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Lincoln Elk were motorcycles produced by James Kirby, at Broadgate, Lincoln, from 1902 to 1925.

  • 1902 the Lincoln Elk name was first seen on bicycles prior to 1902, but from that year and until he was into his sixties, James Kirby produced a powered model. This was a heavy-duty fitted with an engine.
  • 1905 The model now had a 2.24hp engine fitted into a loop frame with braced forks and belt drive. Following on from that, the firm made their own engines of 3hp and 3.5hp and also used Druid forks.
  • 1912 An ingenious two-speed gear appeared. This had a chain-driven counter-shaft with two clutches, one on either side of the machine, to engage either a belt drive to the rear wheel, or a chain, and thus giving two ratios.
  • 1914-1916 A 6hp V-twin was added, to join 2.25hp and 4.25hp singles.
  • Post-War. There were three sv models: singles of 349cc and 597cc, and a 771cc V-twin that ran on until 1925.
  • 1922 The smallest model had the option of a direct-belt drive.
  • 1924 All three models had all-chain drive.
  • 1925 With James Kirby now well into his eighties, production came to an end.

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