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A Brief History of the Marque
Maino of Italy built limited numbers of motorcycles between 1902 and 1956, with several periods of inactivity. Early machines had Souverain 2.25ph engines from Switzerland. After 1945, Giovanni Maino built 38cc Mosquito powered mopeds, and lightweights with NSU and Sachs engines of 98cc to 147cc.

The firm was established in Alessandria in 1896 and is best known for its bicycles.

Sources: Tragatsch, et al

Mon Apr 30 2012
urs.mueller at kubo.ch
Motorbike restored
50 ccm Maino 50 ccm
Some pictures for your site from my restored Maino 50 ccm. It has been saved from scrapping 3 years ago.
So far I havent found a Picture of a equal Bike.
Would be nice to contact with other owners of a Maino.
Zürich, Switzerland

Sun Feb 26 2006
maino at wixx dot com

could you please tell me where i could purchase a poster or advertisment for the Maino Motorcycle company. thank you, sincerely John Maino USA
Green Bay, Wisconsin

February 18th 2005
Ciclomotore MAINO 50 cc. Sportivo Sachs 1953 at Ebay.it

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