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tony at coolitalianbikes dot com
I recently acquired a 1967 Itom Astor 4M which was last registered in the UK in 1995. I bought it from an estate in California, from the late owners family. Apparently, the Astor was bought at an auction. I am trying to trace any history of the Astor. Currently, I am in the process of getting it running as it has been sitting in a barn since 1995. Any help would be appreciated.
Anthony Leone

    The machine pictured is in remarkably good condition considering its recent heritage. Ed.
    Itom-1967-Astor-ALe.jpg posted to comments.

johnwilfredthomas at
1957 super sport
Could you please tell me what year model Itom Super Sport I bought today? Engine no 1452561s frame no 70081 ( ?) can u also pse tell me if you sell any spares. My bike is in pieces
    Cannot identify year from serial numbers. Similar to a '62 Astor SS but different tank and subframe. No, we don't sell parts. Ed.
    Itom-1957c-SuperSport-JWT images posted to comments.

raymecrack at
Itom 50cc
Good Morning. I have an Itom motorcycle but I am unsure of the year and model. I am assuming it is a non original tank as it appears to be a racing part, my frame number is 29273S, and I have included pictures below. Many Thanks
Raymond Cracknell
United Kingdom

Does not match anything we have on file, so could not identify it.
Itom-RCr images posted to Comments

eprs65 at green tick
1971 Crosser
I am very interested in buying this little ITOM.
I would like to know of a ball park figure I should be looking at paying for it.
I can value FS1-E Yamaha`s Suzuki AP`s Honda SS50 etc but this little ITOM is something I know very little about so I don't want to be ripped off. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Eddie Smith

There may be useful information this page: Vintage Motorcycle Prices
Itom-Crosser images posted to Comments

colingjones at
Hi, I have now put my ITOM parts catalogue back online at
Manchester UK
assocluboj at
itom tourist
I have a Itom Tourist engine
I am looking for a magnetic fly-off and a pebble puller. Otherwise can you give me the dimensiosn
D. jacque
dominique, longuyon

(Googletrans is sometimes flummoxed by technical terminology. Ed)

major_tom27 a t
Itom 1963?
Hello, I am in the oppertunity of buying the Itom were I wil send you a picture of, it seems to be a mixed model with different parts.
Marc Boelens
Oostburg The Netherlands
ian.barker at
itom 50 19??
help i am looking for any help with itom 50 project i am in the process of renovation.
the bike came to me in a right state, someone has removed the generator and made it points and battery. the piston was wrong it hit the head as it turned over.
i have sorted the bore and piston out now and have had it running. but i am now attempting to make my mind up what to do with it.
it has been converted to foot change gears.
3 speed i am thinking paraded bike but not sure
wondering about rotary valve induction as this would let me use latter cylinders.
i already have 50 cc freetec race bike with jawa frame and am6 motor
ian barker , march uk

asmirnovv at
Item 50cc frame 1959
HI I just bought an ITOM 50cc 1959 frame number 67887 engine 11694781 that used to belong to someone who has posted. There is no reg or v5 so I was wondering if you might have any information on this particular bike and how I would go about getting it back to road registered ? Any help would be great.
Christian, London

Wed, 04 Apr 2018
terry.ives at
itoms astor, imsa. tabor and junior

several years ago i had a lot of parts stolen from my premises after my fathers death. they were advertised as a shed load of itom parts for sale with a phone number. I know who stole them and it was reported to the local police but they were unhelpfull in dealing with the situation as they reported to me that it was a domestic case. i have all of the log books and i have managed to trace one machine that has been sorned to an address in Bristol. can anyone help me in my quest to get back what is rightfully mine.
reg numbers of stolen bikes is CYW633H, YGF62G, CYO77H, engine numbers are 18926015, 1918671/S, 191849/S
terry ives
biggleswade United Kingdom

Mon, 19 Feb 2018
dopje_001 at
Itom Junior (Year not sure, will have to look in papers)

Hi, I am moving out of Belgium, and I won't be able to take my moped with me. I am looking for a loving and caring home for my junior. Would you know anyone interested or ways to sell it? It has not been used for 1,5 years, but prior it had just received a complete revision and worked perfectly. Kind regards, Michelle
Michelle Lenaerts
Antwerp Belgium

  • Itom-1957c-Junior-MiL-01.jpg posted to Comments

Thu, 01 Feb 2018
stephanie at
red ITOM ASTOR 1959

...we need a document with confirmation of the year of construction for this motor. We need to registred the motor in Belgium and the customs ask us to get a official document that confirms the year of construction. Could you please send us this ? Or give me some contact person ? I have pictures of the motor if needed vin : 52337 thanks in advance

Thu Jul 06 2017
welshgitgj at
Bum-stop Seat
Itom Unknown
I have a small bum-stop seat for sale from an Itom, possibly a mid 1960's Astor.
Anyone who might be interested please contact me by email.
Wrexham, North Wales.

Sun Mar 06 2016
francamartins at
italy super sport competozione
I am interested in buying an Itom super sport competizione 1959

Wed Apr 23 2014
pmsutherland at
Wanted Front Forks
Itom 50cc
Wanted complete Front forks for a 50cc racing Itom<
Rochester Kent U.K.

