies of paperwork or anything else you have which may enable identification please?
(Later) There is no listing for an Excelsior Ultimate, and no models of the era have 20" tyres. Your photograph somewhat resembles the 1951 Universal 125. See Excelsior Models 1900s-1960s
Excelsior image posted to Comments.

gcroton at gmail dot com
see attached photo - taken in Melb Australia about 1939
I'd be grateful if you can identify which Excelsior it is. I note the unusual dual headlight setup (?? aftermarket), lack of rear carrier, fully enclosed final drive, leg guards, exhaust apparently exiting on the right side.
Many thanks in advance
Gary Croton The model is possibly Pioneer 150 c1937/38.
Excelsior Melbourne 1939 Victoria reg# 15-614 image posted to Comments.

redhunter at email.cz
Excelsior Manxman 350 G 12 1937
Hi, which engine oil is most suitable for Excelsior Manxman 350 G 12? Mineral SAE 40? or 50?
Thank you for answer.
Czech republic

A marque expert or a G12 owner would be best qualified for an answer. Try the page on British Resources.
warren.epps at bigpond.com
excelsior 2 stroke , aprox. 50x50mm. single speed, no gearbox, chain primary drive. engine number 1139
Ive just bought a pallet of old bike parts at an auction. This engine I cant identify. Im sure someone will want it ,but I have to advertise what it is. Any thoughts?
warren epps
Australia, Queensand

Have no images of machines with similar engine. Will keep digging.
Excelsior images posted to Comments.

lehtkarim at gmail.com
I have a bike Excelsior with Villiers engine and the number is 216A28757D/WDS6466 and I'd like to know what bike that IS and how old it is.
Thank you,
Kari Lehtinen

"The WDS frame number prefix was used by Excelsior on their rear plunger sprung frames from 1951 to 1954 for both their 10D (125cc) and 6E (197cc) powered models. These had various model names depending on the year but were essentially the same bike. The 10D powered models were known as either the Universal or Condor depending on the year and the 6E powered models were known either as the Roadmaster or the R1 depending on the year." ~ Emu Forums
abmartineng at btconnect.com
1953 98cc Excelsior Autocycle
I have my fathers 1953 98cc Excelsior Autocycle that he used to ride to work in the 60's and wish to restore it but in the past the original handlebars were removed and replaced with a straight set from a more modern motorcycle with the twist grip throttle for ease of use but these are missing and I would like to find an original replacement set or a detailed dwg to enable me to make a set and have the machinery to make them. Any assistance would be much appreciated
Tony Martins, UK

It is very likely that the handlebars etc you require are fitted to other makes and models. Perhaps find a parts book for yours and work from there. Try this page: Books and Manuals
peter.weinzettl at tpa-kks.at
Excelsior 500 ca 1929
I've got an Excelsior chassis with a frame number starting with HG5. It is a heavy, red painted frame from about 1929. Does the frame identification refer to a special model? I was told it is a 500cc JAP model with KOY engine.
Thanks in advance
Peter Weinzettl

Currently there are no sources for Excelsior serial numbers. If something turns up it will be added here: Engine and Frame Numbers
gibbscvg at aol.com
1946 Excelsior
My 1946 Excelsior is missing the flywheel. Can you help me find one ?
Clarence Gibbs
Inman South Carolina , USA

Try a search like "villiers+flywheel+1946", replacing 1946 with the model code from your engine number.
cartoonman48 at gmail.com
I have a picture of a tank decal I need to restore a gas tank...Can you help me out to direct me to the right person to purchase this item...?....Thanks....Doug
Douglas Johnson
United States
Excelsior Manxman decal image included with message.

Try this page for Badges & Decals at Bikelinks
lh_auctioneers at outlook.com
I purchased this gem thinking with it being so original, I could find out anything about it... I was so wrong. I have been researching and have come up with only one that even looks similar. The Villiers engine # looks like B3 833 & on the side of the engine is # 580 38203. The frame # has been removed, or never stamped on. Can anyone tell me what this Excelsior model is so I can find a couple parts for it, and also so I can find out more information on the cycle. Thanks in advance!
Sue Houck

The resolution of the image sent is too low to discern any useful information.

I really hope that these pic's are good enough to tell me something regarding this Excelsior. I'm not having any luck even with Engine #'s to do any research.
Sue Houck

The engine number appears to have been altered and the visible prefix 5BD(?) does not reveal an engine type. The lettering on the barrel indicates possibly Villiers B5333, for which there are no search results.
Excelsior image posted to Comments.

gwarwick1 at hotmail.co.uk
Consort F6S 1956
Hello - I have the above mentioned Excelsior Consort. To finish the project and get it on the road I am in desperate need to try and find some springs for the rear plungers. Unfortunately these parts were missing - I only found this out when the machine arrived at my home (I bought the bike unseen). If anybody may have some springs surplus to requirements I would love to purchase them. Best Regards - George
George Warwick
Prestwich, Manchester
ben.hodgson95 a t hotmail.co.uk
Excelsior consort
Hi I was wondering what motor is in my excelsior as far as I can work out it's a 6F or a 4F but I'm not sure how to make sure would you be able to help the engine number is 605b3531
Ben Hodgson
Cumbria, uk

Information on 4F 6F and 9F differences here: Villiers 4F 6F 9F

Excelsior-Consort-Hodgson.jpg posted to Comments.

