British Motorcycles


Weller produced motorcycles from 1902 to 1904, in West Norwood, London. They also built cars.

  • 1902 Their two-wheelers had a bicycle-type frame, with a vertically-mounted own-built 1¾hp or 2¼hp engine on the right of the downtube. The drive belt to the rear wheel was on the left of the tube. The cylinder fins were loose washers, dropped over the plain diameter and held by the long studs that secured the head. The controls were all handlebar mounted and included a twisting-handle throttle, while the rear brake was an internal-expanding drum with cam operation.
  • 1903 They advertised a 50-mile trial run for any would-be buyer.
  • 1904 By now, the company had turned to the production of cars.

Sources Grace's Guide

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