Sun Nov 25 2012
ralph.whitehead at
Itom Parts
Itom Astor
Hi, i wondered if anyone has any Itom bits that they would like to sell me...
Posted in the Italian Forum

Sat Sep 08 2012
itom mk 8 parts
hi i need pistons and clutch parts...
Posted in the Italian Forum

Sat Sep 22 2012
Uncommon Itom in USA
Itom ??
I cannot find any information on this 49cc 1970's Itom. It has a Dellorto 14/12 carb., Ceat tires, and Zanetti clutch housing.
Stamped on engine: ZPD DGM 9019 OM
Most of it seems to be made in Torino, IT
Any information would be helpful.
Jackson, MI, USA

Itom-Moped-Jackson.jpg posted

Sat Mar 17 2012
Itom Atom Supersport
I am looking for tires for an Itom Atom Super Sport Competizione?

More information under Tyres

Wed Nov 16 2011
wheel spindle
itom astor
what is the thread on itom astor wheel spindles? It seems to be 11mmx26 tpi. Is this correct?

Mon Jun 20 2011
itom 306932
What is the value of the 1950 itom 306932. it is in mint condition.
United States

Thu May 19 2011
gio.gallico<at>gmaildot com
riferimenti colori
itom astor 1965
chiedo cortesemente i riferimenti tinta giallo e avorio per itom 4 marce 1965

Thu Dec 09 2010
roger34<at>btingternetdot com
Itom info please
Itom not sure?
Anyone any idea of which model this 3 speed, hand change with race kit Itom is please. Also has anyone got an original tank for sale?

Mon Nov 29 2010
fundecodesign<at>hotmaildot com
50cc Belgian championship 1961
Itom competizione
From left to right: Jacques Bollens (Itom), myself: Paul Maes (Itom), Jacky Ickx (Kreidler), Degliesposti (Itom)

Mon Aug 23 2010
Itom Parts Wanted
Itom 1959 Tabor
Way back in 2000 I posted an "Itom wanted" message on this site. It took me 10 years to find my 59 Tabor but I still need original mudguards and a toolbox. Can anyone help?

Sat Jul 10 2010
chiaramarcuzzi<AT> motorcycles
ITOM e TOMOS competizione Queste SONO alcune mie moto da corsa Itom 65 Competizione TOMOS D6 50 cc TORINO Italy

Sun Jun 13 2010
frankgausden<at>hotmaildot com
Itom wanted
Itom Mk7, 8, or anything similar
I've made an entry regarding my 1960s Mk 7 competitione model I bought from Tooley's. Anyone who lived near Thornton Heath would have heard me, I'm sure!. I'd love another one if anyonès got one for sale
Auckland New Zealand

Wed May 05 2010
pmsutherland<at>btinternetdot com
ITOM 50 cc
Wanted ITOM 50cc any thing will do, what have you

Sat Mar 13 2010
Itom Sport
For sale Itom Sport 1962 4M, Like New €4500
Bar le Duc

Sun Feb 21 2010
colingjones at gmaildot com
Parts cataloge
Itom Mk8

Could you please change my entry under Itom Motorcycles as after changing my ISP the Itom parts catalogue is now online at: (No, it's not. ed.)

my email address remains the same


Tue Feb 09 2010
salvobrafa at msndot com
Itom Itom 3 marce
salve,cerco urgente cuscinetti di banco 15x40x9 e frizione completa itom 3 marce

Wed Jan 27 2010
nkg at
itom sport 1960
Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the itom?

Sun Nov 01 2009
mathoncharly at hotmaildot com
recherche feux arrière
itom super sport année 60
je recherche un feux rouge arrière complet pour mon itom,documentation technique également

Sat Oct 31 2009
punisher.castle at
My Dad's Itom<
Itom unknown
Hi, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing a couple of photo's of my Dad's Itom (date unknown .. but I guess late 50's)
My Dad passed away 2 years ago, so i'm unable to give any details of the bike.

Sun Sep 20 2009
M.Post27 at
Wie kan mij gegevens verschaffen van de Itom type 38
Itom type 38
Wie kent het model van Itom type 38 van misschien is het ander model ik ben er mee aan het restaureren en wil ook graag technische gegevens van het blok.
 Graag Zoveel mogelijkee informatie.
Hoogeveen NL

(The bike is very similar to circa 1968 type 38, though not identical)

Fri Aug 28 2009
symeony at
itom 50 1960/61
hi im looking for a 1960/61 itom 50 thanks

Sat Feb 14 2009
steve.dando at
itom competizione
looking for someone that can advise me on the value of 1958 model

Wed Jan 21 2009
francotod at
Informazioni Itom 4 M Del 1969
Ho un itom giallo come quello della tua foto volevo alcune informazioni su alcuni particolari o se hai una foto piu nr di cell e 3472718535 se puoi contattami e ti posso cosi richiamare io. Aspetto gradita risposta saluti FARNCO.

