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A Brief History of the Marque

Achilles Czechoslovakia
A. Schneider & Co., Fahrrad & Motorfahrzeugenfabrik, Ober-Politz a.d. Nordbahn
Achilles motorcycles were built in Czechoslovakia (then part of Austro-Hungaria) between 1906 & 1910 ¹, and employed engines from Fafnir and Zeus.

1. An image in the gallery is dated 1901. Wikipedia.NL gives dates of 1906-1914.
2. There was another Achilles brand associated with Czechoslovakia. According to a Dutch source, the proprieter emigrated to West Germany in 1953.

Sources: Henshaw, Wikipedia

Fri Sep 24 2010
Achilles two cylinders motorcykle - 1910
I offer for sale antique motorcykle Achilles, made in Achilles factory in Czechoslovakia,about 1910??Only a few pcs were produced.....

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