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Bond Cars Ltd of Ribbleton Lane, Preston was a car and motorcycle maker.

  • 1949 The marque was created in Preston by Sharps Commercials. The machines were designed and produced by Lawrence Bond, who started out making three-wheeled cars.
  • 1961 Listed as Sharp's Commercials Ltd. Employed 300 persons.
  • 1971 The company was taken over by the Reliant Motor Co Ltd of Tamworth, Staffs in 1971.


Bond were motorcycles built from 1950 to 1953 and from 1958 to 1962.
  • 1950 An odd-looking three-wheeled motorcycle appeared. It had an all-alloy frame, from which a sheet had been rolled into a large tube with the engine suspended. Most of each wheel was enclosed by an enormous mudgard. It had a two-speed, 99cc Villiers 1F engine, no suspension as such, 4-inch tyres and 16-inch wheels with split rims. During that year, telescopic forks appeared.
  • 1951 A machine with a 125cc two-stroke JAP engine was launched, but supply problems hampered production. During that year Bond went on to design the BAC and manufacture went over to Ellis of Leeds.
  • 1953 Production of the original machine ceased.
  • 1955 Late that year Bond reappeared as a two-wheeler. This was the Sherpa scooter fitted with a 99cc Villiers 1F engine under glass-fibre bodywork. The style was typical of the period, and although it went on show at Earls Court, it never progressed past the single prototype stage.
  • 1956-1957 The name continued on three-wheelers and the firm moved to Preston in Lancashire.
  • 1959 The company returned to making two-wheelers and produced a scooter that was typical in style, if a little heavy. Powered by a 148cc Villiers 31C engine, it had three speeds and a Siba electric start. It was then joined by another model with a 197cc Villiers 9E and four speeds.
  • 1960 Both those models were revised in style and ran on for two more years.
  • 1962 After this year no more motorcycles were produced.
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