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Star Engineering Co

The Star Engineering Company of Wolverhampton produced cars, lorries and motorcycles.


  • 1904 The Star Engineering Company was formed. See Star Cycle Co and Star Motor Co
  • 1910 The Star Engineering Company built 2 aircraft. The first was a Farman type biplane with a forward elevator. The second was a monoplane that was powered by a Star 40 h.p., 4-cylinder, water-cooled engine.
  • 1914 Directory lists them as Star Engineering Co., Frederick Street, Wolverhampton and as motor car manufacturers.
  • 1920s Some goods vehicles with payloads of 15cwt to 2 ton were produced with a four-cylinder side-valve engine of 3,054cc and an overhead-valve engine for the larger models. The aircraft and engine were designed by Granville Bradshaw, who was only 19 years old at the time. The engine delivered 40hp. at 1,450rpm. It had a bore of 100mm and a stroke of 125mm. It weighed 182lbs, with a Simms magneto and a water pump.
  • 1928 Guy approached the shareholders for a controlling interest in the business.


  • See Star Engineering Co: Cars


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Commercial Vehicles

See Star Engineering Co: Commercial Vehicles
Sources: Grace's Guide

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