b-f-s at live.co.uk
Excelsior - year and model unknown
Hi all. I posted on the classic motorcycle forum back in 2015 about a pile of parts I acquired requesting any help on identifying the bike. I know for sure it's an Excelsior and based on the design I'm guessing it's possibly mid fifties. The frame number is C1/326 which, back in 2015 I took to mean that the model was either a C1 Courier or C1 Condex. Finding a picture of a C1 Courier I was able to eliminate that as a possibility as they are clearly very different bikes. I assumed therefore that what I have is a C1 Condex, but having now obtained a Shell Servicing Data Sheet for D12 and C1 Condex models, i've had to discount that as an option too. The Data Sheet give detailed specifications for the models it covers as identifies that both Condex models had girder front forks; the bike I have has plunger rear suspension and telescopic front forks.
So, back to square one...almost...
Earlier this year I found a picture elsewhere on this site of a bike that appears to be identical to mine in every detail; plunger rear suspension, telescopic front forks, same colour, unusual top triple clamp that has cast into it two holes with pinch bolts to take two separate handle bars, rather than the single bar fitted to most models of excelsior, plus the same cast lug just behind the rear tank mounting that joins the vertical frame tube to the tube running through the tank (this appears on some models of excelsior, but not all...other models with the same suspension setup as mine has a single bent tube that runs vertically up behind the engine and then bends to run unde the tank.
Currently I am in the process of contacting the owner of the bike pictured to see if the frame on his bike has a similar frame number to mine, I.e. prefixed with a C1.
I now understand from other posts that this prefix does not necessarily directly denote a model number.
I have included the picture of the bike I believe to be identical to mine in the hope that someone may know something. It's worth noting that the bike in the picture should have a cylindrical tool box beneath the saddle, but obviously it's lost this somewhere over the years, along with it's front light.
Any help would be very gratefully received.
Paul Harris
Radstock, Uk

Excelsior-1955c-Paul-Harris.jpg posted to Comments.
mijub73 at gmail.com
Excelcior Spryte 1947 / 8
piston and rings needed and any other parts that may be available for this model Kind regards
Mike Boyle
Birmingham UK ? Bike located in NZ

Try classic motorcycle parts at Bikelinks
india119f at yahoo.co.uk
excelsior 197
did villiers supply a 6e engine for the excelsior 197 in the fifties? i had a 197 excelsior but cannot remember if it was 6e or 8e
alan burden

This page lists neither 6E nor 8E for Excelsior: Villiers Engine ID
olav at atareklame.no
Bayliss Thomas (Excelsior) from 1933. 500 cc
I have 2 of this!
Olav Gjessing
Excelsior-1933-OGj.jpg posted to Comments.
djmac at hku.hk
Excelsior 1948
FYI or files:
Photo of my Dad's 125cc Excelsior 1948 - used in New Zealand as a "farm bike" in Marotiri in late 1960's, then later sold in Wanganui
Duncan Macfarlane
Hong Kong
JVM 1948 Excelsior motorbike.jpg posted to Comments.
jplouvic at gmail.com
Excelsior C4 150cc 1933
Hi Sheldon,
we have already talk few years ago about old bicycles and bikes. I'm from Portugal.
Now, i found a interesting bike in a barn stocked for 30 years and almost complete (i think is only missing the exhaust). It is a Excelsior with the engine also Excelsior. I couldn't find the right model until a friend in a book identify it.
The man ask for a good money for it and i don't know if is a value bike or not....for the rarety i think is not many...5000€
Can you please help me with your knowledge?
Thank you and regards
João Paulo
Portugal Sorry, cannot answer that one. Try this page for classic motorcycle prices

neal at oakbridgelogistics.co.uk
Excelsior 1936 Model Norseman 250cc
I am putting together a complete Norseman, I would really appreciate some close up photographs of one if any body has one, particularly the carburettor mounting and the rear brake pedal
Neal Hooper
Saffron Walden, England

Once a Jolly Swagman

r1xlx at hotmail.co.uk
Excelsior Speedway Bike?

they are using excesiors in this old film.
rose White
United Kingdom

Wed, 11 Apr 2018
garyleech72 at gmail.com
excelsior 1922 junior
Just wondering if you would know the value of this bike. My dad has had it for a number of years i think its a 1922 junior kind
gary leech
dublin Ireland

Sun, 18 Feb 2018
thanks4comingwia at yahoo.com.au
1949 excelsior ?

Hi, I purchased this frame only, going buy photos of the fork area,the frame number is D12/959, is this a 1949 excelsior condor d12, any help would be great, thanks
Nsw Australia
Excelsior-1949c-D12-959-Ste.jpg posted to Comments

Sun, 14 Jan 2018
robinson_87 at btinternet.com
Excelsior with Blackburne 3 1/4 engine 1917

This is my latest restoration project- I'm the 3rd owner and my father was the second and he bought it from the original owner- the motorcycle was sold from a shop mr spokes , Henry street, Does anyone have photos of the motorcycle that I could use for reference. Any information will be appreciated Kind regards Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson
Northampton United Kingdom

Excelsior-1917-Blackburne-MaR-01.jpg posted to Comments

Possibly some clues here: Engine Numbers and Frame Numbers

Tue, 05 Sep 2017
kin.teixeira at hotmail.com

Good evening my friend (s) I'm from Brazil. I have an excelsior, I mean frame tank and other parts. The frame number is: WDS6185. I need help to find out the model and year of manufacture of this bike as well as the colors it was painted, engine that it uses because I want to restore it, counting on its help (s). Thank you very much Joaquim Teixeira dos Santos.
PIRAJ Brazil

WD possibly indicates War Department making it WWII vintage, however at this point no record of Excelsior WD machines has come to light excepting of course the Welbike. Update: see the entry for April 23rd 2021, above.

