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Beardmore Precision 500cc Sport

Brief History of the Marque: Beardmore Precision

Beardmore was once a very large British firm which built not only motorcycles but also cars, aeroplanes, locomotives and ships. F.E. Baker's Precision motorcycles had their own engines of 247, 347, 498 and 596cc. There was also a model with a Barr & Stroud engine, and an OHC model which did not see production. After Beardmore ceased manufacture of the Precision range, Frank Baker went on to establish his own company producing Villiers-powered machines. The company was eventually sold to James in 1930.

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Tue Sep 24 2013
research brakes
Beardmore Precision TT Model
I have a sales brochure which shows the Research Brakes. They look like modern disc Brakes.

A section has been set up for Research Brakes

Wed Apr 10 2013
Beardmore Precision
Looking for any BP cycle

Fri Sep 04 2009
sicsate at austin.rr dot com
Beardmore Precision TT Racer?
I recently acquired a photograph of a Beardmore racer. I don't know if it was a factory racer or a privateer bike. The photo once was part of "The Motorcycle" photo stock so it may be a TT bike. If anyone can shed light on this please let me know.


Austin, Texas

Beardmore Precision Racer circa 1923

Sat Mar 07 2009
sicsate at austin.rr dot com
Beardmore Precision
Beardmore Precision Model F 246cc

I bought the Beardmore that was for sale in Austin Texas, it remains in Austin. Attached is a photo. Is there anyone else out there who might have any info on the Model F or have another Model F ?

Austin, TX

Beardmore Precision Model F 246cc

Sun Jan 25 2009
ngentner at bigpond dot com

Beardmore Precision 1923 I.o.M T T racer
Seeking information on the "Research Association" brakes claimed to have been fitted to the 1923 sidevalve TT BP machines

A section has been set up for those under Brakes

Wed Oct 29 2008
stuart.weston at blueyonder.co.uk
For Sale
Beardsmore Precision 249cc
Hi, i know a chap in Auston Texas who has this motorcycle for sale (1 of only 5?), is anybody interested in this motorcycle

Thu Nov 10 2005
billphelps at onetel.net
Beardmore Precision
Photo of a 1921 Beardmore Precision fitted with a 350cc Barr & Stroud sleeve valve engine attached - you may like to use it on the site.

Beardmore 1921 350cc.jpg
Beardmore 1921 350cc

Sun Sep 25 2005
mandyju at fsmail.net
Beardmore precision information
I am writing on behalf of the Great Nephew of F E Baker who would be very interested in any information about his Great Uncle's motorcycles. He has a few memories but is now in his 80's and would love to see one again!

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