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A Brief History of the Marque
Jaime Colomet of Palma de Mallorca built his first model in 1951, the 123cc M51 with 3 speed foot-operated gears, a cradle frame and telescopic forks. Quite an advanced model for the day, tyres were 275x19 front and 300x19 rear and achieved 75kph. An M51 followed in 1953. Total production appears to have been in the vicinity of 200 machines, the last being manufactured in 1955.

Wed Jun 10 2009
josfcolomet at hotmaildot com
I will like to buy a moto Colomet

Thu Jan 03 2008
mick at solannmick.org
125cc, model M51, 1951
Does anybody know where the engine & cycle parts for the Colomet spotted in Formentera come from?
They look like BSA Bantam to me!
Essex UK

Mon Nov 14 2005
jaime at digigrup.net
Mi nombre es Jaime Sancho. soy de Mallorca y me gustaría conocer el prpietario de la motocicleta COLOMET
muchas gracias

Translation: My name is Jaime Sancho. I am of Majorca and i would like to know the prpietario of the motorcycle COLOMET many thanks

Wed Aug 24 2005
familiareda at hotmail dot com
Marc Reda
this is my grandfather`s bike.colomet made in Mallorca at 1952.


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