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Kerry were motorcycles produced from 1902 to 1915, and again from 1960 to 1967.
  • In the early days these machines were sold by the East London Rubber Co, of Shoreditch. They were fitted with Belgian Kelecom and FN engines, in a loop frame with curved downtube. As a high-built primitive, it had belt drive and braced forks. Engines were of different sizes and there was also a ladies' model.

    1906 onwards. Kerry became linked to Abingdon and added V-twins to the range. Soon, using those engines, they were sold as the Kerry-Abingdon, and models included those fitted with a 3hp single and a 6hp V-twin.

1910 Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition
East London Rubber Co., Ltd.
Gt. Eastern Street, London, E.C. Stands No. 51 and 202.
This firm show the well-known "Kerry " motor-bicycles for next season. There is the " Standard," fitted with a 3i H.P. engine and a greatly improved petrol tank which will be appreciated by the more experienced motor-cyclists. Then there is the " Tourist Trophy " model, which follows much upon the same linos, having a motor of the same power. The saddle is placed low and the handles are brought still further back.

To meet the rising demand for two-speed machines the firm have a 3 1/2 H.P. of this type; but, as there cannot be the least doubt that there is likely to be an increasing demand for light-weight motor-bicycles, there is also a pattern provided with a 2 1/4 H.P. motor, but also having a two-speed gear. A neat spare belt and inner tube carrier is attached to the rear guard, the outer face of the case being utilised for the registered number. A special feature of the exhibit is the numerous motor-cycle accessories, which will be appreciated both by the trade and the public.

1911 Kerry-Abingdon advertised.

1915 Having continued in the same vein for some years, due to the war production halted in December 1915.

1960-1967 The name reappeared on a range of imported mopeds. These were sold as the Kerry Capitano. Sources: Grace's Guide

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