British Motorcycles

Royal Enfield 1927 9.76 h.p. Trade Delivery Sidecar


9.76 h.p. Trade Delivery Combination Model 185

FITTED with coach-built box carrier, the 9.76 h.p. Royal Enfield Motor Cycle is the ideal outfit for small tradesman or large store. We have supplied this form of carrier to bakers, butchers, billposters, boot repairers, drapers, fishmongers, grocers, laundrymen, and others.

The box is made in our own factory of best quality timber, and has a hinged top.

It is painted in green to match the motor cycle, and highly finished throughout.

The dimensions of the box carrier are as follows :

Length, 4 ft. 6 in.

Depth, 1 ft. 9 in.

Width, 1 ft. 8 in.

Capacity, approximately 25 cubic feet.

Lettering on the panels of the box will be inscribed at a small extra charge, according to the work done.

Attention is directed to the fact that this 9.76 h.p. Royal Enfield is a double-purpose vehicle. A standard passenger sidecar body can be fitted to the chassis of Model 285 with very little trouble, a separate set of springs and shackles only being necessary.

Weight of Box Carrier, Chassis, etc.

168 lbs. Overall length of Combination,

7 ft. 2 in. Overall width, 5 ft. 3 in.

Price - £84 net cash

Adapted from a catalogue available at Barnstormers NZ