Swedish Motorcycles

Silentia Electric Motorcycles and Three-wheelers

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: : c1972-1988, Uppsala, Sweden

In the early 70s Björn Örtenheim began producing electric mopeds and motorcycles, and in 1975 built 3-wheeled utility vehicles (transportcykel). He planned serial production of electric cars.

In 1975 an attractive sports car was presented with a glass fibre body and mainly Volkswagen chassis components powered by two electric engines, with two more in reserve for additional power when needed.

The sportscar could manage 80 km/h with a range of 300 km per charge. An optional small trailer containing additional batteries was available.

The Elmopeden Silencia 24 moped-style electric scooter arrived in 1978.

Sources: Konditori, Tekniska museet Sweden.

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