Good morning mate. Many thanks for the reply. I'm sorry that I do not speak English and I'm using the translator. I am sending photos of the EXCELSIOR board and also of an AMBASSADOR because I intend to restore both. I ask you to kindly send all the information you have about the two bikes as well as where to find parts. Many thanks starch. God will light your days.

The frame appears to be a Roadmaster of c1951 or possibly a Courier c1953. See (Emu Forums post), which reads, in part, "The WDS frame number prefix was used by Excelsior on their rear plunger sprung frames from 1951 to 1954 for both their 10D (125cc) and 6E (197cc) powered models. These had various model names depending on the year but were essentially the same bike. The 10D powered models were known as either the Universal or Condor depending on the year and the 6E powered models were known either as the Roadmaster or the R1 depending on the year."
Images are posted in the Comments

Tue, 29 Aug 2017
warrenlsteyn at gmail.com
excelsior unknown

Hi - can anybody tell me what year or model this excelsior is? I found it in a shed in Northern Tanzania and am considering making an offer to do it up. Apparently it still runs - i noticed compression when swiveling the kick lever the other day, encouraging!
KZN South Africa

Excelsior-Tanzania.jpg posted in Comments

Mon Mar 20 2017
lb958 at hotmail.com
1930 Excelsior
excelsior spryt
Hello. I have the opportunity to purchase this motor but don't know where I should be as far as price. Can you give me an idea? I appreciate your time. Thank you.
Los Angeles, ca

Excelsior-1930-Spryt-Engine image posted in Comments

Fri Feb 24 2017
tomchristiansona at gmail.com
1950-53 Excelsior with Villiars motor
Excelsior 125 cc Villiars
i have recently aquired this motorcycle at a swap meet in Illinois. i have no idea what i'm getting into (won't be the first time). i am looking for a parts source (a manual would also help). any information would be appreciated! thanks in advance
Illinois, USA

Thu Sep 15 2016
rob.caldwell at btinternet.com
Excelsior Manxman
Hi, I Googled Excelsior the other day and was very suprised to find a picture of my petrol tank on your website. I don't have any problem with this but I would just like to say that I know it's not original but would be happy to send you another pic when it's been restored. I bought the bike three years ago and have been slowly trying to put it right.
Kent UK

Look forward to seeing the finished product. Ed.

Thu Jul 28 2016
markcradick at hotmail.co.uk
workshop manual
excelsior warrior
Is there a manual available for a 1936 OHV JAP engine (excelsior warrior)?

Try the page on books and manuals

Thu Jun 02 2016
meldenham at hotmail.co.nz
price of excelsior 1938 122cc twin port Villiers engine, suicide shift.
Have had this in the shed for a while now. it is in very good condition small amount of work required to get to standard and a little work to get it running. just want to know how much it is worth on this condition. PLease note I live in NZ.

Fri May 06 2016
jowett1887 at gmail.com
consort 4f
hi..have re fitted a new ignition coil and when i try and re fit the flywheel as its tightened and you turn it it seems to snag on the magnetics of the magneto..it looks like it been a problem in the past as you can see where it has rubbed in certain places..would a light filing sort this or would anybody have any suggestions as to what would be the reason for it happening..cheers dave

Fri Oct 23 2015
chipglazier at hotmail.com
tank and side panels transfers
excelsior skutabyke 1956
dear sir please do you have any Colour pictures of for the transfers for the skutabyke and locations that i could purchase from you. Many thanks A J Glazier.

Try this page

Sat May 16 2015
rd3dcnc at aol.com
centre stand
excelsior consort 98cc 1956
Does any one know where i can get a centre stand,or a drawing to make on .Roger Denmead
weston super mare,somerset uk

Mon Jul 27 2015
niginhisden at gmail.com
1929 excelsior
excelsior chassis 312
can you tell me more about this bike i have in my garage excelsior engine No TL1992 chassis typ 312 this is on the log book ,

Tue Oct 28 2014
terryliversidg at gmail.com
new book
excelsior all
Can you help me I am looking for any pictures of excelsior motor cycles suitable for publication in my new book

Sun Jul 13 2014
ssbaker12 at yahoo.co.uk
excelsior consort
Have discovered a excelsior consort in my mothers garage.has been there 25/30 years engine turns freely. Cant recall it ever running.what would it be worth ? Also 2 unfinished bsa bantam restoration projects, and boxes of Villiers engine parts.
Ashford Kent

Sun Mar 02 2014
gavinsands6 at gmail.com
Excelsior details
Excelsior Not sure
Hoping someone might be able to help. Have restored an old 1962 excelsior. Need to get it registered in Ireland. In order to do so I need to get a vintage association to confirm certain details about the bike. I have a frame number although it is worn so not sure, and an engine. Any help appreciated

Thu Oct 17 2013
Excelsior D12 Condex
excelsior condex D12
Hello! I am looking for a excelsior gasoline tank badge but cant find any in high resulution. Do you know where i can find it?
Sweden, ulricehamn

Try vintage motorcycle stickers

Thu Jul 11 2013
Excelsior make and info
Exelsior U1 or R1
I am looking for what model this is and pictures of engine mountings, foot rests mountinga and footrests, and any info on where i might get a light and housing and any spares

Ed: I think the bike is an Excelsior Consort from the mid to late 1950s.

