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Lagonda Motorcycles

Lagonda motorcycles were produced in Staines, Middlesex, from 1902 to 1907, before the company became famous for car manufacture.

  • 1902 The firm started out by building tricycles, before moving on to motorcycles.
  • 1903 They used their own engine on a machine of 2.75-hp. It was hung from the frame downdube and was of conventional design.
  • 1904-1905 A forecar was offered, fitted with a 5-hp engine, inclined in the frame, driving the rear wheel through clutch, two-speed gear and chains. The solo model increased its engine size to 3.5-hp and a 4.5-hp model was also listed.
  • 1906 The 3.5-hp model had an inclined engine and leading-link forks, but retained direct-belt drive.
  • 1907 Production of motorcycles continued for that year, but then turned to automobiles.

Sources Grace's Guide

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