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Made in Austria from 1898 to 1908

Brief History of the Marque: Laurin & Klement
Made in Austria, the pioneering factory produced many fascinating and innovative designs including single cylinder machines, V twins, inline twins and inline fours. Some models were made under licence in Germany under the Germania brand. After 1908 L&K ceased production of motorcycles to concentrate on automobile manufacture, and the company was sold to Skoda of Czechoslovakia in the mid 1920s.

Laurin & Klement 1905
Laurin & Klement 1905.jpg
Laurin & Klement 1905
Laurin & Klement Postage Stamp, Bulgaria

The marque also produced sidecars, as mentioned in the book "Sidecars made in Bohemia".

Sept 07
Last night I had occasion to spend some more time in your site, and noted the stuff on Laurin and Klement is scant... You may have also missed the fabulous two part history of L&K Skoda the first volume of which contains a veritable mountain of stuff on L&K motorcycles, one of which has been offered to a close friend of mine which caused me to look for stuff thereon...
Martin Shelly (Linx)


L&K - Skoda: Part 1-The Upward Path 1895-1945
Kozisek, Petr & Jan Kralik
Telling the definitive story of Skoda from its beginnings as Laurin & Klement, bicycle manufacturers, to its takeover by the Nazis in 1939 and continuing the story up to the end of the war. Over 200 pages of text and over 200 of photographs and specifications of their motorcycles, cars and commercial vehicles up to 1945. This volume weighs nearly 2 kg.

Skoda Laurin & Klement (ISBN: 1855322374)
Ivan Margolius~Charles Meisl
Osprey, 1992

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Vintage Motorcycles at Ebay

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