Mon Oct 06 2008
colinwildon at
astor astor
Hi i saw that a member was looking for a itom.if you pass my e mail adress to him i could help

Fri Sep 19 2008
pgfduarte at gmaildot com
Itom astor sport 1965
good afternoon!
I'm from portugal, and I want to buy one itom astor super sport 63 or itom astor sport 65!
restored or to restore, but complete!
please try to help me!
best regards.
Pedro Duarte

Sept 3rd 08
Itom in the forum needs identification. Can anyone help?

From the forums

Judging by the valanced guards, it appears very similar to a '59 model but slightly earlier. Possibly a first model Astor SuperSport of 1957. Ed.........
The answer to the question dated september 2nd on the Itom page is, that it' s not an Itom !
The moped shown on the photo's is a HMW Super Sport from 1960. They were made in Austria.
Have a look at
Greetings from Holland,

Whoops! Yes, indeed it is an HMW Super Sport Modell 50-2 SST Bj.60 or possibly earlier - 1957 model appears very similar. Ed.

Sat Aug 16 2008
yankee.quarantadue at
ITOM 48 cc sport
Ho trovato nel mio vecchio album questa foto e ho pemsato di mandarvela !!! Ciao

Sun Aug 03 2008
tooquik50 at yahoodot com
Itom wanted
1965-1969 4m<
I am looking to purchase a Itom road racer for personal use. I Loved the 50cc class growing up in California. American racing was far behind European racing but loved the class.
California, U S A

Thu Apr 10 2008
RJMRacing at hotmaildot com
Itom Full race bike
I am looking to buy and restore a full racing faired Itom
Surrey, England Wanted

Fri Jan 25 2008
sofesonofre at hotmaildot com
itom superbike
hello, i have a itom motorbike but unfortunatly i dont know anything about this bikes. werw could i go to evaluate the bike?

Our page on Classic Motorcycle Prices may help with evaluation.

Mon Jan 21 2008
brunomartini at
itom astor
ciao sono bruno da sono italiano pero` vivo in gran bretagna da molti anni.avevo un itom,in italia.....astor 50 quattro marce. era diaframmato.arrivava si e no` a 90 km orari.allora,io lo modificai.lo portai a 58 cm,carburatore 24,vaschetta centrale,candela bosh fradda,pistone super leggero,con due facie ad elle,marmitta corta ad espansione,testaa spianata,miscela al 10 per cento.velocita`?
132 kilometri effettivi.
grazie al mio itom,e a quelli che anno perso soldi con le scommesse
passai belle estati al mare.non ho mai grippato.e`ro a tavoletta tutti i havete qualche dubbio su come modificare l itom fatevi sentire.l itom<
monta il 20 di carburatore non il 18.

(but EKE 55C is correct rego)

Sat Jan 12 2008
pppdrive at dsl.pipexdot com
Looking again for first new bike
Itom 50
My first ever new bike was a 50cc Itom reg EKE 55C A long shot, but does anyone know if it is still around
Devon UK

Sun Nov 11 2007
albolo2005 at
Cerco ricambi
itom super sport
Cerco contatti per acquisto parti di ricambio per itom s.s
Saluti Alberto

Thu Nov 01 2007
dirk.keuleers1 at
hello there
I have recently finisht the restauretion of my 4M witch
took me one yaer . It is a 67' model and has a 4 speed box . I include pictures before and after

Fri Aug 03 2007
hugo.van-ingelgem at
itom supercompeticion
Bonjour, est-ce -que ce possible pour me de donnez de papier de mon motto itom. Je perdu de papier

Translation: Hello, this is - that this possible for me of give paper of my Moto Itom. I lost paper [Owner is searching for documentation]

Sat Jun 23 2007
pjpring at btinternetdot com
lookin 4 19" 36 hole wmo ally rims any one help!
south east england

Sat Apr 28 2007
jennyarnold06 at btbroadbanddot com
I am looking for an Itom Astor to buy.
Itom Astor
I am looking to buy an Itom Astor if anyone knows of one for sale please. Preferably it would be a 1965 or 1970 model - Yellow or Red fuel tank. My father had one when I was very young and I would like to buy one to give him some fond memories.

Wed Feb 28 2007
vince.smith at gb.abbdot com
Free to a good home!
Itom Sport
The House of my late Father is due to be sold short-ly, and I am currently clearing out the Garage. I have discovered 3 Itom frames, some wheels, engines and parts which are in a neglected, but restorable state. They were originally bought in the 60's by my Father as a project to construct machines for his two sons. The project unfortunately did not come to fruition!
The spares are available Free to anyone who is able to collect them from Hayes (Middlesex). There is a limited period before the House is Sold, so if interested, please contact me rapidly!!!

