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Reynolds were motorcycles produced by Albert E. Reynolds, who was based in Liverpool, from 1931 to 1934.

  • 1931 Albert Reynolds was a Scott dealer who produced parts for the marque, and that year the factory began supplying him with models to his own specification. To begin with they were known as Aero Specials, from his initials. Engines of both 497cc and 598cc were listed along with Brampton forks, Velocette-type foot-change and twin headlamps.
  • 1932 By now the machines were known as Reynolds Specials.
  • 1933 Only the larger engine was listed.
  • 1934 That model was joined by another with a 249cc Villiers water-cooled engine. Scott was now in decline so Albert Reynolds turned his attention elsewhere.

  • Note: His ideas returned later - as the AER.

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