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Zenith Carburetter Co

of 40-42 Newman Street, London, W1, was a company making carburetters.
  • 1910 Company founded.
  • 1913 April. Advert for an Automatic Carburetter.
  • 1914 Public company.
  • 1919 March. Advert for carburetters.
  • 1937 Carburetter and petrol filter manufacturers. "Stromberg" Carburetters. "Zenith" Carburetters.
  • 1939 See Aircraft Industry Suppliers
  • 1955 They joined with their major pre-war rival Solex Carburetters and over time the Zenith brand name fell into disuse. The rights to the Zenith designs was owned by Solex UK (a daughter company of Solex in France).
  • 1961 Manufacturers of carburetters for all kinds of internal combustion engines. 900 employees.
  • 1963 Motor Show exhibitor. Showed Zenith and Stromberg products. Listed as of Stanmore.
Sources: Grace's Guide

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