Sat Feb 17 2007
symeony at
itom 50 1960
hi im looking for a itom 1960/61 thank you

Fri Jan 26 2007
colinwildon at btinternetdot com
itom astor
Hi do you know of anyone who can supply me with a exhaust pipe and silecer for this bike
north yorkshire

Fri Jan 12 2007
lapsutinna at
ciclomotore itom

gentilmente mi potete dare un consilio esatto x l'acquisto che devo fare prossimamente e eventuale restauro a chi posso rivolgermi x sapere quanto pagare il ciclomotore astor 50 del 65 come quello che si vede in foto grazie a tutti claudio

Translation: kindly you can give one consilio exact x to me the purchase that I must make next and eventual restoration to who I can address x to know how much to pay ciclomotore astor 50 of the 65 like what one looks at in photo thanks to all Claudius

Sun Jan 07 2007
dirk.keuleers1 at
itom tabor '59
Hi, I have bought this itom Tabor some 2 jears ago and kept it as it was and just overhault the 3 speed engine whitch has a capasity of 65cc
the one i sended you with the first artikel is a 1963 super sport also in my collection
weerde (belgium)

Thu Oct 19 2006
brunomartini at
to buy
itom astor 50 cc moped
hi this is bruno martini from oxford.where can i buy an itom astor? any conditions.

Thu Oct 19 2006
colingjones at gmaildot com
1966 Itom Parts Catalogue
Hi, I have re-posted my pages covering the 1966 Itom Parts Catalogue

With thanks,


Sun Sep 24 2006 at
Itom Sport 1964
bought in 1994 in geraardsbergen (belgium)
zemst (belgie)

Sun Sep 24 2006
brunomartini at
itom astor 50 cc 4 speed
hi this is bruno from the uk.i am tryeng to buy an old itom.can anyone help?

Mon Aug 21 2006
elviogio at
ITOM by Italy
I'm italian and i have an old ITOM. I don't known model and his year.
Can you help me?
Sorry for my english.

Fri Jul 14 2006
nkg at
parts and club
itom 50cc 1960
I have an Itom fom 1960 which needs restored I am looking for parts manuals and overhaul information. Is there a club recognized by the DVLA to verify it? Thank you in anticipation Neil

Tue Mar 21 2006
gray-2002 at hotmaildot com

hi i have recently purchased a load of spares,
which include tank and side panel in original cond,loads of barrels and heads, gagues in boxes as new 2 complete engines, forks, expansion pipe , new con rod in antirust coating, cranks ,pistons and rings.Also 1 engine stamped with s and other with ss. i would like any info you can give anyone restoring one?

Thu Mar 09 2006
s.vanderleest at

I found a picture on this site, with an ITOM from 69. I believe i also have such a itom in my posession, within a few weeks it will be ready again and will look like new. But i'm still looking for more pictures of this type of itom, because i have only 1 picture. I used this one as example to choose the right colors, but i cant see all the parts. I've included this picture and pointed out the type i'm referring to.

I hope to receive some pictures from anyone

Machine in question is 2nd from right with high bars and two-tone colour scheme.

Thu Feb 16 2006
denverw at
Itom motor cycles.
I've got a couple of photo's and a brief history of my 1963 Itom 50cc.
Many congrats on your great site.

In 1963 I purchased a new Competizione from Tooley's I had the 4th gear fitted and later did the following modifications:

1) Fit rev counter.
2) Remove kick starter mechanism to save drag.
3) Fit rear set footrests
4) Pad the crankcase.
5) Removed around 2mm from the inlet piston skirt, as recommended by Tooley's.
6) Fit fairing.
7) Turned around the ignition cut-out/light switch on the right handlebar. I did this so I could easily operate the cut out button with my right thumb while ridding. I got the idea from the MZ works GP bikes at the time, they had an ignition cut-out button fitted for fast, clutch less upward gear changes. It worked a treat on the Itom, just hold the throttle wide open, a quick dab on the button followed a split second later with a gear change. The only down side was that the light switch was not handy for your thumb, being as it was now facing forward.

I kept this bike for around 2 years, commuting to work and buzzing down to Brands Hatch for race meetings, to watch my hero, Derek Minter. I had to use two grades of plug as the open road hot one would oil up if used in town. It was a great little machine, revving freely to 10,000rpm. and capable of over 60mph in favourable conditions. The only thing I didn't like was the twist grip gear change. However, there was no other road 50cc at the time that could come close. I even took it round the Brands shorts circuit one Wednesday afternoon. I think the charge was £1.10 schillings (£1.50 in today's money) for a practice session. I did around half a dozen laps but I was by far the slowest bike out there, being passed by Manx Nortons doing well over the ton was rather scary!

Sadly I sold it in 1965 to buy a car. A bloke that lived down the road from me in Norbury, SW London brought it, but I never saw it again. Thankfully, I still have these photos.

Regards, Denver ..

Mon Jan 30 2006
akris at
Itom Yahoo group

I've made an Itom Yahoo group. It's open to everyone, especially to Dutch enthousiasts.

I'm also looking for a Competition cilinder and a 16 mm Dell Orto.

Sun Dec 25 2005
tonton at
itom super sport
Hello, does anyone know anything about engine numbers. I have a 59 supersport which is stamped with an S at the end of the engine number. But I have also an engine which is stamped SS of which i suspect it is a competizione engine. Does anyone know more about this matter ??

Fri Dec 16 2005
xavier.raymond-renexter at renaultdot com
Seek the correspondence spark plugs ITOM 48 CC
I seek the spark plugs for an engine ITOM RULLO 48 CC 1950-1953. In French documentation it council a AC 44 L. I do not find this reference. By what it other does model can one replace it?

Thank You.

