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A Brief History of the Marque
Made in France from 1922 to 1953
M. Aublay
1bis rue de Clamart
Previously at 1 rue d'Issy Billancourt, and earlier in Nantes. In the 1950s they produced mopeds in Nantes.

Models include:
BMA 98cc 1920s
C7 Pyrénées 1930 to 1931
G Touriste 1930 to 1932

Cyclomoteurs of the 50s include:
Type N° 1 B, ABG VAP two-stroke 49.9cc
Type N° 549 VAP 55
Type N° 550 Junior Le Poulain 49.9cc
Type N° 553 Vap 55/3

There was also a German Stella marque built in the late 1950s, and quite likely an Italian Stella from the 1920s.

Sources: JLB Creations, cyclememory.org

Sun Jun 01 2014
harleyman3 at wanadoo.fr
Spare parts
Stella 1925?
Hi, I've almost finished the restoration of a Stella motocycle, do you know anything about these bikes? I need a nut for the head stock, it looks like 26.5mm(??) and a kick start return spring for the Staub gearbox, any ideas. The bike belongs to a local moonshine producer who bought it in 1928.
Bordeaux Fr

Tue Nov 16 2010
braunipit<at>aoldot com
Stella Veneta
1980 Mini Kito
Hello, can't find any informations about my Stella Veneta with a 49ccm Motori Morini Franco engine. Does anybody has any informations and tech details about it?
Germany, Bavaria, Weiden

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