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C. B. Harrison

Endurance were motorcycles produced from 1915 to 1925 by C. B. Harrison of Birmingham.
  • 1915 A single model was listed, fitted with a 269cc Villiers engine. This basic machine had belt drive and petroil lubrication.
  • 1919 After the end of World War I, the company's address was in Sheepcote Street, Birmingham, and they produced a machine with a 269cc Arden two-stroke engine, late in the year.
  • 1920 A machine was produced that was fitted with their own 259cc two-stroke engine.
  • 1921 They returned to using the 269cc Villiers unit. All models had the choice of single speed with belt drive or two speeds with chain-cum-belt.
  • 1922 The range remained the same, but the 269cc Villiers adopted a flywheel magneto and pressure-fed oiling system.
  • 1923 The range was doubled by adding 343cc Villiers-powered versions. This continued for the following year.
  • 1925 Was the last year of production.
Sources: Grace's Guide

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