British Motorcycles

W. King and Co (of Cambridge)

King were motorcycles produced from 1901 to 1905 in Cambridge.

  • 1901 The firm started out by producing tricycles but soon moved to motorcycles.
  • 1903 They produced a model that was a typical primitive. It had a 2¾hp MMC engine mounted vertically, driving the rear wheel by belt. They also offered the option of 3½hp or 4hp water-cooled engines.
  • 1904 The engines for that year were 2¾hp to 3½hp from either DAW or MMC. Direct-belt drive or two speed and chain were available, and a forecar was listed.
  • 1905 The company was short lived and nothing further was heard of it after that year.

King cars sold by Salmon and Sons

Sources: Grace's Guide

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