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Brief History of the Marque: Rover

The Coventry-based firm built bicycles as early as 1884, and its founder, John Starley, had had the foresight to evaluate a number of Peugeot motorcycles in 1899. Starley died in 1901 and was succeeded as Managing Director by Harry Smith who continued development and demonstrated the company's first motorcycle in November 1902, the Rover Imperial.

Prior to the First World War Rover built conventional diamond-framed machines using 496cc 85x88mm sidevalve engines of their own design, augmented after the war by Rover 248cc and 348cc OHV engines and JAP engines including a 676cc V Twin.

During the Great War the company supplied motorcycles to the armies of Britain and Russia. Subsequently production of motorcycles took second place to automobiles, and in 1924 the manufacture of all two-wheelers ceased. Over 10,000 motorcycles had been built.

There is a mention on an Italian site of The Rover 1924 - 1938, indicating there may have been further manufacture of the marque in the Milan region.

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Rover 1913 500cc.jpg
Rover 1913 500cc
Rover c1915.jpg
Rover c1915

Thu Jun 20 2013
Rover Motorcycle Information
Rover unknown
Any information, links, contacts for Rover motorcycles would be greatly appreciated, I have a motor however unsure what year, would appreciate any resources that could possibly help with getting more information

Kind Regards

Sun Feb 17 2013

Rover 1912
We have a 1912 Rover motor cycle and are wanting to post it for sale is there any interest
New Plymouth NZ

Fri Aug 19 2011
 jewels< at> slingshot.co.nz (bounces)

Rover Rover
 I have orig catalogue pics and specs for Rover Motorcycles 1912& 1915,i can email your site,cheers Graeme

Tue Apr 12 2011
Rover 1917 3.5hp
Rover 1917 3.5hp Rover 1917 3.5hp
Rover 1917 3.5hp stolen alongwith 1910 Rover bicycle. Motor bike as per picture. Both in great condition. Bicycle had 1960's rubber pedals

Rover 1917 Stolen

Tue Feb 16 2010
iain.kerr at live.co.uk
rover 400cc
I own a 1922 un restored motorcycle. I'm would like to get it valued and wondered if anyone could help. Many thanks Iain Kerr.

Sat Nov 22 2008
brown.laura at tesco.net
what models are these?
Rover/Levis ?
Dear Sir
here are two pictures of my Great Grandad and Grandma taken around 1920's, and my Father would like to know which models they are.

Rover motorcycle RW-68

Thu Nov 13 2008
bob at hinton330.fsnet.co.uk
Rover Motorcycle
4.25HP 1912
Dear Sir,

I have a photograph of an old motorcycle being ridden by my Great Uncle. I am trying to identify the model.
Bob Hinton

Rover 1912 Wales

Wed Sep 05 2007
gosfordsigns at cirruscomms.com.au
1912 Rover
Hello we have a 1912 Rover Motorcycle with Fitall Gear And would like some photos or old poster or any info on the old girl We would like to put it toghter and sell at later date
Regards Barney

Rover 1912 Australia 1.jpg
Rover 1912 Australia

Tue Jan 16 2007
erik.brinkman at erikbrinkman dot com
Rover Brand Ownership
Rover Motorcycle
I am interesed in knowing who owns the rights to "Rover" as applied to motorcycles ?
600 miles west of Los Angeles
Tue Dec 19 2006
erik.brinkman at erikbrinkman dot com
Rover Motorcycles
I read your bit on the Rover and that you were looking for more info. I too am looking. I am looking for whomever OWNS the rights to the name when applied to motorcycles.

The bike is quite stunning. Well worth a visit to the site:

Rover Concept Bike.jpg
Rover? Concept Bike

Sun Jan 22 2006
speedbj at spray.se
I need Rover motorcycle club address.

Thu Sep 08 2005
schwietzer at t-online.de
rover motorcycles
I need to in contact with somebody who can give me information about rover motorcycles, because i has to write a story about thes for a german oldtimer-magazine!

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