Thu May 09 2013
id excelsior
excelsior unknown
Can anyone help me id this motorbike please. It is reported to be a 1932 model unknown

Sat Dec 22 2012
excelsior consort 1956
anyone got chain for 1956 consort anyone know dimensions
north wales

Sat Dec 15 2012
Model of Excelsior
Excelsior with JAP engine 250cc
Hello, I,m looking for any information about my Excelsior with JAP engine number IO/C 4988, the frame number is 38083. The wheels have a BSA stamps on it. ... the Excelsior may be 1928.
Poland, Pisz

Thu Nov 08 2012
all excelsiors manxman
hello, we are putting together a speed trial at the historic pendine sands-
we would like to include your club in our invited list
kindly forward an email for your events secretary [competition] or the clubs magazine editor-
hope some of your members will enjoy our annual event-

Mon Aug 27 2012
registration plate
excelsior consort
Iam trying to find the original registration mark for a exselsior the frame number is sc92072

Wed Jul 11 2012
Excelsior 125 1938 twin port
Excelsior Twin Port
I have just completed repairing my 125 1938 twin port and have been looking for more infor ex. how many built, and how rare are theses. Any information !!

Thu Jul 05 2012
chips<at>tecnautodot com
Excelsior Motor parts
Excelsior Autobyk 98cc
Dear sirs,
We need to find parts (magneto, coils...) for the engine of a Autobyk Excelsior 98cc (not Villiers). Where should we look for?

Mon Feb 20 2012
Looking for an engine
98 cc Excelsior Spryt Indian Papoose
Hi; I'm looking to buy this engine, would someone have one for sale ? Any info would be appreciated as i'm not totally sure if I have the make of the motor correct.Thanks
Ontario , Canada

Sat Dec 31 2011

Excelsior Autobyk 1946
bonjour,je suis a la recherche de toutes pcs mécanique pour ce vélomoteur. merci

Mon Dec 12 2011
I would like to find out what year this bike is, the frame number is WDS6185, engine number is 216A29665. Also can you give me some information on this. Thank you.
Sarasota FL USA

Wed Nov 16 2011
excelsior talisman tt11
looking for info on my talisman also need magneto for same bike

Tue Nov 01 2011
excelsior c4 ?
I start the restoration of a 1933 or 1930 Excelsior, model C4, I think. acsesoire the frame and are identical to the empir model BE1. but the engine is a 4-stroke manufactured by Excelsior. Do you have any information on this bike. thank you
Best regards


Sun Sep 11 2011
terry.liversidge<at>skydot com
Excelsior in Nepal
Excelsior Consort 4F
the machine in the picture (2006 ) is a 1950s Excelsior consort 4f model.

Sun Sep 11 2011
Excelsior Scout 250cc
Excelsior Scout
Hi htere I currently own the bike I have outlined however it is in pieces and I am planning it's restoration , I hope you cna help as i would like to try find a parts list of schematic for the bike. I hope to hear from you shortly

portsmouth. hampshire

Fri Sep 02 2011
lewie.vangenechten<at>gmaildot com
Excelsior Universal U2 1952
Excelsior Universal u2
Dear Sir, Madame,
I am an Old-bike fan from Belgium and recently I found a new ‘project’.
I have found a 1952 Excelsior Universal U2, almost complete. Complete in that way that almost all parts are there, the only problem is: they are all spread over different boxes…
I have found some pictures of the bike, so the main parts I can put together, but there are some parts I just can’t figure out. I am now trying to find all the information I can get on the bike, because I want to make him look just like the original.

Because it is an English bike, I found your site with lots of information. But I can’t seem to find a lot on the Excelsior Universal, can you please tell if you can help me with these problems? I need all the information I can get on the bike because I want to make it the same color as in the days, same chrome work, same… Where can I find this information? Off course I am willing to pay for workbooks, self-made documentation ... all the information I can find, but for free is always better of course :)(more money for the restoration…).
Another problem is that the bike doesn’t have any papers, not even a serial number. There is no plate with a number on it, but there is a number in the frame. Is it possible for me to get papers for the bike in England? Is it difficult to do that in England? Maybe I can find a donor-bike with papers? I found just one on ebay.uk.
Thank you so much for your answer,Lewie

Ps. Sorry for my English, but I think you get the picture
Belgium, Antwerp

Please check the page on motorcycle paperwork
and also the page on books and manuals

Wed Jul 06 2011
i need some info
Excelsior Bantam 150cc ohv
Hello, i have a Excelsior 150cc OHV'' BANTAM'' motorcycle and i cant find any info about that model ? is it how rare model ? build year is 1934..
i have some kind of old add about this model but i cant find any info from internet..not even pictures :S

Thu Apr 21 2011
sirwalter61<at>gmaildot com
Spryt Mk2 motors
Autocycle Excelsoir

I have a 1955 Autocycle Excelcior with a Spryt Mk engine - do you know if these are the same engines used in the Corgis and if there are any manuals for them

Cheers and happy riding

Sean Hardiman
Sydney Australia

Mon Jan 31 2011
terry.liversidge<at>skydot com
my new book
Excelsior all from 1896-1964
my new book is know available from amazon books priced £7.99 if you want to know the full history of excelsior nows your chance.

