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Bert Greeves began postwar production of Invacar invalid carriages for the many needy survivors of the conflict. He went on to produce motorcycles which dominated the off-road racing scene throughout the 1950's, 60's and on into the 1970's. He also built successful road racers and road bikes. Engines used in their machines included Villiers and British Anzani

The Thundersley, Essex Greeves factory began production in 1952 and continued building motorcycles until a fire in the late 1970's brought financial ruin. Production ended in 1978.

Dave Bickers won the 1960 and 1961 Coupe d'Europe for Greeves - the race became known as the 250cc MX World Championship from 1962.

Models include:
1958 Greeves Scottish
1960 Greeves Hawkestone Scrambler
1962 250cc Greeves 25DC Mk1 Sports Twin
1963 24TES Scottish
1964-65 250cc (& 380cc?) Greeves Silverstone
1965 360cc Greeves Challenger
1965 250cc Greeves Essex & Sportsman Twins
1966 Greeves Anglian (24TGS). The Anglian used the Villiers 37A engine which has an alloy barrel and head made by Greeves.

Wed Oct 23 2013
Greeves Frame
Greeves Griffon?
I have a Greeves frame number 611585..I would like to confirm that it is a 1971 Griffon? I think the frame numbers started with 61 for that year and model? Thanks for your help...

Mon Feb 27 2012
greeves grumph (greeves with 350 triumph 1957
dear sir, I'm looking for a transfert set for my greeves 1957. i'm in Paris France

Information on Decals, Logos and Badges...

Mon Feb 14 2011
Greeves Challender 1967 Specifications
Greeves 24MX3B
I am looking for the specifications for the above motorcycle.  Torque specs, oil capacity, chain tension, gear ratios, point gap, spark plug, etc.

Does anyone have this information?  I would greatly appreciate ant assistance.


Tony Friedel
Whitehall, MD USA

Tue Feb 01 2011
Greeves Parts
Greeves Challenger 24MX3B
I am looking for information on how to fabricate the rubber connector between the carburator and the airbox. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Tony Friedel
Maryland - USA

Sun Jan 02 2011
for sale greaves griffin 380
greaves griffin 380
hi there i have a freind who is going sell agreaves griffin 380  but not sure where to sell

Try the classifieds section at Bikelinks

Tue Dec 14 2010
dealers in spin for to bay the new 280 ti trial bike
who is delaer Greeves in Spain?? greeves 280 ti
Hi¡¡ I´d like to know who is dealer Greeves in Spain. I´d like to know how much is price for the Greeves 280 ti trial.
Thank´s for your answer and sorry my bad English
Could you answer me at me mail dresser??? Thanks you
Vitoria, The Basque Country  Spain

Thu Jan 21 2010
I was given a Greeves, and do not know what year or model it is . I can't find a frame number, don't know where to look. It has ceriani forks, arces triple clamps. Engine # is GPA5 1291. Where are frame #s located? Should the trans have #s also? Thanks in advance! Davo

Fri Aug 21 2009
Marcelle Barrel
Greeves Hawkstone
Any information technical or otherwise for an alloy Marcelle Barrel. May have been fitted to DOTs.


Sat Aug 08 2009
1963 24TES Greeves Motorcycle
Scottish Trial
I have this machine and would be interested in knowing what it is worth.
Indiana, USAGreeves-1963-24TES-Scottish.jpg

The page of classic motorcycle price resources at may prove useful.

Tue Jul 07 2009
Greeves Silverstone (I think)
Is there any manual of any sort for the 380 cc engine?

Wed Jul 01 2009
Greeves 67 challenger
Where does one go to determine the value of a my 67 Challenger

The page on Vintage Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.
frame 24MXSE277,  engine GPA10118
I understand there were only 30 made that year is that correct.
Any info appreciated. I am going to try to send pictures.
Bob Jordan
Cassadaga, NY USA

Mon Apr 27 2009
need bike id
Villiers not sure
father left bike to me but never knew what it was .frame #24mcs/2/1390.engine type 36a #086eC1613


Sun Nov 09 2008
greeves info
greeves challenger
please confirm model thanks shane


Sun Mar 16 2008
Value of Cycle
Greeves Pathfinder 175cc
I would like to know the approximate value of my clean, low mileage machine
(500 miles)
Can't get my pics to attach.


Wed Jan 30 2008
greeves 535
Hi ,

l have recently bought a greevesfield ( of which l attach a photo ). The log book is 1977, but l think that the forks are a lot earlier.

