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Brief History of the Marque: NUT
Production began in 1912 and by 1913 they were already winning races on the Isle of Man. Using their own engines and also those of JAP and Villiers, the name of the Newcastle Upon Tyne marque became synonymous with powerful V-twin sports machines.
More history of NUT motorcycles...

subject: 1914 NUT Motorcycle
Email: mcbeedledeedoo<at>yahoodot com
message: Hi there, I'm after information on:
- where can I find a 1914 NUT Motorcycle 500 V-Twin fully restored for sale
- and what price I could expect to pay on such a score

Any information anyone can help me with would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Thu Oct 09 2008
svenerik at remaxkonsult.co
Value in UK
NUT 1921 w. sidecar
I wonder what the value at an auction in UK could be for this bike and rattan sidecar in absolute mint condition?

Our page on Classic Motorcycle Prices may help with evaluation.

Fri Dec 29 2006
info at paul-gowland-atv.co.uk
oil pump
nut 680 1927
hi we are in the process of renovating a 1927 nut but it doesnt appear to have an oil pump have you any pics of the rh side it looks as it drives off the crank end on the mag drive

As the engine is most likely by JAP, then there are many other marques which use the same unit most notably Brough Superior. Click here for pictures of the RHS of a BS 680

Sat Dec 30 2006
peter at gearchange.co.uk
nut motorcycles

Hellow, I probably have as much experience of NUT motorcycles as anybody alive. Since 1955 I have owned eleven in total, of which I still have two. In 1961 I rode a 1914 NUT from Somerset to Newcastle Upon Tyne to follow up on replies from my letter to the Newcastle Journal. I do have a fair amount of literature etc. Please contact me by email if I can be of any assistance. Peter. Sparkes.

Thu Sep 15 2005
kevi at roddam1.fsnet.co.uk
NUT Motorcycles
I am very intersted to obtain information on the NUT bikes as i am seriously considering purchasing one, could you please mail me all articles you have.

If you have a query about NUT motorcycles, or wish to share your knowledge of these classic British machines, please contact us

Nut 1922 998cc V-Twin.jpg
NUT 1922 998cc V-Twin
Nut 1925 700cc Vtwin.jpg
NUT 1925 700cc Vtwin

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