It will be listed under British Motorcycle Books

Tue Feb 01 2011
bobmcgrath21<at>hotmaildot com
Excelsior Book
Excelsior 1
In January 2010 Terry Liversedge said he was close to having his book on Excelsior published. Did this happen and where can I get a copy? I cannot raise his email address to ask him personally. Cheers,

Sat Nov 20 2010
Nastycough<at>gmaildot com
1949 Excelsior Dirt track racer
Excelsior Roadmaster?
Plese help me ID this Bike

Wed Sep 01 2010
todd4wheel<at>hotmaildot com
bike parts 4 sale
excelsior spryte well bike
i have a original wellbike motor and some other parts i would like to sell do you or anybody you know have any interest in these i can send some pics?? thank you todd petro..
new york

Tue Aug 31 2010
excelsior 125 1946?
excelsior 125 CC 1946 125 twinport
The bike has the gear level through a slot in the tank, we have just acquired the bike and dont know much about it, hence getting in touch with you. The bike will be up for sale
Aberdeen Scotland

Sun Aug 29 2010
Bayliss Thomas 1928
Bayliss Thomas (Excelsior) ? J.A.P. 250
Can anyone supply data on this model, numbers produced a.s.o.
Orebro Sweden
yes it is a sidevalve J.A.P. 250 cc

Tue Jul 27 2010
sf.tattooist<at>gmaildot com
year and model of my bike
Excelsior unsure
frame number F4512425
Engine number 652A111
New Zealand

Tue May 11 2010
l.c.jones<at>btconnectdot com
excelsior consort 98cc villiers
need manual to find out colour ect may thaks
newport tf109dj

Try Books and Manuals

Sun Feb 21 2010
nigellewis7 at aoldot com
excelsior 54/f4
i'm trying to register my bike with the original plate but can't find an owners club to verify it please could you help many thanks nigel

Try Classic Motorcycle Clubs at Bikelinks

Tue Mar 16 2010
Misslizab<at>hotmaildot com
Excelsior 1950 125cc / Knee pads
Good morning, I am writing from Sydney Australia. Can you help me with getting some knee pad that sit on the side of the petrol tanks for an Excelsior motor bike, made in 1950? I hope you can help me or if not, point me in the right direction. Many thanks for your help. Liza
Sydney Australia

Try Classic Motorcycle Dealers at Bikelinks

Wed Jan 13 2010
terry.liversidge <AT>sky.con
Excelsior motorcycles new book
Excelsior all
i will be publishing a complete history of the Excelsior marque soon.
watch this space for details.
March 1010
glad tidings I have at last managed to finish the manuscript of my book on excelsior motor cycles from the early days at Coventry until they closed in1964 at Birmingham. the manusc ript is at present with the publishers. so I hope to be in print in aprox six weeks. shall let you know exactly when I have a date. hope that this email is of some use to you. terry

Fri Jan 01 2010
hamzaali53 at livedot com
i have a bike excelsior viller which i want to check carpettor which is a little faulty please reply soon your sinserlliy consumer

Thu Nov 26 2009
johncrouch39 at tiscali.co.uk
wrong engine
excelsior Talisman twin
WHY does everyone exclude the 328 British ananzi engine

Wed Jun 10 2009
hidad at iinet.net.au
1951 roadmaster
excelsior roadmaster R1
since last post I finally located a tool box for the 51. could not locate an excelsior item but an old norton one looked the right shape and even the bolt holes lined up so they were likely made in the royal tool box factory for a number of british marqs. enclosed is pic of the finished bike along with the just finished 49 roadmaster. I have fitted nicad battery packs for the lights so they work (magneto lights were woeful)6v headlamp for a VW works well.The brakes on the second bike are as pathetic as the first,just as well they are not fast bikes,but they are loads of fun to ride.

Wed Jun 10 2009
hidad at iinet.net.au
1949 roadmaster
excelsior roadmaster R1
well 18 months after my lastpost the 49 is all done and on the road. Ive included before and after pics. The next job is a 56 swingarm R6

Sat Jun 06 2009
atd2003-57 at hotmaildot com
excelsior c4 1930 or 33
hello I am looking for information on a motorcycle excelsior model c4 150 cc 4-stroke engine with brand excelsior ... Daniel

Mon May 18 2009
kerrpc at yahoodot com
Excelsior JAP 250 cc
I have an 80 year old motorbike and ride it regularly. I need a source of spares. Please advise me.
sunshine coast australia

Try the section on Classic Bike Dealers at Bikelinks:

Fri Apr 24 2009
owlpub at hotmaildot com
chain link size
Excelsior Autobyk 1955
Hello and congratulations on great website! Can anyone in forums or on the site tell me correct chain link size for the above machine, which I have justt arranged to buy?


Peter Ford

Sun Apr 05 2009
coolaroo12 at yahoo.com.au
parts neads
Excelsoir roadmaster 197cc 1946 roadmaster 197cc
Hello there i am looking for new knee pads and a new glass for my bike if any one can help me please write back to my email
thank you very much


Wed Feb 25 2009
bennetts-tony at hotmail.co.uk
Excelsior (uk) unknown
hi can you help me find out what my bike is iv bought it about a year or so ago and hae been trying since to find out what it is and were to get parts from all i have been told about it is that is an excelsior about 1929 and thought to be a 98cc i know its has a villiers engine but what model i dont and can find out as every were i look i think iv found it but when i inspect the carb and exhaust posts head in the wrong direction it has an albion 2 speed gear box hand change that it any information someone anyone can give me would be great parts manuals model etc thank you very much Tony

Sun Dec 14 2008
benlangworthy at hotmail.co.uk
villiers 6f starting
excelsior consort
My little 1959 excelsior consort has been my daily transport though the summer but im having problems getting her to start with the kickstart, starts quite easily when bump-starting though, can anyone suggest what may be wong and what could i do to sort it?

