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Scitsu were motorcycles produced in 1981 to a design by Tony Dawson of Astralite.

The most notable feature of this machine was the frame that was made from two plates of aluminium bolted together. The designer also produced the Astralite wheels in the same way. The machine was successful in ther 125cc road-racing class.

Plans were afoot to fit the frame with a number of Sachs engines of various capacities, but nothing came of it.

  • Note: Previous to 1981, the machine had been called the Manxman.
    • Addendum: Dawson Harmsworth was established in March 1978, to manufacture high performance motorcycle components mainly for the road race market. The first major product was Astralite wheels. These became the most popular wheel in racing during the seventies and eighties. Shortly after the start of wheel production, a joint venture between Tony Dawson and Rod Kitchen of SRA was formed to manufacture the Scitsu Tachometer. Over the years six world championships have been won by teams/riders using Scitsu instruments. The company was founded on the principle of giving 'value for money' and a service to customers based on the experience of having been racers themselves and thus, understanding the needs of its customers.

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