1979 Triumph T140D Bonneville Special 750
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1979 Triumph T140D Bonneville Special 750

Odometer: 9786
Engine Number:T140D AA17561 Frame Number: T140D AA17561
$10,000 - $14,000

Sleeping Classic

Manufactured for only one year, this post-modern classic is perhaps one of the rarest production bikes in its class. It was also a critical reference for the emerging Japanese factories. Considered a styling exercise for Triumph’s Tom Higham, it perhaps inadvertently captured the hopes and dreams of a fading generation. However, it can now be appreciated as a well-resolved and highly personalised throwback to the Japanese factories that underscored the fact that the Brits could just as easily copy the Japanese as the Japanese could copy them. Recently imported and prepared for sale, this machine is in good running order.

Auction March 2013
Image and text courtesy Webbs Auction House NZ
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