Difficult to diagnose problem from information supplied. Is the fuel fresh? Is the sparkplug clean? Does it have good spark?
Try the page on Troubleshooting.

Sat Oct 11 2008
sarthak-th at hotmaildot com
excelsior -
hi i found a bike owned by my grandad its an excelsior villiers engine the engine number is i guess PATM 531639 can you please give me information on this model thanku

Wed Mar 26 2008
skofic.jurij at gmaildot com
excelsior 350
excelsior 350 OHV two port sports model No. A11
complete catalouge 1930, 1931 + succsesses season 1929

Tue Mar 11 2008
benlamgworthy at hotmail.co.uk
excelsior consort
I've just aquired an 1954 excelsior consort to learn to tide on (believe it or not my 1955 james cadet was to er 'big' for me to learn on!) does anyone know of anywhere i could get a luggage rack for this bike?

Sun Mar 02 2008
benlangworthy at hotmail.co.uk
excelsiour consort
excelsiour consort
Hello im in devon in the uk, does anyone here have of know of and excelsious consort for sale in the uk? im after one to learn on, I have james but its engine is a bit to big for me to be allowed to learn on it. If anyone know of a consort, of any small villiers powered bike under 125cc for sale please let me know


Wed Feb 06 2008
parru.sheriff at gmaildot com
excelssior villers carb
i have a welbike unfortunately lost the engine and the handle, could i get one from somewhare
bhopal india.

Thu Dec 20 2007
aedg87<aT>hotmaildot com
Quisiera saber si alguien en el portal me puede ayudar a conseguir el opturador del carburador (aguja,tuerca y embolo) para mi moto excelsior 1939 mi correo es
mi nombre es Angel Eucario


Mon Dec 10 2007
marisa-vellamuskat at yahoo.it
ricerca tipo di moto
sono in possesso di un telaio di una vecchia motociclettina che credo sia una EXCELSIOR, potete darmi indicazioni?

Sat Nov 17 2007
freds32 at sbcglobal.net
Pearls of not necessarily wisdom
Excelsior (early 1950's)
When stationed near Wheelus AFB in 1953, I and many others bought Excelsior 125cc motorcycles from a British dealer in Tripoli, Libya. There were hundreds on the base and out at our tent city (580th ARC Wing), because engines larger than 125cc were not allowed on base. Some of us stripped the bikes of unnecessary weight,e.g. fenders, put on larger rear sprockets and raced them. We had an organized competition group which held flat-track, scrambles, hill climbs and drag events. The Alkies (a la AlkaSeltzer) were great machines. When I left for March AFB in California a year later, I sold mine to an officer who needed a machine for his houseboy. The motor was on its second rebore/piston, but it still popped (two stroke) along nicely. Hope the houseboy didn't harm himself.

Fri Oct 26 2007
miguelguede at mgap.com.pt [bounced]
looking for history books and spare parts
Excelsior power plus 500cc 1934 model D11 M.A.G. engine
I'm looking for informations about a motorcycle I just bought, and would like to know if someone can help me to find story books, spareparts and maintenaince books for this Bike . Is a EXCELSIOR Power Plus 500cc year 1934, model D11 , engine M.A.G.

Mon Oct 22 2007
sunriseacres at look.ca
1952 Excellsior Roadmaster
I'm in Toronto, Ontario Canada and need info on how to get this bike running. Any suggestions and info would be appreciated. Mike
On. Canada

Sat Oct 13 2007
walternielsen at hotmaildot com
jap 1930 250cc engine
excelsior model 9 1930
do you have any information about jap engine 250cc ohv 2 ported single cylinder 1930

Sun Aug 26 2007
paulanddagmar at bigponddot com
Excelsior information
1930 ?
I have what I think is a 1930 twin port single cylinder Villiers model, but I have no further information. Does anyone have any literature ie,workshop manual or parts listing. Anything will be a start
I have three photo's, one of the bike as I found it, another a close up of
the tank and finally a close up of the motor. I hope they can be used to
source some information for me.
Paul C

Thu Aug 16 2007
prabhat-c at yahoodot com
Excelsior with Villiers engine
Excelsior LO17 rigid girder fork
I have an Excelsior with girder forks and rigid rear end. It has LO17 stamped on the top of the forks and a single port Villiers engine, Can anyone help with literature, magneto parts, hand gear change parts or general information on restoration? Thanks. P Chandra

Thu May 17 2007
earth2o at gmaildot com
My great aunt Margaret
Excelsior- pre WW I
Hi- thought you might like this, I never knew Margaret, but she rode that bike all over Britain. Must have been quite a gal.

Tue May 08 2007
chrislodge at talktalk.net

I have a 1958 Excelior consort with a viliers 6f (I think) engine - it is missing quite a few engine parts and also I dont think the tank is correct- any ideas where I can get hold of some parts
Sheffield England

Sat May 05 2007
jc306 at hotmail.co.uk
wiring diagram
98cc excelsior consort
Does anyone have or know where i could get a wiring diagram.I have all but restored it just canrt find a wiring diagram please help many thanks John

Fri Apr 13 2007
trekronor at zonnet.nl
Excelsior UK 350 ohv single 1931 sports
any info on this bike
I am interested in an info on this bike
Amsterdam NL

Fri Apr 13 2007
ray.holden at blueyonder.co.uk
Trying to identify
Excelscior U1- maybe.
In the early 50s my Dad owned what I think was a U1. It had three rubber bands damping the girder forks.Can anyone confirm identification.Sorry no photo.
Birmingham UK.

