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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1926 to 1955
Av. de la Gare, Bourg also 9 Avenue Pierre Sémard, Bourg (Ain)

The marque used engines from AMC , Aubier & Dunne, Chaise, Ducati, Moser, NSU, VAP, JAP and Nervor.

Joseph Chapolard, a smart businessman, began his endeavours in 1904. The first shop sold and repaired various brands of sewing machine, bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles. He soon created his own brand - Radior - with an assembly plant for cycles and sewing machines. In 1911, he moved to larger premises in Avenue Pierre Sémard opposite the station, with a modern factory at the Pont de Lyon added in 1920.

In 1926, Radior began building motorcycles. The first model, presented at the Paris Salon of that year, had a 175cc Moser engine. By 1927 the range expanded, with 250cc, 350cc and 500cc offered using engines from various specialist manufacturers. With the introduction of the new BMA tax class for 100cc machines with pedals, the Radior Radiorette, with an Aubier & Dunne engine, became popular. Chapolard and Goubet also began making their own 2-stroke engines under the brand Nervor.

Postwar Radior BMA's featured a variety of proprietary engines: in 1952, Mosquito and Cucciolo engines were used; VAP were fitted in 1953; in 1954 they offered a choice of models, with VAP or Mistral 48cc or the 98cc NSU. VAP motors were used again in 1955. They also made various postwar 125cc and 175cc machines, using their own Nervor engines; these engines were also supplied to other companies such as Hurtu and Manufrance.

In 1954, a 250cc twin 2-stroke called the Bison was introduced . The market at this time was extremely competitive. The Bison was not enough to stave off the company's cashflow problems and, unfortunately, the company went out of business the following year.

Radior Models include:
R.N.1C. Standard & Luxe 100cc Nervor
1929 Radior AS JAP 500cc
1949 RN3T 125cc 2T
1952 Radior Cucciolo 48cc
1953 Radior R98 2-Speed NSU 98cc
1955 Radior Bison 250cc Nervor Twin

Information on a number of models may be found at Radior at Bikelinks

Sources: BuyVintage.com.

Wed Sep 30 2015
markus.zon at gmx.de
radior 350 sport
Hallo ich bin im besitz von einer Radior bj 1930 mit orginalpapieren 350 ccm sport. falls sie bilder brauchen können sie mich jederzeit kontacktieren. gruß von deutschland

Sun Mar 03 2013
RADIOR 1930 ?
Contact B M 100 cc 2 Stroke
Sono in possesso di questa MotoBici RADIOR di fabbricazione francese degli anni fine anni 1920 inizio 1930 con Motore NERVOR a 2 Tempi di 100cc. Monomarcia con Frizione e avrei piacere di essere contattato da collezionisti o esperti di questo marchio per consigli e scambi di informazioni, grazie, saluti, luciano
Torino - Italy

    I am in possession of this MotoBici RADIOR made ??in France the years late 1920 early 1930 with a 2-stroke engine of 100cc NERVOR. Single speed with clutch and I would like to be contacted by collectors or experts of this brand for advice and exchange of information, thanks, greetings, Luciano


Engine is Nervor serie no 1405
This is possibly a Radior BMA model of 1926 or 1927 which has styling distinctly earlier, with an underslung tank and carbide lighting.

Fri Oct 26 2012
Radior 350JAP, 28/29
Mesdames, Messieurs,

Je suis en possession d'un "Radior JAP OHV 350cc, construit en 1928/29." Comme j'ai trouvé dans la littérature spécialisée seulement l'indication selon laquelle la moto a été produite à Bourg (Ain), je vous demande un éventuel soutien pour la restauration. Peut-être est-il possible pour vous de m'envoyer une photo concernant la peinture/couleur d'origine ou trouvé quelqu'un dans votre club qui pourrait me donner des informations et pourrait me contacter.

Je serais reconnaissant pour tout renseignement!

Je me réjouis de votre réponse et je vous remercie d'avance pour vos efforts.

Meilleures salutations de Munich

Rudolf Platzer

Radior c1928 JAP 350

Sat Oct 13 2012
restoring Radior
Radior RN3T 1949 RN3T 125 cc Nervor
i need any info about this bike.

Radior 1949 RN3T 12

Thu Nov 05 2009
a.duyn at Chello.nl
RADIOR / nervor
1930 100 cc
Hallo, I'm restoring a Radior/Nervor 100 cc. of
abt. 1930. De you know perhaps the SIZE OF THE TYRES? Thanks in advance!
Atty Duijn / Holland.

January 1, 2001
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

seit längerer Zeit besitze ich eine Radior Superieure im restaurierten Zustand. Leider fehlt mir sämtliches Informationsmaterial über das Motorrad. Es sieht aus wie ein Fahrrad mit Motor. Baujahr etwa 1930.

Motor: Nervor, Nr.: 5751 mit Morel Zündanlage. Fahrgestellnr.: 5179. Da ich einige Probleme mit der Fliehkraft-Kupplung?? habe, benötige ich dringend jede Information wie eine Kopie des Kfz-Briefes, Bedienungsanleitung, evtl. Reperaturanleitung usw. Für jede Information bin ich dankbar. Mfg B. Kirchhoff -- b.kirchhoff at surfeu.de

Sheldon's Lame Translation:
Ladies and Gentlemen, for some time I have owned a Radior Superieure that was restored. Unfortunately all the documentation is missing for this  motorcycle. It looks like a bicycle with an engine. The year of construction was about 1930. Engine: Nervor, No.: 5751 with Morel ignition system. Chassis No.: 5179. I believe it has a centrifugal clutch?? I am in urgent need of information such as a copy of the Kfz letter (??????), operating instructions, repair manual, etc.. I will be grateful for any information.  Mfg B. Kirchhoff

July 17, 2000
Have you please some informations about the brand RADIOR (year of manufacturing, quantity, photos, web site, price...)
Thanks in advance.
Cyrille MAILLET -- JChristophe.Anger at wanadoo.fr

I own a Radior made in 1930. It has a JAP engine; a 350 cc overhead valve type. I've had it for 6 years and bought it at a fair in Belgium. I have some important data about the engine, but lack all on frame and such. I have not been able to locate any information about that.

Later I will enlarge the Radior site with pictures and technical information.

First I will have to find out how vehicle registration was done in France and Belgium back then. One question I have is for example: did frame and engine numbers match (back in 1930) when it left the factory.  Or were they different?

If you know anything about it, please inform me. -- Groetjes, Raymond Willems -- willemsrip at noknok.nl

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