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Arno Motorcycles were built in Coventry from 1906 to 1915.
  • 1906 Arno began production of motor vehicles.
  • 1908 Long, low singles models were exhibited at the Stanley show. These had their own 3hp or 3½ hp engines, a rear-mounted chain-driven Bosch magneto and a carburettor by either Amac or B and B.
  • 1912 Listed in Spennell's at Gosford St (Tel. 339), Coventry.
  • 1912 Those two models were joined by a 2¼ hp lightweight and a 3½ hp TT version - a basic direct-belt driven machine.
  • 1914 The marque took the name Red Arno after the TT model was given a red finish. Both 3½ hp and and 4½ hp were available for a couple of years.
  • 1915 There were no further listings after that year.
National Motorcycle Museum exhibits:-
  • 1911 Arno 3½ hp TT Model
  • Arno manufactured an automobile in Coventry only in 1908; the car, which featured a 25 hp White and Poppe engine and shaft drive, was introduced at that year's Stanley Show.
Sources: Graces Guide

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