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Brief History of the Marque: ABC

England, France and Germany built motorcycles branded "ABC". There were at least three British firms producing ABC motorcycles including machines designed by Granville Bradshaw. The best known were produced by Sopwith between 1919 and 1922 and although of quite advanced design proved unreliable and eventually caused the company's downfall. A derivation of the Sopwith machine was built under licence at a Gnome & Rhone factory in France with rather more success.

The All British Engine Company, Ltd. of London, United Kingdom was founded in 1912. Later, the name was changed to A.B.C. Motors, Ltd. The company owner was Ronald Charteris and the chief engineer was Granville Bradshaw. They built a variety of A.B.C. engine types until the end of WWI... more

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ABC France
Société Française des Moteurs ABC, Paris. 1920-1924
The Paris-based company was part of the Gnome & Rhône Group and produced the ABC marque under licence from Sopwitch. The French ABC employed different engine displacements of 398cc and 498 cc. The designer of this model was the Englishman Bartlett.

ABC GmbH, Berlin. 1922-1925
The German company had no relationship with its English and French namesakes. It built belt-drive single-speed machines with engins from Gruhn and probably DKW.

Tue Nov 18 2014
gmsc1 at
Skootamota Badge
Campling Skootamota
Do you have any interest in a badge for a skootamota?

ABC-Skootamota-Badge.jpg will be posted-1412

Mon Nov 19 2012
ABC with Indain single
ABC single
Hope to find info re ABC motorcycles use of singles made by Indian.

Fri Dec 05 2008
abc all models


Tue Aug 12 2008
robert.emertonimgntlworlddot com
ABC scootamota
I am trying to find out how many scootamota's there are left as i have been left one by my father and i can't find to much about them.
Luton, UK

Mon Nov 05 2007
jprimgdial.oleanedot com
ABC engine
model gnome et rhone
I seek 2 pistons, cylinders, cylinder heads complete with tumblers and stems for an 1919 ABC.
Or then an engine.
Possibility of exchanges against old parts or old bicycle
france, clermont ferrand

Tue Mar 13 2007

ABC 1.914
Please contact me with bev harvey in New Zealand.I am a owner of ABC and have information,but I cannot contact by e-mail
Barcelona, Spain

Wed Mar 07 2007
bev [bounced]
ABC 500 CC
I have just acquired an ABC motor cycle frame number 1038.I have been told it is the only in the world according to the ABC register in England, can you verify this fact and also the year it was made.Were they made with kick starts?Many thanks Harvey West.
New Zaeland
I am trying to find out any information on a 1915 ABC motorcycle I recently purchased. I believe by reading the manual about the footrests it is a model A.The frame no. Is 1038 engine no.895 I have had some info. From Juan R .Sague in Spain he could tell me that by the numbers that it is one of 3 known to be around ,he has one Bob Thomas in Isle of Man,has one and the one I have just bought.I would appreciate any info. You can pass on.

Sun Apr 09 2006
I will need detailed information
ABC transverse flat twin 1921
How original the bike in picture is? Are those engine and frame numbers originally matching ones?

Images of a Bradshaw ABC were included but could not be published for copyright reasons. Ed.

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