Sat Mar 31 2007
bikerdrum at godot com
1934 excelsior power plus 500cc
I imported this bike from Switzerland,(ex. Geneva motor museum),I have been unsuccessful in discovering any information about ths model and would much appreciate some.The bike is in mint museum condition.NIk Ramsay-Whale.

Sun Mar 11 2007
kandddavey at hotmail.com [bounced]
Excelsior 1948-9 Roadmaster 197 cc
I am currently restoring (with lots of help) what I believe is a 1948/9 197 cc Roadmaster. I was wondering if there is somewhere on the frame and engine that I will find the numbers that identify the model and year.
Regards Kevin
South Australia

Thu Feb 15 2007
christosttp at yahoo.com.cy [bounced]
Front light
excelsior roadmaster
require for the front 6" light-glass,reflecror,ring

Fri Jan 26 2007
jezc.int at ntlworlddot com
Excelsior Motorbike

Hi, hope you can assist. Back in my youth I had a n excelsior motorbike with a 150 cc villiers engine. Telescopic front end & std shocks to rear. This was a full-seated model & I recall the speedo was in the headlight assembly. 3 speed box & believe it was a universal model U?
Please can you confirm these & if possible direct me to a phot of one -as I would love to show some new bike friends my first bike- they're too young to have heard of it! Think I still have the fuel tank if anyone needs one?
...thanks for the quick response & link, however not mine- too early.
But on digging around on your site I found an early advert that looks like the one!

If I'm not mistaken it was/is an -Excelsior universal U9 -that would have been around the 1963/4 date. Difficult to read the advert, but has the 150 lump with the right /double/ seat ( sorry I said full seated) & all the other points I remember. So, if there is any chance of a photo of this model anywhere- I would be indebted.
Yours sincerely
Jez Caesar UK

Sat Jan 20 2007
william.mccluney at ntlworlddot com
Villiers engines
I'm interested in finding a Villiers engine or parts. I'd especially like a 98cc two-speed unit for my Excelsior Consort project.

Fri Jan 19 2007
steve12z3 at msndot com
what bike have i got??
i have a excelsior bike but i have no details of the model, year etc etc. u have a picture of it in your excelsior pictures, it is the last one of the pics,EXCELSIOR MOTORCYCLE WITH VILLIERS ENGINE is the title. if the is any info you could pass on would be very greatfull as i have just got it running again and need to get all the paper work sorted. many thanks.steve

If this is the bike you refer to, Steve:
cybermotorcycle.com/gallery/excelsior-owners/Excelsior-with-Villiers-engine.htm then I suggest you write to http://www.nationalmotorcyclemuseum.com.au/ who will have more information, I'm sure.

Fri Dec 08 2006
borgrod at onvol.net
excelsior consort 98cc
I have an excelsior consort 98cc and it is missing a lot of parts. i really would like to restore it to it's original condition. Can you help me out where to order parts from? Thanks a million

Try the Classic Motorcycle Dealers section at Bikelinks:

Wed Nov 08 2006
neilmac1 at hotmaildot com
villiers execelsios 1947
hi i am restoreing villiers execelsios 1947
and there are parts that are missing but have not got to that stage yet i am soon reddie to refit the bike but the electric wireing loom is a mistrey can some one help it is the miller type i cant get a diagram to see how it done and cant gess just what else i need to find out thanks neil in the uk
essex (uk)

Tue Sep 19 2006
bobmcgrath21 at hotmaildot com
Excelsior Photo Gallery
1930 148cc Excelsior
This is neither 1930 nor 148cc. It is a 98cc 2 speed Model O first shown in the 1932 catalogue. The one shown has very neatly been altered to an open frame ladies version but it is the same bike as shown in the Dutch ad below it. I have 2 Excelsiors from that period and am fairly familiar with them. Cheers, Bob
Many thanks. The image has been renamed and moved to the Excelsior members gallery. Ed.

Mon Sep 18 2006
kriss2011 at fastmail.com.au

Hi there, I am writing to see if you can help me in finding out the year and make of this bike? i was told it was about a 1949 Excelsior motorbike, if you could give me any help on this and where i might be able to get spare parts for the bike, this would be of a great help, thankyou very much
Melbourne, Australia
thankyou for taking the time to tell me about the bike.

Engine No as I read it,

Frame No,

Gear Box Cover No
Pat No 631639

Thanks again for your Help
Regards Kriss

Tue Aug 22 2006
darrensweet-770 at hotmaildot com
Excelsior AutoBuk
1951 98cc
I have just began restoring the Excelsior and need a new ignition coil (the type that works off a magnetic fly-wheel) any ideas where I can get one??

I would suggest browsing the Classic Motorcycle Dealers UK section of Bikelinks

Sat Aug 12 2006
teppo.porkola at netti.fi
kauhava - finnland

Sun Aug 06 2006
ianindiu at yahoo.co.uk
I have a friend in Katmandu he has an excelsior m/c eng :652A18360
Fr F9489693
2 Speed grip change
1" tubing 19" fr & rear tyres
forks: Mcferson or Girder

can you please tell me the make of the bike I think it is a 98cc. it is only missing a chain


Can anyone identify this Excelsior? Ed.