Would be most grateful if you could tell me where to look to find out more of the history of these bikes. l also have a royal enfield bullet 500 and a bsa thunderbolt 1969.
Many thanks in advance,

Dave in France
brittany france


Mon Jan 07 2008
Greeves  and parts for sale SOLD
36MX4, M58 Griffon, M63 QUB  Greeves
I have three Greeves for sale plus manuels and some parts to boot.
 I have ridden all three of these motorclcles but have not started them in several years. The 36MX4 needs some parts to run again. The M58 Griffon is complete but needs the rubber for the air cleaner. The 380 QUB will not turn over but other wise is complete. I have pictures of the motorcycles and the parts if interested? I am in the soutwester part of the USA.

Albuquerque New Mexico USA

Wed Nov 21 2007
Greeves 5 speed gearboxes
any / all
Hello, I hope you can help. I'm looking for some information on Greeves 5 speed gearboxes.

What bikes used 5 speeds?
I've seen pictures of Silverstone bike using two different boxes. How many different boxes were there?
Were they all Albion?
Did all boxes use drum selectors?
What exactly was the problem of the 5 speed?

Reading up on Greeves on your website, there's mention of 4 close ratios on the Silverstone, does this mean there's a big jump from 4th to 5th?

Was there a 6 speed?
Does anyone have a box or parts for sale?

Thank you for any help you can give.

Ian Wallis

Fri Nov 09 2007
hi, just bought a greeves,original unrestored,stored since 1962,in  frame no.60/1409  any info gladly recieved,kevin robson
Tue Nov 13 2007
greeves scottish
just found number plate...PJR 480 AND supplier harry wood,newcastle upon tyne ,uk.on back mudguard.also last licience disc.dated 1963,anybody out there remember this bike?  will post pics. as soon as i learn how to...2 strokes seem more user friendly .....

Fri Nov 02 2007
How can trace present owner
Geeves Anglian Trials
 Iwish to trace the current owner of a Greeves Anglian Trial bike, the reg no is JOE 302E. Isold it about 30 years ago from Old Arley a village near to Nuneaton England, any info would be much welcome,or any suggestion of how to trace it.
 many thanks
Bedworth- UK

Fri Sep 14 2007
Greeves Griffin Enduro
380 Greeves  Griffin Enduro .
Hi has anybody got or know of some good pictures of, the following two very interesting Greeves. The first is a 1971 380 Griffin Enduro.It has a long seat, slightly larger tank than the MX, and was sold in Canada with lights. Its also I believe a US model only but. one or two might have jumped ship and stayed in UK . The other is known as an 24MXE Challenger. or TT  smooth track I would like to see pictures of this bike also. I have the Greeves Book and The Villiers Book also . But I can not find any pictures of the Griffin Enduro  Info would be much apprecited. Im in Canada .
Tappen  BC  Canada

Tue May 29 2007
id number
I look on the moter and found this numbers.45 3 or z dc-32a 3853.On the head was greeves.What year could it be.

Mon Apr 02 2007
chasallen at btinternetimg
Ron Parkinson  cylinder head
Has every body forgoten about the cylinder head devl, by Ron Parkinson of Colchester in the 60's which gave greeves many wins, I can still get the info on this.
Wed May 23 2007
Ron Parkinson Cylinderhead
Sorry its taken so lone 2 get back 2 U but a Trojan virus ate a lot of my email's I finally found you as I took the occasion of saving all my email.
I have located Ron Parkinson's daughter & she will contact U when I can get her on the phone her name is Mary she is exited @ her farther still being remembered a wonderful man & the last honest deal there was his passing was followed by many tears, I am a close friend of Mary, please let me know when the report can B viewed on your sight.
4 some reason my detail's have been removed from your pages & my ID doesn't work anymore, I f I had contacted U B4 U may have ended up downloading a Trojan & I know U don't want that so I cleaned up my PC B4 contacting any1.Regards
Chas Allen

Nov 5th 2006
subject: Greeves 1964 ISDT
Email: tony at
message: Information required on Greeves ISDT reg no. DOO 96B ridden at East German ISDT in 1964

Sat Oct 07 2006
johnburrows at
Greeves Hawkstone
Please find attached some info on a bike i  in Brisbane Australia. I need to sorce info on the bike to do a full restoration.I belive it may be an ex works bike.
Kind regards  John
Frame No 59/1875

