British Motorcycles

Clear Hooters

of Hampton Street, Birmingham (1952)

of Bedworth, Warwickshire

of 79-91 Lombard Street, Birmingham 12. Telephone: Midland 3117/8. Telegraphic Address: "Clear, 'Phone, Birmingham"

  • 1927 Private company.
  • 1937 Listed Exhibitor - British Industries Fair. Electric Horns. The Clear-Hooter. Motor and Motor Cycle. Cycle Horns. The Cycator Direction Indicators for Cycles. Dry Battery Horns and Direction Indicators for Toy Motors. Also Cycle Rear Lamps. (Stand Nos. Cb815 and Cb.714)
  • 1946 Company made public.
  • 1961 Electric horn manufacturers. 250 employees.
  • 1971 Patent - Directional Air-Discharging Nozzle for a Heating or Ventilating System.
  • 1973 Patent - Ventilating Nozzle Including a Universally Swivellable Nozzle Member.

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