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An image of a 250cc single built in 1926 shows a single-port two-stroke with "BENJAMIN" cast into the primary chaincase which also extends to the front of the engine to drive the magneto. It has belt drive, with brakes on the belt rim (no front brake), a flat tank and the gear lever mounted on the frame just above the gearbox. The carburettor is on the right side of the engine.

A 1930 advertisement describes four motocyclettes, at least one of which has a JAP engine.

Bourdache goes to some lengths on his blog to explain the relationship between Benjamin and Soyer.

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March 6, 2002
Name: Jorge Grave
Location: Portugal
email: jorgemgrave at mail.telepac.pt

I got an old moto named Benjamin, I think of the begin of 1900 and I would like to restore it. Have you any reference of it, photos, where to get the original engine or something related?
Please, inform me .

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