If the chart in the following link is a true indication, then a BP6ES will be a good start: . Ed

Thank you for your enquiry.

Unfortunately we do not have a reference to AC44 *L*. NGK lists B6S as being
a suitable alternative to AC44. AC45L is cross referenced to B4L as such,
you may find that B6L *MAY* be a suitable alternative, however as there is
no listing we are unable to recommend this part.

Both B6S and B6L can be found on page...

I am sorry we cannot be of more help. If you have any further queries,
please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best festive regards,

Rebecca Dolan

Sun Dec 11 2005
mca11 at
Itom Astor 1960
Tenho um itom astor 1960 e necessito de peças para o acabar de restaurar,por favor informem-me aonde poderei comprar,mesmo em 2ªmão ,cumprimentos Antonio Alves

Translation: I have an itom astor 1960 and I need pieces for him finish restoring favor inform me where I will be able to buy, even in 2ªhand, fulfillments Antonio Alves PortugueseHallo,
Thank you for your prompt answer. No, unfortunately the bike is for the moment
completely unassembled ,piece by piece, and nor do I have way to take digital
photos. The ITOM is an ASTOR of 1960, manual three speed and what I need is the
rear and front fenders (these one is the longest, covering half of the wheel),
the pedal kickcrank, the long seat and the main stand. I think that the my
ITOM has been changed in the zone of the rear break pedal . Would it be
possible for you to send me a photo of that part of the break system so that I
could verify how the mechanism works and correct it on my ITOM ?
Thanking you very much in advance.
Best regards
Antonio alves

Fri Dec 02 2005
symeony at
hi looking itom 50cc 1960\2 thanks symeon yiallouris

Tue Nov 22 2005
colin at
parst wanted any thing cosidered handle bars speedo and seat needed

Mon Oct 24 2005
triumph11 at
Itom Story
I'm an Italian reporter of "Motociclismo d' Epoca" I wrote a complete history of Itom If you are interested in read I can traslate it (stort written in italian) for you; but I have to wait the pubblication on the magazine bevore do it.

Next month Motociclismo d' Epoca will publish another my article with great test on all sport 50 cc of sixties (Itom too) Waiting I' send you a picture I' think they could like to the Itom enthusiast (Astor 4M -foot gear- 1965 . Ciao
Franco Bonadonna

Dear Russel. thank you for the very fast answer to my mail. I enoyed 3 pictures to Josse (I think you are in conctat ) so I envoy another 3 to you. Regarding my memories, my Itom was very fast and I won a lot of challenge against the other rivals.I remember the Garelli a little readyest at the start but Itom fastest in maximum speed ... both was beated by Guazzoni Matta (the rotarign disc induction was winning) Ciao. Franco Bonadonna - Genoa . Italy

Tue Oct 11 2005
nhpearson at
Help re Itom 50cc bike
My father has (and has had ever since I was a boy) an Itom 50cc bike with 'dropped' racing handlebars. I went to visit my parents over the weekend and my dad has the bike out in the garage and is working on it (although I know it runs perfectly!). It doesn't have number plates so I'm positive this was only a racing bike.

>From the images I've seen on this and other websites, I'm positive it's a Corsa (from around 1959). I promised I would help him try and track the history down for him and find out as much as I can about the bike.

Can anyone offer any help with any of the following - where would I look for a chassis and/or engine number so I can try and date the bike accurately.

Any help and info would be really appreciated - I'm not even sure if this is a rare bike (I guess not) but it's in very good order and I did promise I'd try to help.....

thank you.
Neil. Shrewsbury, UK.

Sun Sep 04 2005
john.parker3 at
Itom 50cc Mk 8
I had one of these as my first motorcycle in 1968, just after I joined the Navy as an Artificer Apprentice. Bought it second hand from Williamsons in Ashton Under Lyne for, I think £75. I kept it for a couple of years and eventually added a full fairing and expansion pipe - surplus to requirements from a mate who raced an Ital 50. Always had trouble with the gear change mechanism as the small ball joint wore out and the linkage would fall off now and again leaving me with no gear selection - I can't remember just how I fixed that but it was unlikely that I bought the new replacement parts as I probably couldn't afford them at the time. I remember taking the head and barrel off for a "decoke" but most probably just out of curiosity. However, just as curiosity killed the cat, I dropped a cylinder base nut into the crankcase. After the initial panick over how I would manage to strip the motor to retrieve it, common sense prevailed and I got two mates to pick the bike up, turn it upside down and shake it till the nut fell out. Happy days. I often wonder if the little bike survives today reg No WTC 95D (I think), anyone out there got it?

October 14, 2002
I bought a 65cc itom tabor sports in 1961 for £96 with a bit of skiming of the head and filing the piston it would see off most 150 cc bikes and after taking a bit off the stand so it retract fully could out corner bsa and triumph bikes through roundabouts.

