Alcyon Motos

Alcyon Models by Year

A List of Alcyon Types with Basic Specifications

Alcyon 1930 Models

175cc Supersport
250cc Supersport OHV
350cc Supersport OHV Twinport
500cc OHV 15 HP 115 Km/h
350cc Touriste Deluxe
350cc Tourist Standard SV

Alcyon 1936 Models

Type 11 A Grand Luxe Two-stroke

Type 11 bis A Bicycle Type Grand Luxe Ladies 2T

Type 16 A Type Grand Luxe 2 speed, dual exhaust ports

Type 15 A Type Grand Luxe Ladies

Type 14 A Type Grand Luxe 2 speed 2T

Type 153 A Type Passemontagne, 175 cc 2T engine

Type 152 A Luxe 175 cc. 2T

Type 151 A Light 175 cc. 2T

Type 203 A 250 cc (3 HP) 2T.- Saddle tank

Type 201 A Type Touriste, 250 cc SV

Type 301 A 350cc SV - Three speeds.

Type 305 A 350cc SV Four speeds.

Type 304 A Supersport 350cc OHV - Dual exhausts - Three speeds. 

Type 306 A Zurcher 349cc engine 70x90mm, OHV, 4-speed.

More 1936 specifications...

Sources: JLB-Creations, et al

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