Bradbury Motorcycles

Bradbury Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
Made in Oldham, England from1902 the sewing machine factory produced robust singles, V-twins and horizontally-opposed twins. The 1912 model bikes were one of the earliest with variable gearing. One of their engine designers was John Birch formerly of Perks & Birch. The last of the Bradbury machines left the factory in 1924.
Bradbury & Co. Ltd. of Oldham

Bradbury 1912 550cc.jpg
Bradbury 1912 550cc

Tue Jan 04 2011
james<at>whatsthatpicturedot com
Bradbury motorcycle image
Bradbury unknown
Hi, I have an image which has been identified as being of a Bradbury.  You can see it at http://www.flickr.com/photos/whatsthatpicture/4978639843/

I'd love to know a bit more about it - the model, an estimate of year taken etc. I'd be grateful if you could post this request on the Bradbury page and anywhere else you see fit

Sat Oct 24 2009
markb at goodmanlaw.com.au
Bradbury Motor CyclesThe
The Wikipedia entry for Bradbury motor cycles features a bike on display in what I presume is a museum. Where is this museum, and where else in the UK might Bradbury motor cycles be on display?
Mark Bradbury

The bike is in the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

Tue Mar 04 2008
curlysanders at hotmaildot com
bradbury 1910 544 cc
I have a working 1910 bradbury restored to new.

Fri Aug 24 2007
carolinem at hotmaildot com
History of Bradbury

My grandfather, Herbert Walker, worked for the Bradbury Company building motorcycles in 1923 (I am not sure when he started there but not before Jan 1919 when he was demobbed after WWI) On November 22nd my grandmother notes in her diary "Bert stopped (laid off) until Monday. I think Bradbury's have gone into liquidation." On the 26th she wrote "Bert went to work but had to come home again." On the following day, he went to the labour exchange.

My grandfather and grandmother had a Bradbury 3.5 h.p. with a sidecar from 1921 and toured often in the north of England. The bike was always refered to as "the Brad". I may have some photos if you are interested.

Kind regards, Caroline Getaz
Oklahoma City, USA

Tue Feb 13 2007
paddy.odonovan at esb.ie
Irish End to End Record
Bradbury 3.5 HP, Chain Drive & Side Car
Do you have any knowledge of this event which was won by Mr. Hugh Gibson with Mr. James Eastwood as passenger, they completed the 390 miles in 14 hours 9.5 minutes. Would appreciate any assistance that you can give in relation to this event and these and any other participants.

Paddy O Donovan,
Cork, Ireland.

Wed Jul 27 2005
Davidarthurbradbury at yahoodot com
Bradbury bikes
I would love to have a bradbury bike. it does not need to run were do you think I should start my search

You could start by contacting some of the vintage motorcycle clubs in your area. You will find listings in the Classic Motorcycle Clubs section of Bikelinks. Ed.

If you have a query about Bradbury motorcycles, or wish to share your knowledge of these classic British machines, please contact us

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