I understood itom stood for industrial torino mechanical, a lovely machine 40 years ago.
reggie at

September 25, 2002
I bought an ex-racer ITOM from a guy in SE London in about 1968. He had allegedly raced it for Tooleys who were still around at that time. This bike had a fabricated slab tank that went almost all the way to the damper mountings, leaving a tiny space for an unpadded ally panel which kicked up at the back as a seat. The bike came with no electrics and a tank full of methanol fuel! I ran it once or twice around West Kensington in that condition before converting it to petrol, adding weedy cycle type lights (battery powered) and used it for best part of a year before selling it to a guy in West London. Registration was 898DYY. If anyone ever comes accross it, I really would love to have it back.
Paul Jamieson -- p.jamieson at btinternetdot com

September 4, 2002
Here is my ITOM, I would like to know if anybody has information on this model and I'm looking for a buyer too.
Walter -- walter.randon at
(Vicenza, Italy)

August 26, 2002
I have an ITOM 48cc frame color ivory, tank is orange and black. Both fenders are high (as the muffler) it looks like a half dirt bike. The bike was never restored or painted and has all original parts. I would like to know the name of the model and other info on this model. My email is walter.randon at
Thank You

July 11,2002
I was surprised to find your web site.
As soon as I became 16 years old ( 1971) , I bought a second hand Itom competition. I was so proud to drive the nice bleu machine. Later on , I possessed a lot of nice Italian an Belgian mopeds. Until now, adrenaline is still coming when I see pictures of these engines.
Here a picture from my collection.
Amateurs can mail me and get more pictures from other markes.
Messens Robrecht -- iso-paint.bvba at
Merelbeke, Belgium.

July 2, 2002
Me father was a distributor for ITOM in the Netherlands and worked for almost 1.5 years in the factory in Italy itself.

Nowadays we do our utmost to help people with information, promoting the brand by riding demo races (even international), etc.

In the early days around 1957 me father was forced by his dad to ride races as a pilot and stopped with racing ITOM somewhere in 1974. First ITOM won everything, the best years where in 1960 up to 1963 and thereafter they had more ore less the position of the underdog. To compete with other brands like Kreidler etc. he had to tune his ITOMs to the limit or modiefied even complete engines to win races. The 10-cyl ITOM was built by him and a other pilot for a side-car. He also made a ITOM 6-speed himself which is been sold through England and nowadays in the Barber Museum in the USA.

We do have 3 very nice ITOM racers ourselves, see the enclosed pictures.

Nice Web sites are: (404) (all 50cc racers with no. 43 is my dad (also nowadays), my number is 42.

Marco Kemperman -- m.p.kemperman at

February 7, 2002
Please can any one assist i wish to purchase an ITOM COMPLETE IF POSSIBLE AND I LIVE IN PERTH WA. -- Regards -- Steve, Perth West Austrailia -- stephenc at

January 12, 2002
Hi! Very pleased to find something on the web about the Itom's. Here is a picture of my Itom Competizione (model 1960) that I bought second hand in 1963. I kept it till 1983 when I had the unfortunate idea to give it away. I still regret it profoundly today !

The Itom's were very popular in Belgium in the fifties and the sixties and more specially in the teenagers racing teams.

I still own an instruction booklet about the Itom Astor 50cc model.

The Itom factory was known under the name Motori Itom Torino and was located in Torino (Italy) via Francesco Millio 40 and the telephone number was 31-286 (probably outdated !). I wonder about the fate of this small factory. Does anybody know something more about it ?

Daniel R. Gigot -- Itterbeek Belgium -- drag.4711 at

October 13, 2001
Hi Itom fans I've just bought and am restoring an Itom mark v111. Most of the bike is there, except for a seat and most important the carburetor. I would really like an ss1 type but any would do. I also have have some engine spares eg, a complete crank assembly, a pair of crank cases, a three speed gear box, a clutch actuating lever, primary gears etc. I will sell these or swap for the parts I need or I will just buy the parts if you have them. -- Regards Micheal from Ireland. -- kazmaniandevil-007 at hotmaildot com

September 1, 2001
I've got an question. I want to buy an ITOM motor 50cc with everything on it. The problem is do you know a site or somebody with an Itom and who's ready to sell him for a fare price? I hope you got enough information to help me out. -- my regards, -- Henk de Vaal -- at

August 31, 2001
I am looking for an Itom Mk 8 to buy, preferably as a restoration project. If anyone out there has one or knows where there is one, let me know -- Tony Hayward -- tony.hayward at

July 9, 2001
Herès a picture of my Itom that I owned in South Africa in the Sixties. It was bright yellow with a white frame. Ran like hell and handled great. Has anyone else owned a yellow version like this? Would be interesting to know. It came with a leather cushion for the tank and the seat was leather suede. Decal on the tank said Itom Competizione.
Neel Muller -- neelm at uwinkdot com
5443 Beethoven St.
Los Angeles, CA 90066
310-827-6900 x129
fax 310-827-7633

April 30, 2001
Re: Itom suoersport 50 cc 1958
I was sixteen in 1958. By that time a "moped" like a Solex or Mobylette was doing about 25 km/ph and this new Italian bomb was reaching 85/90 km/ph. I got a Super Sports from my parents so imagine what wonderful years I had!! I still own the original sales brochure also indicating the Belgian price 11,950 Belgian Francs for a new Super Sports. When I became 18, I changed the Itom for a Vespa Grand Sport 1960, but years later on a swap meeting I was able to buy back exactly the same Itom but totally restored. It is now in my living room, showing all its beauty!! By the way my splendid dog is a huge Leonberger. His name is Itom!!!