Mon Jul 17 2006
stmangold at bluewin.ch
Excelsior ~1930
Hi everybody. im looking for any information about my Excelsior (pics, books, spares etc.)
Thanks for your help.
On the "Vehicle Registration Doc" my Excelsior is declared as an 2-axle-rigid body scooter combination with a cyl.cap. of 148cc, Manufactured 1930.
Frame No. 7111 Engine No. BZ744
I think, that all parts of the bike are complete exept. the front Light, but if there was one? I'm not sure.
Thank you very much for your help.

Regards, Stefan

Sat Jul 01 2006
hidad at iinet.net.au
restored bike
Excelsior roadmaster R1 1951
just got this little bike licenced it was assembled at the same time as a 1949 model I'm doing, apart from the 49 being rigid rear , the two bikes are pretty well identical. I have a few bits left over and loads of advice.I am still missing a tool box for the 51.regards Bill Fildes
Perth Western Australia

See 1951 Gallery

Thu Apr 27 2006
arquitectoniro at hotmaildot com
Excelsior Talisman 250cc
I am Ruben from Argentina. I am looking for a complete "cranck shaft" [crankshaft] for my excelsior talisman, I really don´t Know the real translation of it, in spañish the name of this part is "cigüeñal".
I want to know some mail adresses where I can buy it.
Thanks a lot.

Thu Apr 13 2006
chris at frampton1986.fsworld.co.uk
Spares list
1934 excelsior pioneer
can you tell me where i can find a spares list

Sat Feb 25 2006
abutcher at cfl.rrdot com
Excelsior Talisman motorcycle -- logo
I am helping my brother restore an Excelsior Talisman Twin Sports motorcycle -- dated sometime 1949-1952. We need a very clear (large if possible) photo of the Excelsior logo that is painted on the fuel tank so that we can have an artist paint it on our tank. Can you help us? Please let us know ASAP. Thank you very much! Anita Butcher
Florida, USA

You might like to try the Badges directory at Bikelinks - several of the firms listed there supply a large range of classic bike stickers - yours may well be available.
Motorcycle Decals

Mon Feb 06 2006
adrian-pauline at hotmaildot com
Excelsior Universal U1 Rigid
I have just finished a total restoration on this model. I will help with any enquieries.
It's a 1949 Excelsior Universal U1 Rigid. Thanks for your reply. Your
website is an inspiration to all of us who try and keep the old motorcycles
from disappearing for ever!
Kindest Regards,
New Zealand
Excelsior 1949 Universal U1 Rigid

Mon Dec 05 2005
rollsa210 at yahoo.com.au
hello im looking for some information on my excelsior motor bike, it has a villers 2-stroke engine and a 3 speed burman gearbox. this bike means alot to me as it has been in the family for 3 generations now. i have photos if this will help with my inquiry

I'm unsure of the model, but i do have the engine capacity and the frame number if that's any help, the engine capacity is 250cc Villers and the number on the frame is G4 603. if anyone could help me with any info it would be really helpful


Nov 1st 2005
subject: seeking advice
Email: mags4373 at hotmail.co.uk
message: Hi sorry to trouble you, I have come accross two old ladys. The first being a 1930's excelsior auto bike with a villious engine but know paperwork. And the second being a 1948 excelsior minor with paperwork! Could you advice me of a realistic price to be paying for these old ladies! Regards Darren

Fri Sep 16 2005
tharpell at sympatico.ca
excelsior motorcycle
I have an old Excelsior bike that has been sitting in a closet for close to 40 years. I believe it is 1930 or earlier. I would like to find out the date of manufacture, any suggestions? thank you Tom Harpell, Kingston, Ont, Canada

Wed Sep 07 2005
christineascott at oneteldot com
Excelsior 125cc
In reply to "Milt":- (message to you on Aug 7 2005) I had an excelsior 125cc with a villiers engine in 1954. The gear lever came up through a slot centrally positioned in the petrol tank. It had twin exhuast ports, the forks were, I believe, pressed metal. It was sold in 1957. The registration number was `FAY 21'.I, also, have never seen another, either in the flesh or a photograph and am unable to find any information about this model. Would be most interested to have any information.

Sun Aug 07 2005
mcontella at consolidated.net
Late 40s Excelsior 125 cc
In the early 50s a friend of mine had a Excelsior motorcycle. It had a Villiers 125 cc engine and had chrome plated fenders and gas tank. The gear shift lever came up through a slot in the gas tank. It was a beautiful little machine. I have searched the web in vain attempting to find an image of the machine or, in my wildest dream, finding one for sale. Anyone out there ever seen or heard of such an Excelsior??

I did find an Excelsior image in the link below which is close in appearance to the bike I spoke of, but I don't believe it had rear shocks. (The second bike on the page)




That rear end is referred to as a "sprung heel", "springer" or "plunger" rear suspension. They're not really shock absorbers, just springs with dampers. Ed.

Tue Aug 02 2005
urielperez at argentinadot com
excelsior 125cc 1938
quisiera recibir informacion de esta moto "excelsior 125cc 1938 de paracaidistas" desde ya muchas gracias, esta muy buena la pagina

Translation: it wanted to receive informacion of this motorcycle "excelsior 125cc 1938 parachutist bike" since already many thanks, this very good one paginates it

Thu May 26 2005
rknight1 at vtown.com.au
excelsior sprint mk11
is there much information on these little machines ?

If you have a query or information about Excelsior motorcycles please contact us