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Aeolus Motorcycles

Aeolus were built by Motor Transport Co of Comeragh Road, London from 1903 to 1905 and 1914 to 1915.
  • 1903-1905 E. H. Owen designed and built the 492cc machine. The difference between this machine and most others was a shaft drive that incorporated a form of clutch. The machine was short lived.
  • 1914-1915 The name reappeared on a simple model with a 269cc two-stroke engine and petroil lubrication. It had similar specifications to the Bown make, which was reportedly manufactured at the Aeolus works. Nothing more was heard of Aeolus motorcycles after 1915, and it is presumed that the company turned to war work.
Sources: Henshaw, Grace's Guide

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