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Chase were motorcycles produced from 1903 to 1906.

The machines were built by successful bicycle racing brothers, A. A. and F. W. Chase of Anerley, London.

  • 1903 With their comprehensive knowledge of all types of motorised machines, the brothers went into business to produce a motorcycle that was typical of the era. Engines were vertically mounted and included 2¾ hp and 3½ hp MMC or 2½ hp and 3hp Ariel.
  • 1904 Power increased to 4hp, and they added magneto ignition to some machines. They also offered a forecar with air scoops to aid engine cooling.
  • 1905 A racing model with a 6hp engine was listed, along with a 7hp twin-cylinder forecar with fan cooling.
  • 1906 Was their last year of listing.

A correspondend writes:
The Chase brothers were leading bicycle racers of the day who built a limited number of motorcycles using Minerva, MMC and Precision engines.

Sources: Graces Guide

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