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Reynolds Runabout

The Reynolds Runabout was a scooter produced from 1919 to 1924, firstly by the Jackson Car Manufacturing Co of Pangbourne, Berkshire, and later by A. W. Wall of Tyseley, Birmingham, who also built the Liberty engine it used.

Produced early 3-wheel automobile

The machine was better designed than most and not dissimilar to many that were to appear some three decades later. The 269cc Roc engine was concealed by panels, and it had a flat floor and an apron that carried the fuel tank behind it. Australian made Flexiforks were used, it was fitted with 22-inch wheels and belt or chain drive. For a more comfortable ride, two bucket seats were fitted on a wooden platform, mounted on a combination of coil and leaf springs.

Although its construction had been well thought out, it was really rather advanced for the times and this was compounded by the general slump in the scooter trade.

In attempt to revive flagging sales, the company tried a JAP engine in place of the Wall, but this did not help.

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