Old Gear Case No's
SID   N     15T

Newer Gear Case No's
SID G        18 T?  I?
(13)  T

Barrel  M20 EXA
Crank Cases No's
Left Side Right Side
M61  M61
D11787 D11788

AMAL  389/39
SLIDE  389/35

Engine Sprocket  E11756 25Teeth
Final Drive  16Teeth
Gear Box end cover is cut down - only number found is H38
Right hand points cover cut down - has No B11770 & 607012
Coil cover/plate  6071/2

The Greeves Hawkstone is named after the scrambles circuit where they had great success  in 1957. Ed

Mon Jul 17 2006
twoofus at
antique or classic greeves
1947 greeves
I have a cycle that looks similar to 39 greeves which has a villiersduel exaust two stroke have a diferent frame which is what i have under the cases on each half it says47 am i right it also has 2 spark plugs i appericate any help you can give me
copper hill va.

Not sure what you mean by "39 greeves" as the marque was established, unless I'm mistaken, after the war. Have you an image of the machine you can send? Ed.

Wed Jun 28 2006
dudley at daytonacrossgatesimg
1967 Ex works Griffon outfit
I have the original 390cc works sidecar outfit built for the 1967 TV series ridden By Alex Wright in the Nationals and the Welsh, then by me for some years. The little end went on its last race in about 1975. As well, I have a working solo 380 intended to be used for spares. Being 70, I no longer want either. Has it/they any historical value and if so, how do I sell it/them

Dr. Dudley Wallis
Scarborough UK

One place you might consider contacting is the Pre 65 Motocross Club at

Fri Jun 02 2006
johndpunnett at
Information on whereabouts of Greeves Scottish
I bought a Greeves Scottish in 1958 from a firm in Canterbury, Kent. The reg. number was OFN 189 and I have some pics. of me on the bike. It would interesting to know if it was still around.

... sorry its taken me so long to send pics. of OFN 189, that's me on the bike, I wish I still looked so young!  Regards John Punnett (01303892075) Hawkinge Kent.

Greeves Scottish 1958.jpg
Greeves Scottish 1958

Tue Feb 14 2006
grmangseth at
Another Greeves Site
There is a gentleman manufacturing replica parts for Greeves in the US. He is reproducing fenders, side panels, seats and other items.
Sacramento, CA  USA

That bike is a 1965, 250cc Greeves Challenger MX2. The owner and fellow
that restored it is Bob Walsh. The fenders are examples of the reproduction
parts that Danny Vitaletti has begun to manufacture and offer on the website. Prior to Danny getting involved, these parts were
impossible to find.

The bike won the "Best Challenger" award at an annual Greeves gathering that
just took place this past weekend. If you are interested in seeing more
photo's you can visit . There is also
a short history of the Greeves motorcycle company on the web site.

I do the photography as a favor to Frank Conley, a local greeves expert
known as the "Greeves Guru" and the sponsor of the "Greeves Days" gathering.
The photos are from last years gathering; I'll post this years photo's
sometime in the next two weeks.

I like what you're doing with the cybermotorcycles site. It is an ambitious
undertaking and will provide a wealth of information to enthusiasts.  If you
would like any more info on Greeves, or more photos, let me know.



Greeves Challenger MX2 250cc 1965.jpg
Greeves Challenger MX2 250cc 1965

Fri Jul 22 2005
george.ridgeon.bowls at
78 mm maico (wiseco) piston
trying to find a 78 mm maico (wiseco) piston for my Greeves roadracer...

I attach two photos one of 1967 Greeves with engine other an article as in
Loctite newsletter. trying to keep on t he race track we have to use other
makes of piston, I have used up to .75 RM 370 piston (77 mm) so if we could
find a + 1 mm!

I have managed to buy one 78 mm wiseco Maico piston for £115, I see much
cheaper ones on ebay they are new but larger than 78 mm?


george ridgeon
past president MGPRA

I would recommend chatting with Phil at Road & Race in Australia, George. He has an amazing collection of vintage motorcycle spares and is a keen road racer himself. Ed.
following shoulder op in June getting around a bit more
the bike is a 350 special with metal profile, yes Grimeca 7" Dual S/L
Greeves 1967 Roadracer article.jpg
Greeves 1967 Roadracer article
Greeves 1967 Roadracer.jpg
Greeves 1967 Roadracer

26th January 2005
Greeves Scottish listed on Ebay UK
Vendor's Description:
Greeves Scottish (frame number TES 129) fully restored with very rare accessories (see pictures - factory tool box, chain oiler etc). Alloy rims, virtually brand new tyres(you can still see the little strands of rubber sticking off the back tyre in one photo - these wear off in 1/2 a day of riding on hard surfaces!), brand new Amal carb (also comes with Vildliers S25 carb as fitted when new).
... The bad news -

1. When I tried to start it it coughs and fires but won't run - this is probably just stale 2 stroke fuel after it has been standing for over a year - it certainly flew up Red Marley in 2003 and was going when I put it away.

