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1908 Minerva, Victoria

1908 Minerva
Engine No. 12980 Brown and Barlow carburetor
Frame No 151378
Magneto Bosch type 12
$25,000 - $35,000

One of a Kind

A number of Minervas were built in Australia, from the engine, and other accessories that were sent out from the factory. As a result no two Minerva looked the same.

However Minerva were innovative offering 1/4 elliptic sprung forks for the roads of the times and providing rear block brake being the only stopper. Fuel tanks came in a variety of shapes and this one is the 'square edge' tank as well as the Brown and Barlow carburetor, an improvement for Aussie hot summers.

The Minerva is believed to have started life in the Balmain area of Sydney Australia, where it was housed in a wood shed for many years until 1974. Residing in a wood shed for many years until 1974. The engineer that restored the Minerva over thirty years ago, rode it a few times but since then she had been in a private museum. A close inspection of all fittings, reveals that the nuts and bolts are virtually as they were when the Minerva was built showing very little signs of use. The A link belt is supple, and the engine turns over nicely. There is a technique to starting a 105 year old, and the current custodian will show the Lucky new caretaker.

The Minerva may be viewed at Dunolly 3472 Victoria Australia.
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