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Gentil Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

France 1902-1904
Rue J.P. Timbaud Courbevoie (Seine) (After 1910)

The company was created in 1902 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, by Edmond Gentil, founder of Alcyon.

Early machines had a horizontal single-cylinder engine in front of the pedalling gear which gave the Gentil the look of a modern moped. They also produced V-twin motorcycles.

It is understood that machines under the Gentil brand were produced 1902-1904.
Gentil merged with or acquired Armor of Courbevoie in 1909, Olympique in 1922, Thomann of Nanterre in 1923, Labor of Courbevoie and the Parisian builder La Française Diamant in 1924. .

Sources: encycloduvelo.fr, Tragatsch et al.

Sat May 20 2006
massitocamelas at yahoo.com.ar
Maximiliano sola
moto gentil type 1 a s 1901
estimados amigos les escribo porque tengo un cuadro de moto gentil y no tengo ninguna foto y ningun dato , lo unico que aberigue es que montaba un motor de 98cc de dos tiempos posible amc? Frances desde ya cualquier informacion extra estare muy agradecido.
Saludos maxi desde bahia blanca

Translation: They reckoned friends I write them because I have a picture of Gentil motorcycle and I do not have any photo and ningun data, it unico that aberigue is that mounted a motor of 98cc of two-stroke, possibly an AMC? Frances since already any information extra I was very thanked.

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