Willy Vernimmen -- kleine.heide at
Kleine Heide 11
2930 Brasschaat
B-Belgium Europe

March 7, 2001
moi c'est bernard
j'ai trouver dans une ferme une itom competizione
que je vais restaurer
SOS HELP pour mon ITOM
mon adresse: nardcoco at hotmaildot com

Sheldon's translation:
Hello, my name is Bernard, and at a farm I found an Itom Competizione that I would like to restore. I really need help in this. You may e-mail me at: nardcoco at hotmaildot com

February 8, 2001
Back in 1963 my father bought an Itom Supersport. He used it for about 5 years, after that it was put in our garage and forgotten. A couple of years ago I dug it out only to find that my brother had tried to repair that which was not broken. Their seem to be a few bits missing most of which are not a problem but their is one bit which in the manual seem to be a shaft from the gear selector to the gear box which I am sure is going to cause me problems.

The bike has only done about 2,200 miles from new so it seems a shame to not restore it. Does anybody know where I might get this part? Also does anybody have any idea of the value of these bikes now?

The bike was bought in London and has a red tank and black frame.

Thanks for any info -- Nigel Hill , London, UK -- nigelhill at

November 16, 2000
I owned a new Itom Motorcycle/moped when I was in high school in South Africa in the mid sixties when the first Honda 50cc 4-stroke mopeds were really selling like hot cakes. It was a beautiful yellow Competizione model that easily outran anything else including the Garellis that were around at the time.

I bought it from an Indian guy in Pretoria that had a small dealership in the city. This dealer was racing a very exotic factory version of the Itom.

Does anyone know more about the racing model of that time? Not sure what that model was called but it was very sophisticated. You could adjust the needle setting from the handlebars. I spent many happy miles on my bike around Pretoria and got many speeding tickets. I started modifying and tinkering with the bike without really knowing what I was doing and changed the hand gearshift to a foot gearshift without much success and bolted on a larger Dell Orto carb which pretty much made it run badly. Anyway I have very fond memories of the bike. I kept it untill I got married in '72 and sold it to someone in Johannesburg. Would love to know where it ended up. I will look for a picture and send it.
Neel Muller -- neelm at uwinkdot com

November 8, 2000
I have an Itom moped but I don't no the model, it's only a text on the motor "Derby" I have asked many people here in Sweden but there is no one who's heard about it, So please help me to fin out more about it. How many years was Itom on the market? Where can I find spare parts to the motor?? -- Marianne Blomqvist -- Marianne.blomqvist at teliadot com

October 15, 2000
I am just after acquiring one of these 50 cc racers in very good nick and am about to restore to original condition. It is roughly around 1960's and am wondering approximate value or where I can get more information.
Many Thanks -- Eamonn -- check out
Eamonn Keegan -- ekeegan at

October 13, 2000
I want one! If anyone is selling, please contact me. I live in London, UK -- StewartOkin at csdot com

August 30, 2000
I believe that I own a ITOM Mk7 or MK8. I'm desperate for literature brochure and a clutch selector mechanism.
Patrick Llorca -- patrick.llorca at

July 31, 2000
I have just purchased this motorcycle - could anyone give me more info about it? model / year etc. If anyone has manuals/documentation I would like to purchase these or copies of them. -- Shaun Powell -- Johannesburg  -- shaunp at

My father worked for AH Tooleys in London for many years on Itoms and Vellos. He still has some spares laying about if you want information about Itoms drop him a line at: derek.garnham at
Denis Garnham -- denis.garnham at

I own a ITOM Motorcycle. How can I define the type exactly (Mk 7 ?? - External Fourk spring, lever on petrol cap, .. ). I brought it second hand and in a good condition in 1978. I would like to put it back to original condition.
Patrick Llorca -- patrick.llorca at
96, Avenue des Frères Lumière
69008 LYON

September 15, 1999
I have a Mark 8 Itom, bought in 1966 from Williamson Brothers, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Manchester, and use to go and watch the TT races on it in the early seventies, "and go round the course too". My best mod was to add a small plate in font of the gear selector to shield it from road-grit thrown up by the front wheel. Of interest to people rebuilding an Itom from boxed bits, I also have a 1965-66 parts catalogue which covers the Astor Sport, Astor S. Sport and Astor 4 M. and features exploded illustrations of the engines and cycle parts. "A great little bike". -- Colin -- colin at

I have read with interest the page on the Itom. I am the Editor and Press Secretary of the UK based Racing 50 Enthusiast Club. We specialize in racing 50cc motorcycles of the Classic period from the mid 1950s to 1974. At present we can have on the start line ITOMs, Minarellis, Kreidlers, NSU, Garelli, Motobi etc. They either race competitively or Parade.

I have #1 1967 Mk VIII and a 1971 Mk IX Itom, a Spondon Minarelli 50cc racer and a 3speed hand change MOTOBI 50cc racer. All of these racers are undergoing preparation for the new season but when complete I will send photos and information. I have information on the ITOM models and would be happy to answer questions, knowledge and information allowing for readers of this page.

