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A Brief History of the Marque

Made in England from 1919 to 1924, the company introduced chain-driven models in 1923.
Manufactured by Cashmore Bros of Balham, London.

There is a short article in The Motor Cycle dated July 31st 1919 page 112. The image of the page has a handwritten date appears to be 1915, cost £83. On back is report of a review and half page of special features.
Engine is an Alecto two-stroke twin-port, 76x76mm B/S.

Another article from 1922 states that production is about to recommence and that three 350cc models will be available.

Sources: Henshaw, correspondence, The Motor Cycle.

Wed Nov 05 2014
alecto MODEL A
i have a cashmore bros. page promoting the Alecto model a. It has a pic and technical info, also quote from M.C. mag 31-7-1919. cant find anything on line about these.

Fri Aug 02 2013
engine size
Alecto 250cc
I own a 250cc alecto c/w log book which confirms the engine size but people tell me a 250 model was never made (engine was measured prior to buying)
Can you help, many thanks terry

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