2. when it was at Red Marley I looped it jumping out of the bob hole and crunched the back mud guard - see photo's, and the authentic rubber competition number plate came off (but comes with the bike).

Despite these minor problems this is still one of the most complete and authentic TES Greeves you will ever find.

Greeves Scottish 24 TES 1962.jpg
Greeves Scottish 24 TES 1962

26th January 2005
Greeves Silverstone RBS listed on Ebay UK
Vendor's Description:
No 24 of 27 made. Frame 24 RBS 115, Engine GPA2/125. Gearbox 35/64 SP2RCU 290 Genuine factory Silverstone ordered by Lawton and Wilson (Sid Lawton) on 30/2/63 and despatched on 10/9/64 as part of a consignment of three. That was quite late in the racing season so it would not have seen much track use until 1965 which probably explains why it was fitted with the improved front brake from an RCS model which was available from 1965. The records show it left the factory with the above frame and engine numbers and the gearbox number indicates 1964 so the basic components are original. It also retains the
original front mudguard which are rare to see now as they were easily damaged and awkward to remove and refit in a hurry and therefore tended to be discarded
by early owners.

As in common with all the seriously used machines the Albion 5 speed gear cluster was reduced to 4 for easier and safer selection and the Steffa flywheel magneto was likewise replacedby a points and coil system and then in recent years was to a modern Interspan dry cell ignition for reliability and ease of use.

Believed to be the late great TT winner Tom Herrons second racing bike. It was fitted with a very rare factory long distance tank in Tom Herrons colours when obtained by the present owner. With the bike is also the standard short circuit tank. The machine was completely mechanically rebuilt in 1994/95 maintaining the original patina and paint as a mark of respect to Tom Herron, and was last used in 1996 at the Silverstone classic festival where it was found to be very fast with excellent handling. It has been part of a motor cycle collection near Southampton since. It is formally registered with the CRMC but would require new tyres for competitionand it would be also advisable to free the piston rings before running the motor as it last ran several years ago on Castrol R mix.

MOTOR DETAILS;250cc standard Greeves Silverstone with +20thou piston designed to run on 16:1 Castrol R petroil mix. Interspan ignition, racing plug and cap, 38mm Mikuni period carburettor, original exhaust fitted with TZ end muffler for noise compliance, Albion GP 5 speed gear casing with four close ratios, Griffon metal clutch, new primary drive chain and outer casing. Original mechanical rev counter and drive in good working order.

CYCLE PARTS;Standard Silverstone frame. swinging arm and forks fitted with new bearings, black paint retained on rebuild. Original damage to footrest hanger and engine mount (normal for Silverstone) checked and rebrazed on rebuild. New short circuit tank in standard colour.Herron seat unit and original fairing retained. Original dampers worked well on track.New Akront front rim on TLS standard hub, original Dunlop rear rim on standard hub, brakes worked well on track.New drive chain.

SUPPLIED WITH BIKE; History and data file. Original IOM tand. Spare primary chain-cases, various seals, shims and minor components.Original Steffa flywheel magneto.

Greeves Silverstone RBS.jpg
Greeves Silverstone RBS

Greeves Book
Osprey's Collector's Library 'Greeves' All off-road and road racing motorcycles
by Rob Carrick and Mick Walker Foreword by Dave Bickers.
ISBN 085045882X

February 22, 2002
Just to let you know I have just designed a website for the new Greeves Motorcycles Ltd.
This can be found at
Terry Joyce I.T.E.C. A.I.P.T.I. --  terry at

Grooves Gearloose

February 12, 2002
There is a Greeves site at: .

Frank Conley is the owner of the site; he has a pretty good stock of parts for these bikes.
Glen Mangseth  --  grmangseth at


If you have a query about Greeves motorcycles, or wish to share information or images of these classic English machines, please contact us!

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British Motorcycles at Ebay

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