If any reader wishes to join the club (we have members in Canada, USA, Holland, France, Australia and Italy) please ask them to send me an email to confirm interest.

JEEP jeep at

I had one of these in the U.K.from 1964—It was appallingly engineered, both in the cycle parts and the engine. It had a forward-moving kickstart (which I removed as it ran in constant mesh and therefore slowed the thing down. I was a 'rocker'—but just a small one, as I wanly allowed to have a small motorcycle as a learner. I bought mine from a dealer in Lewisham, South London, called Tooley's. Their specialist in these was named Dick Chaleye (not sure about the spelling) and he tuned theirs.

I bought one of their specials. It was a new Mk 7 and cost 126 pounds and weighed in standard at 108 pounds. Mine had Tooley's special fiberglass tank and seat. I still have tuning information about Itoms, cut from Motorcycle Mechanics magazine.



This was a 49.?? cc 2-stroke single; conventional breathing; air cooled.

The cylinder was cast iron and heavily finned. Both the inlet port and the exhaust port were bridged to stop the piston rings expanding into them. There were two transfer ports (one each side), and they were quite wide also.

I tuned the ports on my engine by smoothing the exhaust port and widening it as much as I dare and lowering the bottom edge to mate up properly with the top of the piston. I also made the top edge straight and made all the corners of the now-squarish port a smaller radius to maximize the gas-flow.

I also made the inlet port as wide as possible and, conscious that the incoming charge was being diverted away from the big-end bearing by the bridge, I sharpened the leading edge of the bridge, and removed it, but only up to where the piston rings would be at the bottom of the stroke.

As I recall, the bridge by this time hung down about 8 mm into the inlet port, leaving perhaps 15 mm or so of unimpeded space below it. I then re-shaped and polished the inlet port to have a tendency to direct the charge onto the big-end bearing. The inlet manifold on the Itom was simply a short length of pipe threaded into the barrel, resulting in a step in the inlet tract. I blended this as best I could, but found there was insufficient metal around that area of the barrel do the job perfectly. I then sawed the inlet stub (manifold) as short as I could so that the carburetor, a small Del Orto (I think 19mm and was clamped onto the inlet stub by a circlip-type fixing, employing the same principle used to hold a hose onto a car radiator) would sit as close as possible to the barrel. The fixing arrangement, I found, constantly came undone with the vibration, as did the float chamber, and the throttle slide retaining nut.

Transfer ports are known to be dodgy things to mess about with—so I did!

I thought about it long and hard, and decided to raise the rear of the top edge by 1 mm, so that it would open to scavenge the cylinder to better effect.

Frank Gausden 909 East coast road, Kaiaua, via pokeno, New Zealand.

I have just acquired an old Itom. I think I have almost all of it (albeit in boxes), and many of the parts I've acquired are brand new (although ironically enough brand new doesn't exclude rusted or damaged), and it is very much a restorable entity. I am not 100% sure which model it is yet, as it is unlike the one in your picture, and unlike the one in the attached picture which a guy in Holland sent me.

In the late sixties, as a teenager, I owned one which I think was similar to the one in the attached picture. I would be grateful for any info you could possibly let me have (I will obviously cover any expenses you may incur, or if I can reciprocate in any way, let me know).
Shaun Powell Shaun at

Itom Astor.jpg
Itom Astor

I don't know which is mine yet. The parts I have almost suggest a combination of the two (aaarrgghhh), or it is a different model. I used to own the supersport back in about 65, and I was trying to get another. I'm also trying to trace my original one which was a 1957 model. I will let you know more as soon as I do.

I have determined that there are at least 2 or 3 other Itoms here in South Africa, all restored to concourse condition, together with a few Garelli fifties as well. I have also just started on a 1970 Kreidler Florette.
Shaun Powell -- shaunp at

Finally after 10 hours of searching, I have found someone with the knowledge of such a company.. I need knowledge too I just bought an ITOM moped.. yes you heard it correctly.. I am in Canada and it is a peddle assisted bicycle with a 50cc motor it was purchased some time in the 1970's and I would love to furnish you with a picture of it once I take one.. if you know anything about this beast I would love to hear from you .. thank you for your time :) -- Tony  Ton doctorwho at

I now have an e-mail address of frankgausden at if anyone needs more information on the Itom. Mine was completely stripped once a month, so I remember a fair bit about them.

The inlet port was fed by a Del Orto carburetor (I can't remember the size). It was mounted by a circlip arrangement onto a tube that was screwed into the barrel and locked there with a locknut which required a 'C' spanner (or a screwdriver and hammer!). I filed the inside shape of the mounting tube to blend as best as I could with the inlet port, but this did mean that the final rotated position of the tube was critical. I sawed the stud off shorter than standard to allow the carb to be mounted as close as possible to the barrel. The carb itself was a pain; the float bowl kept coming undone from the carburetor, owing to vibration. It had no air cleaner, just a bellmouth, which I didn't shorten to any great extent, but I did sharpen the leading edge to give clean airflow. -- Frank Gausden frankgausden at hotmaildot com

If you have a query about Itom motorcycles please contact us